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  1. Me just playing faucet hehe sometimes when bored im using loan hehe
  2. Mine is candy crush this is so very intense game😄
  3. Not good busted 5k i just only click a number now no strategy just pure luck
  4. No because i dont want to bust again😑
  5. Why did you post why im thewinner if i get the prize ill give you promise 😂😄pls dont post now
  6. Im last!!!! dont post now im the last hahahaha!!!!!(*__*)
  7. Ashley19

    Mines Tips

    Mines is good but my winning rate is 10 percent losing rate 90percent too bad for me can you share to me your strategy?
  8. Wow how many card do you revealed that?gratss^_^
  9. I love song because its realy good in ears so relaxing😄😄
  10. Ashley19

    My First x130

    Good luck to you i hope you hit more and hit 1000x goodluckkk😁
  11. Thank for posting that ok ill try it
  12. Ashley19

    4412830.00x Payout

    Wow its that realy true wow amzing i love it:)