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  1. In a world where crash is king & bitcoin is the new bling, http://elitecrash.io is born!!! An honest Casino that has paid out over $100k USD in just 2 months of operation. Where will you wage your btc?
  2. ScooterPi

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    That is awesome skywalkeee! Teach me your ways!! I get so caught up having fun betting, I forget about the bottom line......munny!
  3. ScooterPi

    Have you tried playing real gambling?

    I've been to Las Vegas a bit to play at casinos. Not very much - but I enjoyed slot games with familiar themes like Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, that sort of thing. I've never played table games IRL, with exception of blackjack once when I went on a cruise years ago.
  4. ScooterPi

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    lol - I can't say for sure. definitely far far too much!! when i first started, i was fairly new to gambling - and so i deposited funds way more often than i should have. lesson learned and moving on
  5. ScooterPi

    A bit help in Mines strategies

    I've only ever had consistent luck with one gambling format in mines: Auto Play Mode Set mines to 11. Choose a block of 4 gems and a low bet. Set it to run through 7 games. If no winner, I then double my bet for 7 more games. (repeat) I have luck with this far more often than not. Hope it works well for you too!
  6. ScooterPi

    Go on after big losses or take break?

    It is sooooo easy to be angry after big losses - and that has go to be the very worst time to place any type of wager!! I also agree with what Owl said above....when I let my mind wander too much, I tend to have higher losses.. Much much higher! If I am being active in chat, I will also try to not bet so much. Distraction is killer for me.
  7. ScooterPi

    Stoker, Badger, Seat 9

    Cool! Thank you for both the reply and the explanation too
  8. You are very helpful with this!! Yet another copy/paste. Thank you!!!!
  9. Wryyy! This is perfect and it's getting copy/paste-ed right to the ole desktop! You were right, the currencies I'm wondering about, I don't have enough to begin with....and so I was not getting the popup. I wanted to keep the min withdraws handy as a reference goal amount for withdrawals Now - one more question on this topic if anyone knows........ for withdrawal --- does the fee amount need to be in addition to the min withdrawal? (for example: to withdraw btc....would I need to have 0.002 in my balance + the fee to withdraw for it to be processed?)
  10. I'm having a hard time finding the withdrawal minimum threshold for Stake. Aware of amount for btc, but I can't seem to find the amount for eth, ltc bch and doge. Can you please let me know here, or post the link to where it can be found? Thank you!
  11. Great post ravenyvolle2!! I was just thinking about this today. The end of the year has definitely snuck up on me - and I am remembering all the excitement over speculation of bitcoin values by end December. It seems to me that a little more mileage down the road, and we are coming to terms with more realistic expectations. Regardless, it will be an interesting thing to track over the next year. I would not be suprised to see it hold the same relative value it has now well into 2019.
  12. ScooterPi

    Valued member changed to VIP

    Yes - thank you Bojana! You knew exactly the info I was looking for! So, Valued Member (now VIP) is not based on number of posts. You get VIP status when 'promoted by staff'. Is there a prompt when a forum member can be considered for VIP?
  13. ScooterPi

    Stoker, Badger, Seat 9

    You hear that @Dan ?? Get this girl her Farkle gaming fix, pronto!! 😋😋😋
  14. ScooterPi

    Rotating Seeds Limit

    I wasn't able to find any forum info on this when I searched..... Can anyone provide information on the limit for rotating server seeds in games? Sometimes, it seems I can rotate through quite a few, and other times I will only rotate one or two and then will receive a popup saying to 'try again in 1 hour'. Is there a hard limit for how often we can rotate per hour, or per 24 hours?? I am a bit Seed Superstitious 🌱🌱🍀
  15. ScooterPi

    International Stake Meetup (lol)

    Sounds like fun times! But then again......meeting up with all you crazy people would be a recipe for disaster! lmao