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  1. So.. I love the giveaways that are offered here on Stake.com and PrimeDice.com. Recently... Eddie has created a twitter account and had a 500$ giveaway... I did what he said.. I followed him and replied to his tweet with my usernames... Well.... a few days later I log into twitter and see that he posted a list of winners, and if your name was on the list without username for Stake then you had 24 hours to reply to the tweet to get the prize.... That's not right... I had posted my username like he had requested already.... it's not my fault that he didn't see it or whatever happened there... and also I was never told it was my responsibility to check twitter once every 24 hours just to make sure that someone else didn't make a mistake on a giveaway I entered.. Please.. can someone get a hold of Eddie and have him look into this... I'm CryptoGarnerCom on Twitter;.. Ive tried to get a hold of him on there and in Stake chat.. but I'm just being ignored....
  2. I think that they should simply the user decide their birthday...don't allow it to be modified... it's really irrelevant if it's their actual birthday or not,660
  3. my sleep schedule revolves around stake... if the telegram challenge isn't consistent.. my circadian rythym goes way out of whack
  4. I've heard that if you have a positive mindset.. the negative people can't be near you.
  5. if you have a goal in mind eg.. want to wd 50$... and you have 5$... you can choose the martingale of your choice, and enjoy the ride... it's much more enjoyable than just placing 1 bet at 10:1 odds... while still being efficient at the total amount of wagers you are making... the problem is ... for me anyways.... I usually don't have a set goal in mind... and even if I did... I become too compulsive... especially with good old marty.... after I turn 5$ into 500$... my brain thinks... 50,000$ isn't that far away.... and I never stop...
  6. only had the 4k rain to play with... bustsed almost 1 millin earlier tonighjt.
  7. it is what it is... some times it's still a really good opportunity... all of the time.. the prize is free money... so if you can afford to make the wager... theres a fairly decent bonus waiting for you if you acheive the chalelnge!
  8. I must be registered on atleast 75% of the crypto gambling sites out there... and I don't think i am profitting on any of them. I used to be 1++BTC profit here on stake.... that was 11 months ago.... now I'm -1.5++BTC... so.. ya.. I have plans to switch it up.... gambling will not be in my future forever.... I may be involved from the sidelines.... but I hope to one day either be able to control my gambling impulses/compulsions and or quit all together.
  9. Id have to really.. really think about it... It would depend the situation I am in financially... If I needed something I would talk to the person about seeing if I could keep some... Otherwise, I would send it all back and let that person decide if they would like to reward my character.
  10. that is the results of the signature campaign... which I'm guessing Eddie and Stunna pay a pretty penny for... I might have to try that out..
  11. are you saying that you made real good money playing WoW.? Is that from mining Gold? or was there another way to make good money... and how much money are we talking about... Doesn't that game still exist? Are people still making "good" money? I doin't have a real life.. so can't really comment on that... but ya... I look forward to waking up in the morning and checking to see if there's a telegram challenge.
  12. I could play plinko for fun.. no bet... but hilo.. my favourite game.. I couldn't... there's just no entertainment value short of the gambling.
  13. basically.. all you had to do was make minimum bets in all the games a ton of times and it would increase your faucet... then.. you could do bigger bets on all the games and it would increase your faucet even more... you could get it into the thousands of satoshis .. many times per day... it was like a game.. THEN... they changed it to just a flat rate... like 300... then 200... then 100... then 200... then 25... then 10... it sucked... but I guess they must have been getting raped by faucet farmers.