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  1. Paecga129

    #30 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good luck ! Paecga129
  2. Paecga129

    Have you ever hit for 1btc or more?

    I have never hit 1 btc in a single bet ! I came close at another site several years ago when btc was worth $250 each !
  3. Paecga129

    Which Coin Do You Like To Deposit And Withdraw ?

    I prefer to deposit bitcoin and withdraw bitcoin as it is the easiest method for me.
  4. Paecga129

    What is your story?

    Fun games ! Great awesome fabulous community !!! Cool promotions. Super awesome mods. 🙂
  5. Paecga129

    My frist big hit in new plinko

    Yah ! Way to go mistake !
  6. Paecga129

    Point Description of Stake Chat

    Very well written nuuu! Very good points and very well thought out. I can’t think of anything to add to your amazing list !
  7. Paecga129

    For 5000x, is it plinko or dice?

    Plinko killlllls me !! I hate plinko. I can not even come close to plinko 5000x on plinko. But I didn’t even think about dice 5000x. Looks like I have a new goal !
  8. Paecga129

    What if there was no chatbox on stake?

    I think the site would be nothing without the chat. Absolutely pointless. I love this topic. I think it makes an amazing point and shows how strongly the community feels about the option of chat. It’s my favorite part of Stake and is honestly what keeps me coming back ! Before I place a bet or even go to a game, I first say hi in chat.
  9. Paecga129

    Features that attract players the most?

    What attracts me the most is the chat and amazing friends !!!! I have a better social life at Stake than I do in real life !
  10. Paecga129

    $250 Instagram giveaway!

    Done. Thanks Steve for another awesome giveaway!
  11. Paecga129

    Do you like new stake or old stake?

    There are a lot of things I liked about the old Stake. Like plinko. But in life change must happen so I have accepted it and enjoy the new version !
  12. Paecga129

    When stressed of all option.

    I have also done all three choices! But I try my best to just log out for the day ! Or at least for a few hours then re do A b and c.
  13. Paecga129

    Why do you tip people?

    A lot of people like to “tip” this way from what I have seen. They prefer to make it a prize rather than a freebie. I have seen this from many people. Very cool of you to do either way !! And is much appreciated by all.
  14. Paecga129

    Stake Cafe Anyone?

    There are so many good ideas surrounding this topic. What would the name be ? And where would it be located ?
  15. Paecga129

    OlegBarca's Stream #278! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!

    Awesome looking forward to it. Paecga129