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  1. Thank you very much and I wish you the very same demark !!! Very good luck to you also and thank you for the well wishes.
  2. Life is def far from a gamble because we have the ability to control what happens on our life which you do not have in a casino.
  3. Yes and it is super awesome. I love Stake more and more every day !!!! Thanks Eddie for such a cool idea and a nice boost
  4. I completed your survey and unfortunately I didn’t win but was a cool survey. I did notice when I entered in my age it said you must enter at least 4 characters and I am only 32 so I just added in years old.
  5. I received 1 ripple from a tip and got it up to 100. That was cool as heck. I used Dinabot to exchange and ended up with 260k bitcoin if I remember correctly.
  6. I know it’s really annoying on mobile when you click on the friends tab for friend requests my phone freezes and I have to close of Stake and come back into it.
  7. I never do. I don’t know why cuz a lot of them are really fun ! But for some reason I seem to just speed right past them and than regret it when I don’t get the prize everyone else gets.
  8. I never got into sports betting myself. Never really have so I am not that excited for it but am excited for Stake to offer it to those that are wanting it.
  9. My favorite coin is of course the original bitcoin ! I have much better luck with it. And my least favorite is probably XRP cuz I can’t grasp the value of it for some reason. I seem to treat it like it is doge.
  10. Yes I am actively checking! I am super excited for slots to get here. I am excited to win big on them for sure. Stake quit teasing me ! Get them slots ready for us !!!
  11. Good question and I don’t know what the statistics say because I am not good with this kinda stuff but I would thing it didn’t matter much what numbers. It’s jist all in the luck it seems to me.
  12. Very interesting topic. Not sure what to say about it by very interesting read. Thanks for posting.
  13. I am not picky either way. I am just grateful for when someone rains. I usually tend to do with the middle number when I am raining. Like to ten people. Depends on what my balance is when I am doing the rain. This is a good question though as I am sure everyone does things differently.
  14. I’m not sure if I know anyone that is happy when they are losing ... I really really don’t. Haha. This is a very silly question. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would be happy when they are losing.
  15. Thanks for responding scooter. I had one good day on this game and was just so shocked. I for sure change my strategy every single day too ! Goood luck for your games.