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  1. I’m not at all surprised to see you ask this question Etude. I know you love a good 10,000x hunt! It would be fun to see dice allow a more precise range for sure. The more digits, the better!
  2. Yep - I noticed the same, Kixx. I think that the main idea with the suggested cards is that they point you toward the safest bet. However, the best hands in poker are usually snagged with a much more ballsy wager! I think it’s a great feature if you like to always play the safer side of things. Hmmmm.....but what’s the fun in that?
  3. My personal troll game is keno. I will get some decent wins, but then a few plays in......there’s no more chance to win for me! ive tried every tactic I can to combat this. But no matter what I do, I can’t win again unless I leave the game and come back on the next day.
  4. Every once in a great while, there will be a day like that. It’s like no matter what you do, it’s a winning bet. Those moments are exceptionally rare. The trick is to know when to stop betting and take your profit.
  5. I try to avoid playing wheel as much as possible. I end up losing so many consecutive bets! Makes me so sad, and I get to feeling like I was duped.
  6. I can’t imagine being able to hide such a time consuming hobby! if I had to hide gambling, then I would stop. Family is always first. That said, everyone in my family gambles in some way - I am just the only one who prefers crypto.
  7. I have a different goal in mind every time I play. Depends on what amount I am starting with, and what my luck has been like lately. I rarely get my balance up to the point that I can withdraw, but I sure do love when that happens! Do any of you guys change your goal for withdraw? I know some players aim for a certain percentage won and then withdraw.
  8. Oh wow hanvee!!! What a great accident to have though! I've never hit the max button before, but I'm always afraid that I will. Hopefully if it ever happens, I will have good luck from it like you did.
  9. I never use the vault. If I want to set aside some amount of coin, I withdraw. Most of the time, I don't even think of the vault as an option.
  10. I don't know if keno personally hates me or not, but it sure feels like it 90% of the time! lol A lot of times that I play, I have that same experience. It's like the keno is dodging me in a major way. I had one day, that those tables turned, and it felt as though the keno numbers were following me. Felt as though I could not lose, most of the time. This, of course, ended. Otherwise, I'd still be playing. 🌼
  11. It would be a very good thing to see bitcoin rise that high by the end of the year. But anything is possible, and that works for both price rise and decline. There are too many variables in both the world of crypto tech, and finance. An example is unexpected events, like the recent Binance hack. Anything is possible, and the price of any coin can fluctuate wildly depending on investors reaction to hackers and changes in laws around the world. The only thing we can be sure of is that we must wait and see....
  12. It’s been said many times...the faucet here is not intended to be used for more than a couple plays so as to try out a game before depositing. Although winning on faucet would be a pleasant surprise, I don’t think there is any strategy that could push odds in favor of making any good amount from that.
  13. I like what wry posted. I don’t play Baccarat very much, but have had better luck since I learned this betting method. I think it’s best to pick what you will wager on, and not stray from that too much. Otherwise you will get frustrated chasing wins around.
  14. Hm, I’m still not sure if I will use the auto the autobet function. I feel like a lot of the fun in poker is deciding which hand to try for. I’d rather do this part myself. 🤑
  15. Pretty wild that hackers can access such a large amount of bitcoin! It's good that binance is proving itself trustworthy by returning lost funds to the owners. But it is still just as alarming that such a huge attack can be successful.