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  1. hustler1984

    [Open] The Ultimate High Roller Video Contest!

    omg i just learnwd about thos did 5 to 200 woulda got me to cashout too before busting
  2. hustler1984

    What Game Gives you more profit here?

    gotta go with hilo..
  3. hustler1984

    Setting up real life friends

    hi... i want to create accounts for my real life friends... if i create their account using my connection and fund the accounts by tippjng them will i run into any problens with alt detection?
  4. hustler1984

    The biggest rain you've received?

    my biggest on stake in 14 months is 16000 sats lol
  5. hustler1984

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    people lose because they dont know when to quit... the answeris to quit when you are ahead!
  6. for me i think the only positive outcome is if i win a million and quit.. otherwise im just going to be a grumpy old man for the rest my life
  7. hustler1984

    Nicest thing you've bought with winnings?

    ummm ... damn.... ouch... you had to ask the tough question eh... ive never been so ashamed... nothing that didnt go up in smoke or sold for more crypto.. im sure im not alone... right?? stimubate are you here?
  8. i almost always play on auto and almost always flat bet... cant remember last time i used the increase/decrease features and the % of time that i do must be less than .01%
  9. hustler1984

    Display bet and balance in USD

    i think it would be a great feature to also show the usd value for your crypto next to your bet and your balance. i love this feature on the other sites i llay on.
  10. Recently i lost my cool amd was upset by a decision to not award me with a challenge prize that i clearly deserved. After a few hours of sleep and small depos Ive gotten over it. ive once again come to realizw that this site is the best bitcoin casino on the internet once again. I think this is the best one because the plinko is so entertaining and hilo is a very excitimg game. Also just recebtly the rainbot has been being especially generous which has definitely impressed me. what makes you guys choose to play on stake over the many other casinos?
  11. just noticed the rules on the giveaway for today. it is now clearly stated that the nonce must be consecutive rather than saying needs to be 2 consecutive roulette bets winning on number 0... not entirely sure it wad written with good intentions but non the less its an acknowledgement of my complaint.. i cant ask for much more than that..
  12. hustler1984

    📢 Would you accept free Stake merchandise?

    i think it would be cool to have a store like pokerstars has where you use your points to buy swag
  13. hustler1984

    Visiting someone forum profile, accidentally?

    i have done this.. in fact the only time i have ever gone to someones profile was on accident
  14. they were both on auto.. one on phone and other on computer... and its not clearly stated in the rules based on how i read the rules i didnt see an issue with this
  15. Hi guys, I got a major life changing issue The new CEO at my company doesn't respect my abilities... i know I'm worth about 100k per year but he thinks I'm only worth 50k... He wont even consider a reassessment after 6 years with the company... Last week i added over a million dollars in value to the company... Would you stick around?