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  1. Wow that is awesome and congratulations. Did you claim your twitter prize for being in the top 50 ? Way to go and hope you have as good of results in next races !
  2. I have never used this option. I always get excited when I see he button though thinking Stake has an in house exchange but than I realize it doesn’t. Sad days.
  3. Most challenging ? I think hi lo can be pretty challenging. Otherwise other games are kinda luck based really.
  4. I have lots of people on my friend list. They are cool. I can’t add any more people though for like a year so If you wanna be my friend you gotta add me
  5. Cool idea ornie. You have a very good imagination and maybe you should suggest to support.
  6. My best day was when I won 25 mbtc on another site on a free spin bonus. And turned it into a $3500 withdrawal on Stake.
  7. Hey I like that idea. Super cool. I think I have seen this on other sites before if I am thinking right. You should suggest this to admin maybe.
  8. I had .001769 ltc and turned it into 3 ltc once. Wanna hear the worst part!??? I busted the 3 ltc. Omg. I don’t even like to think about it. It makes me ill.
  9. Has it really ? I don’t usually do the challenges so I haven’t even noticed but I am sure a lot of people are bummed out by this. Increased prize pool is cool though.
  10. Did he really say that ? Well this is phenomenal news. I have been very patiently waiting for slots release so I am more than happy to hear this. Good luck when slots comes out everyone.
  11. I hear ya about not using coupon on new game. I also do the same thing. I will build my balance first with other game than try it on new game.
  12. Well sometimes you just get to a point wheee you make really spur of the moment decisions and stupid ones. I have been there so many times. It’s a terrible feeling and I wish I would have stopped.
  13. Brown noser .... just kidding just kidding. I agree completely. Stake is the bomb.com that is obvious and it is awesome you think so too. Haha a nice day.
  14. Nice idea and I believe it’s been suggested several times before but never implemented for whatever reason.
  15. Oh wow I would really have to think back. Ummm prob a lot because to withdraw from forum used to require a really high cash out amount.