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  1. Paecga129

    Strategy I use to slowly grind a balance

    Very interesting strategy. Thanks for sharing !
  2. Paecga129

    Would you accept free Stake merchandise?

    Hell ya I would !! That would be awesome !!!
  3. Paecga129

    The fun Stake Support Staff

    Oh I for sure agree!! This month they havent been around as much and I am def noticing it !! I am sure once January comes around they will be back !!
  4. Paecga129

    The "Ignore user" function in Stake chat

    Omg yes !! I have had to use this so many times .... Some people I just cannot handle and I am so thankful for this feature !!!!!
  5. Paecga129

    Stake Cafe Anyone?

    Oh I just love this idea !!! Super awesome and wish it could come to life some day !!!
  6. Paecga129

    Seed change?

    I do super random seeds all the time .... Have never really known any certain one to be luckier than the other .... I do super random ones though .... like different numbers and letters mixed together ... .Some time the birthdays of my fav people .... sometimes the names of the last person that tipped me .... but it doesnt ever seem to change my luck haha!!
  7. Oh my I had a little tantrum in chat one day talking about how the site is bull shit and blah blah ...... It was super embarassing and I am glad I never did that agin !! Also I hope no one remembers!!!
  8. Paecga129

    Do you keep up with your own topics?

    Ya know I guess I never really thought about it but no I do not really keep up with them because they are lost in the forum after you post them ..... Is there a section for looking at just the posts you have made? ? I dont think there is but if I am wrong can someone point me in the right direction ...
  9. Paecga129

    Stake Becoming Better?

    I think you make some very valid points here !! I think the trivia bot has a lot of work left to be done but part of the process is taking the good with the bad !!
  10. This has happened to me and all you have to do is message live support.
  11. Paecga129

    Did you originally come from Primedice?

    I started playing at Stake first than prime dice.
  12. Paecga129

    Worst moment as a Player

    Very nice post !!! Very well written and thought out. My feedback is A+++ !!!
  13. Paecga129

    Why do you tip people?

    I tip because I like to help other people and because other people help me !
  14. Paecga129

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    This is my only account. I didn’t know it was allowed to have other accounts.
  15. Paecga129

    [Giveaway] [Code Prize] [Prize Pool] Merry Christmas!

    Thank you very much for the giveaway dark !