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  1. ktfor57

    Kuleguten Stream #45! Giveaways

    good luck stake : ktbit57
  2. Plinko:347,612,115 placed by ktbit57 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 130.00x Profit: 0.00012900
  3. My experience at baccarat is if you do martingale once betting even if on tie, if you win and profit doubles or 8x, immediately leave the game or else sure to bust all the gains. It has happened many times.
  4. Hilo:337,285,411 placed by ktbit57 Wagered: 0.00000128 Payout: 7.07x Profit: 0.00000777
  5. ktfor57

    Plinko 1000x

    i have never hit 1000x on plinko. It seems it takes 5000-10000 bets to win 1000x. I so much drain my balance on plinko that no chance to go for so many bets. Those are really lucky who win 1000x in the first 100 bets. I am not so lucky ☹️
  6. Thankyou @SuddenlyBroke for the detailed information on baby ETH. I had absolutely no idea about baby etherium. Very useful info considering the introduction of ETH o stake. Good luck
  7. ktfor57

    📢 Ethereum launched!

    awesome news. Thanks @Dan Hope to see other coins soon
  8. btc mining is very costly and damage hardware so now better to look for low valued cryptos. I too looking for mining sites for ETH, LTH, XRP and similar coins
  9. ktfor57

    Kuleguten Stream #44! Giveaways!

    good luck Stake : ktbit57
  10. good luck Shinjo !! stake username : ktbit57
  11. Hi good luck Stake Username : ktbit57