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  1. I completely agree, that is one of my favorite games at another site and the only reason I go to that site at all. If stake had slots I'd never leave lol.
  2. I would have to kill myself if I couldn't talk to all you lovely people in chat lol
  3. What, if any, changes, features, or improvements would you make to stake if you could change 1 thing. Remember to answer 1 thing only....... Please do not answer "never bust or always win" we all know that's impossible so please answer realistically.
  4. I prefer to play hilo.... the most ive won was half a bitcoin and I started with 100k sats.
  5. So true, unfortunately I have tried my luck beyond that point many of times and ended up losing it lol. So now I'm a little more cautious these days.
  6. The faucet here now is a joke. Literally a slap in the face. With all the money this site makes you'd think they would have a better incentive to get people to play here. I think its insulting really. But whatever....it is what it is...... When faucet was at 100 satoshi I once won .05 btc.......i haven't won anything from faucet since they lowered it
  7. I won't withdraw unless ive won at least 1 million satoshi.. I may transfer some to other site if losing but won't actually withdraw unless it's over a million sats. What amount do you need to win before deciding to withdraw?
  8. Thank you I was not aware of the new rule.
  9. I personally love the idea, i have played texas holdem and really enjoy it. To be honest with you any pvp game would be a great addition. Even games of black Jack with multiple players and dealer would be nice.
  10. Great question, and this is the part i have the most difficulty with, knowing when to pull out. I would like to set a goal of at least $100 profit.... Sticking to that goal though, is the struggle.
  11. I'm sorry that you've lost so much, i have lost a bit of money myself but not more then what i could afford to lose. I can tell you for a fact that I've lost a lot more in real casinos. Hopefully your luck will turn around, financially and personally...
  12. I have been playing here at stake roughly about a year now. Before meeting@bmg and @Bigmann23 i had never even heard of online crypto gambling sites. The first time i went to an actual casino, i played black Jack and won $1100, that's all it took and i was hooked. Loved gambling ever since. I have always enjoyed going to the real casinos but never frequented too often, for obvious reasons. I guess you could say that i was lucky the nearest casino was a few hours away, otherwise i could have spent a lot more of my time and my money. When i learned of stake and started to play here i was ecstatic, i got to play from the comfort of home, i could play longer and spend less. It was great! I also never could've predicted how amazing the community here at stake would be. Ive made many friends and have had many laughs. To be honest with you, now that I've been here awhile, I've come to rely on stake and another site for my most all my social interactions. Its actually gotten me though some tough times and has even alleviated some of my loneliness on occasion. I spend most my spare time here and sometimes it's hard to remember what i did with my time prior. So my question is as the title states, how was your life different before stake, and how is now?