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  1. Paecga129

    1st Birthday Live Stream - Giveaway Thread

    paecga129 woooo!!
  2. Paecga129

    📢 Official Stake 1st Birthday Stream

    Awesome!!! Super excited for this!!
  3. Paecga129

    Gennady12 Stream #43 Gambling and Giveaways

    awesome goooood luck
  4. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    Okay I’ll take 175k please. Thank you!
  5. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    Hello. Sent payment !! 🙂 can i request another loan for .03 eth
  6. Paecga129

    Real Life Pictures

    Absolutely beautiful love !!
  7. Paecga129

    Real Life Pictures

    I love mav!!!
  8. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Loan repaid seeking 100k or .02 eth. Prefer eth if you have. 10% for max 5 days thanks love !
  9. Paecga129

    [Lending] True Finance

    Hi meng!! All loans have been paid back to you as well as other borrowers. So seeking loan for 150k 10% interest and 5 days absolute max 💕 💕
  10. Paecga129

    Unofficial July Fantasy Trade Calculations

    Way to go @truemeng and @rockingmonk!!!!! Supwr awesome to see you two on this list.
  11. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    can i add to my loan sky .... either 100k or .02 eth thanks
  12. Paecga129

    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

  13. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Repaid with extra 🙂 Seeking another 100k same terms !!! Thank you !!
  14. Paecga129

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Seeking 100k for 5 day max with 10% interest per day. ThNks !!