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  1. [4] Video Poker [6] Hi/Lo [7] Baccarat [8] Casino War [1] Three Card Poker [N/A] Punto Banco [N/A] No-flop Pineapple [3] Casino Hol'em [N/A] Joker Poker [2] Wild Texas [N/A] Sicbo [N/A] Pai Gol [6] Red Dog Poker [N/A] Two Cards High [N/A] Zero [5] Blackjack [N/A] Blackjack (Double Exposure) [3] Pontoon [N/A] Card Craps
  2. Lol you posted this in which thread?? do you know??
  3. Thanks for another awesome giveaway Edward.... Count me in
  4. I am from India as i already stated in my intro And i love to eat carrots and i am going to share the benefits of carrots for the stake community stay healthy keep gambling Carrots for Charming Skin: Carrots contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that can responsible for making the skin to charm. Everyday a glass of carrot juice in winters makes your skin to glow. Carrot juice fights with Black Spots and pimples: Carrot juice is highly effective in removing brown black spots and pimples from skin. It kills the bacteria that cause pimples. Anti-Ageing: Vitamin A and antioxidants that prevent early wrinkles and uneven skin tone that makes your skin younger. Anti-Cancerous: Carrots consist of carotenoids that can help in destroying the pre-cancerous cells in body also reduce the risk of cancer. Eye Sight: It contains beta-carotene that is an anti-oxidant which can help in improving the eye-sight.
  5. I never roll 0 or 99.99 on stake ever
  6. But i found the best rates there just bought 80 ripples from 0.0037 btc
  7. I am also eagerly waiting for this game
  8. i also want to add one more thats Changelly i experienced it faster
  9. Mayweather won... Yayy he beat the hell out of mccregor
  10. Thanks for the info now i understood the baccarat game