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  1. If you have 2x your deposit withdraw. That’s how I feel ! Then re deposit the original amount if you wish to continue playing
  2. Take a break or try a new strategy is my best advice to you. Sometimes a week break does the trick because it resets your mind being focused on the loses.
  3. I never do unless my balance is like 100 satoshi. Haha. I am a cheap gambler without a doubt and all I’m scares me
  4. I would probably contact trust pilot to find out what the issue is. Maybe it’s too long. Or could be something minor missing that can easily be fixed. I don’t think the rejection was by Stake so your best bet is to ask trust pilot.
  5. Yes I agree this would make more sense. I don’t do much with affiliate but I think you make a very good point for sure.
  6. This has been happening to me at keno lately super bad. Ugh. It’s so frustrating but it’s part of the process I guess.
  7. Yes you are absolutely correct. Live support here is like no other on the Internet. Without a doubt. I’m so used to it I probably don’t take enough time to appreciate like i should.
  8. I got 40. This was super super cool of this guy to share. Anyone know who he was ? What a great guy. Thanks again.
  9. I would still play small like I do now because of fear of losing. To be honest I would probably just cash out completely if I had that balance cuz I could use real money for so many things I need right now so if I had that balance I doubt i would be gambling.
  10. Thanks for the information katarina ! I was pretty sad it wasn’t in chat anymore so happy to know it will be coming back better than ever.
  11. Oh I remember that. It was just for a few days if I remember correctly and I think badger actually hit the 5k?
  12. Stake is pretty amazing. Welcome. Just out of curiosity how did you discover the site ? I have been on here since it opened and I haven’t regretted it at all. Very fun good site.
  13. Paecga129


    I like to play dice on over and 9x or 11x. Sometimes I do small wager at like 777x which is nice when it hits. Surprisingly it hits quite often too.
  14. I have seen this on other sites and I don’t really have an opinion of which is better. But I know I have no patience for waiting so would probably get annoyed waiting during the countdown to start the game.