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  1. I think BTC will raise even more 20000, when institutional investors will go on market,
  2. Думаю реально тестирует скрипт, с какой радости чело просто так раскидать сатоши.
  3. С 5 сатош можно только давление поднять себе, а не разогнать до вывода-)
  4. I hope beggars will go away and faucet will be restored-)
  5. as for me its realy good idea to increase wager, but if they do this for new players, faucet waste its main goal - try of the website. For example they can give new players one day on faucet 20 faucets for 100 satoshi and then give it only for those who made deposit + wager for example 0.001 BTC.
  6. Hi community. New step for faucet phased out: 5, 200,1000,100-) What next: 1 satoshi or 0? How do you think?
  7. Very little chances, but good luck everyone-)
  8. Hi who catch Happy hour with 4000 ETH? What are the results?
  9. Nothing change... Problem is still actual!
  10. I hope too, because it's realy fa.. sh... bug-)
  11. Yea it's not a very big problem, but just annoying-) Log out and login + browser cash clean - doesn't help.
  12. i told, they say that they know abut it and will fix, but when don't know-)