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  1. Happy bday stake username: Bitcoinani
  2. Lol you posted this in which thread?? do you know??
  3. Thanks for the info now i understood the baccarat game
  4. The best use of faucet is to bet all in faucet on high payout higher than 10x then play with strats
  5. i Have 200k sat atm so is this a good strat to start?
  6. I have 0 now but soon gonna spam all social media with my ref link lol
  7. Bitcoinani

    Zero Chain

    I have got 2 zeroes in a row
  8. Omg long streak i wish that you putted a amount there
  9. Share your fav porn site which you used to watch porn videos lol.... Its sex section so i think its valid to post the topic here Mine is Xhamster.com because of its quality and fast streaming lol
  10. Hey Guyz i want to debate on this topic Is trump really helping the ecomomy In my opinion the economy is doing good after the trump took the offfice
  11. Thanks Brais it will help us to attract some users....
  12. wow xtine that was a awesome hit and it's good that you cashout