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  1. Paigeturnerxoxo#2469
  2. HILO: 5,965,577,532 placed by Paigeturner on 30/05/2019 Wagered 0.00016384 Multiplier 4.394889831542969x Profit 0.00055622
  3. I completely agree, that is one of my favorite games at another site and the only reason I go to that site at all. If stake had slots I'd never leave lol.
  4. I would have to kill myself if I couldn't talk to all you lovely people in chat lol
  5. What, if any, changes, features, or improvements would you make to stake if you could change 1 thing. Remember to answer 1 thing only....... Please do not answer "never bust or always win" we all know that's impossible so please answer realistically.
  6. I prefer to play hilo.... the most ive won was half a bitcoin and I started with 100k sats.
  7. So true, unfortunately I have tried my luck beyond that point many of times and ended up losing it lol. So now I'm a little more cautious these days.
  8. The faucet here now is a joke. Literally a slap in the face. With all the money this site makes you'd think they would have a better incentive to get people to play here. I think its insulting really. But whatever....it is what it is...... When faucet was at 100 satoshi I once won .05 btc.......i haven't won anything from faucet since they lowered it