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  1. 20K trivia giveaway !!!

  2. Minimum forum cash out now 50k satoshi!

    Glad to know this. Thankyou @Dan
  3. New user from France

    Welcome to the world bitcoin and the Best bitcoin casino, Stake and its community. Hope you win big
  4. [0.08 BTC] Catch me if you can!

    Username: ktbit57 Blackjack:206,775,729 placed by ktbit57 Wagered: 0.00000128 Payout: 2.50x Profit: 0.00000192 Hilo:212,014,733 placed by ktbit57 Wagered: 0.00001024 Payout: 1.07x Profit: 0.00000074
  5. roulette lucky number

    My luckiest number is 17 which I get many times
  6. 3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    That is crazy and risky bet and lucky to win. Congratulations @Jesse and better to withdraw as next time may not bet that lucky.
  7. Word game / Stars bonus 50 K

    Brendan Fraser
  8. good luck Shinjo
  9. Hi there

    Welcome to Stake @SPabs wonderful community. I am not sure but if country restrictions exist then proxy or vpn may be the option. Good luck
  10. It took me quite a time read the lengthy post and understand it but worth it. Will try. Thankyou
  11. What type of player are you?

    Wonderful post @xtinepink Which does gives all of us chance to ponder our moods and temperaments at gambling. I think one day I am hunter, next day a chill player and times hot headed when busted all 😄
  12. The OR game

    Hot of course, I don’t like cold weather long hair or short hair ?
  13. Mixed dice strategy- worked for me..

    Looks interesting. Gonna try this strategy. Thanks
  14. I am in 25th place. Not bad. I hope next time I will do better. Wonderful job @sloj Thanks for the update.