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  1. Its possible, but you have to have quite a lot of patience with your betting style. I always have to remind myself, as the goal amount I reach for with freebies is going to be a whole lot lower than if I had deposited a larger amount. I find that I get the best gains when I play in shorter sessions and take a break after having a good sized win. Continuing to play always leads to loss for me, so I gotta be willing to walk and then return later to play on some more.
  2. Bitcoin price matters a whole lot to me for deciding when to cash out! When price is low, as it was some months ago...I might play for a much higher tally than I would be willing to do at this point with value around $13k usd.
  3. It would be so hard to say which way is best, as there is so much flux in the market valuation of cryptocurrency. It has been a rollercoaster ride so far for sure, and no true way to know where it will go next. Although, the same might be said for a lot of different stock investments also. Holding a stock indefinitely is not always the best choice in a volatile market. I would say that no matter what method you choose for investing in crypto....the very most important thing is to be sure that you never do so with money that you can't afford to lose! Don't go divesting from a 401K or other solid investment to plunk that money into crypto. Just not a solid wise choice to do so. As far as investing 'lose-able' money in crypto....have fun with it!
  4. Hmm, I predict 12th! Good luck in the race!
  5. If I could be any Stake feature at all ...... hands down, I would be the Mute Button! Someday, @maverick528 is gonna let me have my very own - or at least borrow his. 🤪
  6. Oh man, a YOLO on limbo?? That is like begging to get a string of 1.00x! lol - i think the universe pulls strings to make that sort of thing happen! If I were to YOLO on that game, I can't imagine I would go any higher than 1.13x, and play a couple rounds like that. If I wanted to YOLO a balance on auto with a low bet (meaning willing to risk entire balance in low increments), then I would go for 100x......if I had a lot of coin to burn, I might even aim for 1000x! Limbo is a funnnnn game, love it!
  7. That's true that we have a great community of players here at Stake. I think that is due to the way the site itself is run. Support staff and moderators make a real effort to ensure it is a fun and engaging atmosphere in chat. That will naturally draw a lot of people who enjoy the social aspect of gambling.
  8. I think this is a fantastic idea! it would be fun for challenges and giveaways too. It could be its own time zone.....Stake Time! Great concept and I’d love to see it used someday!
  9. Somehow, I managed to score an invite to the beta of Crash game today during the race! I've been waiting/hoping to see this game for over a year now. The single player version of Crash (prior to Stake update) was not very fun and honestly kind of nervewracking to play alone! I love the new group betting style format of this game! It is so fun to play! Just the right amount of competition and the layout of the game itself is very nicely done. Looking forward to being one of Crash's regular players! 💰
  10. I can’t play without those animations, lol. The way the game is set up with the motion of the cards and the sounds in the game - it’s all very ASMR to me. So I enjoy playing the game, without really even betting anything!
  11. Very nice!! That is a great mistake to have happen on your lucky day! Enjoy your winnings and congratulations!! 🎲
  12. Oh! That's a fun idea! I like that - It's a good way to lower the amount you might spend on gambling, and it's also a fun personal challenge to try out! I think I will give that a go soon also. Best of luck on Stake!
  13. Sometimes - if my luck has turned tremendously and outrageously sour - I will change the seed. I don't think that it truly does much - but to me it is more symbolic of a fresh start. Also helps me shake that feeling of being cursed by the gods of gamblin'.
  14. Ooooh! So THAT is why i keep getting that little popup that says to update my page? lol - i could not figure that out for the life of me! Ok - so now that I know the reason it is there, it does not bother me so much. Before now, I was constantly updating/refreshing and could not figure out why. That was definitely starting to get on my nerves a bit. Shennie - will you please keep me advised of all the new Stake changes from now on? lol
  15. I agree about the previous version of HiLo - hasn't been quite the same since moving to the new format. I miss it too! But apart from that, I like the new improvements they have made, and prefer the new Stake over the old one. Though I still wish I could get my HiLo back.