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  1. I havent had reason to use this service yet. But I did take a look at it recently. Was surprised to see how many different coins are supported - if I ever have occasion to use it, I will give it a try
  2. ScooterPi

    How often do you lose back your promotion rewards?

    The two things I always bust at Stake.....challenge rewards and rainbot funds. A close third is deposits, lol
  3. My strategy is similar to computer who posted just before me. I have a set amount I am willing to put into working on a challenge. If I go over that, then i'm done. It's just not worth it to me, simply because I don't think they're "fun" unless the payout exceeds the coin invested. That said - most of the time, I try and never complete challenges. Once in a while, I complete them insanely quickly. This is simply because I happened to win them early on in my attempt to complete challenge.
  4. Useless chatter (i thought) was one of the hallmark identifiers of a chat room? That said, I am not a big fan of the rainbot, because it nearly always leaves me out, no matter how much i gamble or chat. As far as removing rainbot - when it does land on me, i'm thrilled. Always an eventual bust....but still a fun little extra. Useless chatter will always be there, rainbot or no.
  5. ScooterPi

    Being open and transparent in chat

    Chat forums have all sorts of personalities, some real and some contrived. In the long run, you can never be certain who you are dealing with when you are in an online format. Simply because, it is the easiest place to pretend to be someone else. I've always thought the study of chat forums, including places like reddit, would make an awesome project for someone in the sociology field.
  6. ScooterPi

    2 ETH hard forks are both Scams!

    Thank you for posting this warning shennie! Also, Lupandina - that is great advice regarding using a large site, such as Binance
  7. ScooterPi

    Compound Safely With This Compounding Strategy.

    I like this strategy amarcrypto! I will give it a try next time I deposit for games
  8. ScooterPi

    Real world betting... do you impromptu?

    Once in a while, I buy a scratch ticket when I am at the store. But I never intend to buy one. I will usually be standing in line and get a mental 'nudge' to buy a certain one. This is what I like to call "lo key intuition" As long as I limit myself to only buying those tickets under that circumstance, I seem to always go home with a winner! Usually only 5-20 dollars, though there have been a couple times I've won a few hundred. Definitely 'on the fly' gambling, as you cant decide when you want to purchase a ticket this way.
  9. ScooterPi

    Red Pill or Blue pill a question ?

    Hmm, obviously.....once all things are considered, I would choose the pill that gave me 1 million dollars, of course! That said, I would definitely be sad to say goodbye to the gambling, because I have fun when I play. But I don't have so much fun that I would not be willing to trade that much to say goodbye to it! Now you have me wondering what I would replace online gambling with.... hmmmm
  10. ScooterPi

    How do you play it?

    Most of the time, when I deposit.....I head straight for the HiLo games. However, if I'm not having much luck, I will usually rotate through the other games. I try to slow down on bets if I'm just not having any luck. Often, I'm able to do quite well with HiLo. Looking up through other posts, I see some alternate ideas I'm going to try also! Thanks for the ideas, guys!
  11. ScooterPi

    In regards to Stake Awards 2018

    i like the little microphone icon - that's cute Etude I also def think that you guys ought to give the Stake heros a little something special....in the form of crypto! They do an awful lot and add to the community. For some of us, they are the reason we keep coming back for more! Show em some luvvvv ❤️
  12. ScooterPi

    Appreciate the effort

    I think the giveaways and challenges are fun, and a great addition to the Stake community. It's my own fault I don't participate because, a) i don't have anyone to refer to discord, so i'm out of running for that and b) i really suck at gambling so i almost never complete challenges
  13. ScooterPi

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    Ahhh yes, I did this once myself. I intended to send 75k satosh and accidentally sent 750k satosh! lol I pm'ed my giftee right away and apologized, asked for the remainder to be sent back. Which he did immediately. Sorry to hear that the person you sent to did not ever send back to you - bad form on their part, for certain!
  14. ScooterPi

    In regards to Stake Awards 2018

    Oh! I didn't realize they completed the Stake awards now - sounds like we have some winners here! Awesome!!
  15. ScooterPi

    Obsessive Compulsions

    My only Stake compulsion is playing HiLo. I am completely certain that if there were no Stake HiLo, I would probably not play here at all.