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  1. Ashley19

    🏆 [0.01 BTC] BTC Angel | Community Challenge!

    Hilo:426,534,702 placed by Ashley19 Wagered: 0.00000600 Payout: 48.09x Profit: 0.00028252 User: ashley19
  2. Ashley19

    What do you do when you have zero balance?

    Me just playing faucet hehe sometimes when bored im using loan hehe
  3. Gl gennady User:ashley19
  4. Ashley19

    Live BlackJack support stream!!!

    That was cool im excited now^_^
  5. Goodluck mr.shinjo User:ashley19
  6. Ashley19

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Sorry santa
  7. Goodluck to your stream Asgley19
  8. Ashley19

    Do you have game schedules?

    No schedule if i want to play stake i will play.:)
  9. Ashley19

    0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    Youre really amazing soviet 60k to 6m nc:)
  10. Ashley19

    Exciting Game

    Hilo i want more multiplier to have many sat but sometime will lose fast sometime i reveal so many the last is k i will click ones to low but it will lose but sometime im super up in hilo
  11. Ashley19

    Have you seen the chat mention?

    Not yet too...what is that if anyone mentioned my name in chat it will go on my notification?
  12. Ashley19

    Roulette; let the ball roll

    My favorite number is19,7,26,21,14^_^my lucky numbers
  13. Ashley19

    What do you guys do with the faucet?

    Me hilo is the best way for me to up in faucet ez up but sometime ez bust faucet
  14. Ashley19

    Best game you’ve ever played

    Mine is candy crush this is so very intense game😄