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  1. So hard to hit 1000x Maybe if u have a lucky day
  2. Welcome to our forum
  3. it is a scam? why? can u explain?
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  6. Grats YOE77 nice hit :D
  7. Username: SexyGurl Hilo:407,163,322 placed by Anonymous-1809467509 Wagered: 0.00008000 Payout: 32.65x Profit: 0.00253182 Hilo:407,153,016 placed by Anonymous-1809467509 Wagered: 0.00006000 Payout: 31.74x Profit: 0.00184445 Hilo:407,135,201 placed by Anonymous-1809467509 Wagered: 0.00004000 Payout: 37.84x Profit: 0.00147357
  8. Play Plinko hit 1000x and 1k bet try it
  9. same @HumberRolls faucet is for Rollhunts