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  1. I have noticed the amount of rain i have received since the switch has decreased substantially. Before the switch to 2.0 i would receive rain everytime i made a deposit, I'd also receive whenever i was active in chat whether tipping others or simply chatting. But now i can do all three and not receive anything from the rainbot. Has anyone else noticed the same? Is this to be the norm now?
  2. I also received a message on telegram that i won, just checking here for further instructions.... thanks Steve Stake name: Paigeturner
  3. Another awesome giveaway! Thanks darkblood i always love your giveaways.
  4. What a great new concept.. looking forward to seeing the progress of Dark tokens. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways.
  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaways darkblood!
  6. When I read this giveaway post I thought for a second that I had missed something and went back to re-read. But, no....i read it right the first time. What an awesome giveaway Darkblood. Thanks for being so generous. This gives everyone an opportunity to win. Kudos 👏👏👏♥️ Thanks again, Paigeturner