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  1. Good advice - it would be easy to forget and click a link from within forum or pm's. I fell for something similar recently with an email I received regarding an account I have. Usually I'm pretty savvy to phishing and can see it a mile away, but I was in a hurry, and didn't take the time to check. Clickable links are easy, and sometimes....we are lazy enough to use them.
  2. I like this idea. You are in charge now.
  3. I like play with Tron, if I can get enough of it gathered up at once. For some reason it's easier for me to manage bankroll once i reach threshold of 4000trx. After that, I can make a climb to 10,000+ easier than with other coins. Like with anything in gambling, certainly not a sure thing. But it seems I do tend to have better luck with that.
  4. I never change seed myself. I used to, because I was told I should. But in all honesty, the wins and losses come and go just the same no matter what seed I play. I don't think Ive changed seed for quite a few months now. Sometimes I change, but only as a last resort and more like a superstition to change up my luck
  5. Haha, in the world of gambling....my new year resolution is to Stay the Hell Away from Paxful!! My hand is forced to use slow slow crypto exchanges where I live. And for the sake of speed, I do use them occasionally for small amounts. But the fees are killer, and there's really no reason for me to ever be in a rush to gamble
  6. As much as I love a good incentive - it's just got to be a balance between what brings in farmers in droves. I love to post here and participate when the forum is of a high quality, but when it becomes a wall of just the same old stuff reworded....I lose interest. Personally, even though I can really use those sats....I hate the feeling of "selling out" for some satoshi to blow in a casino. Bring on the thoughtful convos, and I'm there!!
  7. I would love to withdraw 1 full bitcoin......cause, why not? As far as what I would do with those funds.....pay off some bills and be done with them! Then I'd send the remainder to my mom in USD, cause I'm a good egg
  8. I'm a big hockey fan, but sports betting is still a mystery to me. I'm trying to learn, but the curve is pretty steep.
  9. I think it is a nice feature - if you can use it Due to the location of my credit card addy, I cannot purchase any crypto in this method. Where i live, we are required to use one of a handful of highly regulated exchanges to purchase crypto, so the banks/cards must remain in compliance. That said, the bitlish option sounds convenient!
  10. I haven’t received any coin yet 😢
  11. Hi Steve, I just talked to support and they told me why my post wasn't visible. Still learning how to use twitter. I should be all set if I ever place again in race. For now, here is my link!
  12. It is absolutely easier to hunt 1000x on limbo as opposed to Plinko. however, the disadvantage is that you do not have the smaller wins along the way to help sustain your balance a bit. but still, I play a decent amount of limbo and see 1000x quite regularly.
  13. I’ve had the same results from video poker. best case scenario, I manage to leave the game with the same balance I started with. wishing I could find some other way of playing. I might try the strat another player mentioned, which is to use a martingale strat. I think I might be able to win a bit this way, as long as I watch very closely and walk if needed.
  14. I've had this happen only once or twice with hitting a good amount in limbo. I hunted a 1000x on a whim once and actually hit it only 8 bets in to the hunt! That was most definitely my best windfall in limbo for sure!
  15. You're right about the superstitious part blxn.....i've never been such a superstition freak until I started gambling as a regular thing. Now I have a whole list of things I try to "break an unlucky streak". I could list them, but can assure you none of them will work a bit! lol The thing that REALLY will change your losing streak around is a fresh perspective and seeing the game/experience from a new point of view. Having a "lucky" thing you do can sometimes ease you into that frame of mind. But really, the feeling of a fresh start helps the most. That said, I guess I would recommend taking a "Lucky walk", or spending some time with family or friends before coming back to the game.