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  1. That's awesome, hopefully my luck will change for the better soon, grats on your wins!😂⚘🍻
  2. Honestly from what I've seen, it isn't worth the time it takes to even build enough for required min withdraw amount. I have tried many and eventually just gave up trying because it seemed far tedious then beneficial. If there's one out there that worth the effort let me know. Lol Good luck and happy holidays
  3. Just curious to see how many people have actually won big with weekly boost. It seems I bust my immediately after receiving it lol. The most ive won with my weekly boost is 100k Satoshi. It seems I do better when I deposit rather then collect boost.
  4. Plinko was the first game I played here. After that I got addicted to hilo and that's still the game I play most.
  5. I have noticed lately that the mods have been using the power to mute a little excessively. So many loyal players of the stake community have been getting muted for ridiculous reasons. I know there has to be a system in place to combat spam, begging and disrespect... but if it doesn't fall under these categories what's the big deal? I hear so many people complaining at other sites about stake chat and being muted for the silliest reasons. Some People are afraid to even chat at stake anymore because of how sensitive and petty some mods have become and how quickly they are are being muted when it's really not necessary.... Why does stake feel so strongly about censoring its players? This is an online gambling chat room for crying out loud. We are all adults, if we aren't spamming or being disrespectful what the hell is the problem? Anyways, a few good friends have been muted recently for nothing more then being silly or stating thier frustrations... loyal, depositing vip members! Sadly this has made being in chat not so desirable lately.
  6. I would also like to see the fish game if at all possible...love that game
  7. I haven't heard anything but it sounds too good to be true. Guess there's only one way to find out..... wait until tomorrow morning and hope for the best.. Good luck everyone and happy holidays
  8. Im excited, I get anxious every Friday night waiting for the race and boost lol ... Saturday mornings are the best day of the week.
  9. I would do epic rain, pay back all loans, and probably just bust the rest after that lol im kidding, sort of..... I'd withdraw half and gamble the rest and hope for the best.
  10. I will go broke, happens every year during the holidays lol. I hate how commercialized the holidays have become. I would much rather take all the money I would normally spend on xmas presents and just take everyone on a trip somewhere nice, or even a cruise maybe...I think spending time with loved ones is much more valuable then any gift under a xmas tree.
  11. This happens everytime I play plinko, it's really annoying because it always only happens when my balance gets low. I'll typically change my bet as it gets low, but with this glitch I don't get the chance and before I notice it's all gone. I hope they fix this issue soon. Ive been experiencing this for over 6 months now.
  12. Great motto to live by as well, if we expect nothing then how can we ever be disappointed? if by some reason we do receive anything extra it's a much appreciated gift we should be grateful for.