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  1. does the amount of satoshis increase with more posts or post frequency or is it strickly based on word/letter count or what??? someone please clarify this for me please and thank you
  2. anyone know the payout if you take away 1-3 mines off it??? what would the multilyer be then???
  3. Hey all just want to let everyone know that it is my birthday on Christmas Day, I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. also if anyone wants to send me any birthday tips i'd apperiate it very much hahahaha Heishehui187 Also curios anyone else have a Xmas Bday or close too it????
  4. nice im gunna tryit out but i see people are only getting 10 per claim not 100....... strange wonder why that is
  5. I wouldn't let it get that high either I was away from the computer for two seconds And I come back and that's what I saw on the screen Too bad it glitched out how can mines glitch out I can understand chart bet anyone have any screenshots of glitched out mines?
  6. No of course not profits are in The back of my mind It's all about the fun for me community All I'm saying is if it's a part of the site it should be more clearly specified as it is an option just saying we should know the most information about how the system works all I'm saying Dan
  7. I know all these glitch mega wins are pissing me off I've never seen that happen on any other site have you guys? I say if a glitch like this happens then we should get paid for it!!!
  8. I am awful at hi lo I never do good on it, for me it's impossible!!! I don't know how you guys do good on it more power to you but me and hi lo are just not compatible I geuss
  9. I prefer to play the 1st,2nd,3rd part of the board instead of red or black I usually only play colors if I am adding it to a 1st 2nd or 3rd bet!
  10. Oh really? Was.it.also a glitch bug? God.damn I was so fucking pissed that it wasn't real like fuck me way to tease a guy and give him the equivalent of.blue balls but.for.gambling
  11. Personally I hate diamond poker i think it's one of the most boring games on stake with the only payouts being 2x or 2.5x I believe if you get a full house definitely could use a little more dimension to the game some.extra features to make it more fun and exciting what do you guys think?
  12. Yes I forgot 0 do you guys find it's more lucky to stick with a set of numbers or to mix it up now and then???
  13. Just curious but what are your guys lucky numbers to pick on roulette mine are 21 34 36 7 1 8