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  1. anyone know the payout if you take away 1-3 mines off it??? what would the multilyer be then???
  2. I prefer to play the 1st,2nd,3rd part of the board instead of red or black I usually only play colors if I am adding it to a 1st 2nd or 3rd bet!
  3. Yes I forgot 0 do you guys find it's more lucky to stick with a set of numbers or to mix it up now and then???
  4. Just curious but what are your guys lucky numbers to pick on roulette mine are 21 34 36 7 1 8
  5. My username is Chinese Heishe means black and hui means society but together black society is a euphemism for organized crime the Chinese mafia triads I spent a few years in China where I actually befriended and became really close with the local triad mafia boss and several high ranking gangsters in the city of Hefei in Anhui province and the 187 in my name comes from my home address but it is especially awesome because as we all know 187 on a motherfucking cop!!!
  6. @Faris how did you hit this one? Was it on auto bet or did you manually select the mines? Also how long did it take you to hit this super fucking sexy win? You guys think anyone will possibly hit a win like this again? Is this the highest payout available on mines? Or actually is it the highest payout on the site?
  7. Personally Keno is my favorite game I think the highest ive hit was 6/8 which is 22X has anyone on here hit all numbers going from 5+ picks? Highest max hit that I got was 4/4 which I've hit quite a few times 10/10 would be amazing but I believe will never be achieved in our life time....... Lol
  8. My family comes from Poland it is indeed a beautiful country with wonderful people and excellent food! Though some north American's may dislike the cusine as the polish taste bud is quite different
  9. Finally an awnser to my endless when is faucet gunna reset question!!!