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  1. It is absolutely easier to hunt 1000x on limbo as opposed to Plinko. however, the disadvantage is that you do not have the smaller wins along the way to help sustain your balance a bit. but still, I play a decent amount of limbo and see 1000x quite regularly.
  2. I’ve had the same results from video poker. best case scenario, I manage to leave the game with the same balance I started with. wishing I could find some other way of playing. I might try the strat another player mentioned, which is to use a martingale strat. I think I might be able to win a bit this way, as long as I watch very closely and walk if needed.
  3. I've had this happen only once or twice with hitting a good amount in limbo. I hunted a 1000x on a whim once and actually hit it only 8 bets in to the hunt! That was most definitely my best windfall in limbo for sure!
  4. You're right about the superstitious part blxn.....i've never been such a superstition freak until I started gambling as a regular thing. Now I have a whole list of things I try to "break an unlucky streak". I could list them, but can assure you none of them will work a bit! lol The thing that REALLY will change your losing streak around is a fresh perspective and seeing the game/experience from a new point of view. Having a "lucky" thing you do can sometimes ease you into that frame of mind. But really, the feeling of a fresh start helps the most. That said, I guess I would recommend taking a "Lucky walk", or spending some time with family or friends before coming back to the game.
  5. I'm kind of nervous about sports betting starting! If it is here, I will automatically want to give it a try. Curious to learn more about it. I don't currently bet on sports whatsoever, so I will definitely have to take some time to learn how to place bets wisely. Also wondering what sports will be available for wagering? I only follow a few sports, and I don't think I would be comfortable placing bets outside that scope. But who knows - maybe I will find a whole new world of games to enjoy!
  6. When it comes to Plinko - I've just never had any measure of luck in that game. Although, I think this is mostly because I don't care to shell out such large amounts of bets in hope of a big win. Keno is a different story though! You can definitely have some pretty long time periods of bad luck with this game. However, I enjoy the challenge of finding a pattern of numbers that will give me just enough back to continue playing as I reach for a higher multiplier. Also, there are just going to be a few rarer times that you will hit lots of high mults in keno! Not common whatsoever, but sure is fun when it happens.
  7. Haven't seen this thread in a while. Didn't you guys know I already won? .....
  8. Those are some awesome wins! Must say, I've never had any luck at all with the plinko game. Kinda sorta makes me want to give it a try! (almost) lol
  9. Out of all the times that I commenced full "rage betting" following a big loss.....I think maybe once it worked out in my favor. And the money I lost from chasing the initial loss is far greater than the small gains from the one time it worked out for me. Never ever a good idea to chase your losses! Gambling is never a sure thing - and often leads to bust. That's the cost of playing! Although it would be great to win all the time, it's best to be accepting from a loss and carry on within our own limits. Far better than digging the hole even deeper!
  10. I wouldn't want to see a separate vip section. I for one would hate that if there were an area of chat or forum I could not access, but other players could. Seems to me it would more likely foster some feelings of exclusion for other players. Besides, one of the best things about Stake is the camaraderie!
  11. Hm, I haven't won enough to actually do a rain in quite some time! I think I tend to do a smaller amount to more people and make a few batches of rain, for the most part. If I am really really having some fantastic luck, then I will sometimes send a larger tip to a good friend
  12. Glad to see that you had good luck with your strategy! I think any time that you find something that works, the key is simply to set a limit. Otherwise, even the very best method possible will have the same outcome.... bust! Hope you have continued luck in your games!
  13. I love standup comedy - and right now, I'm reading a book by one of my favorite current comedians. (not counting retired comedians, lol) Comedy, Sex, God - by Pete Holmes
  14. Absolutely yes! i am so excited to get my hands on that slot game! I’m sure I will play a lot at first with very tiny bets as I figure out some sort of strategy. very excited for the new game