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  1. I didn’t realize these sites were connected though ?
  2. Sounds normal for me I miss all sorts of stuff. Haha. I am paying closer attention. Now.
  3. I withdrew once to BV and once to CG last week and both times it showed transferred instead of withdraw.
  4. Has anyone ever withdrew coins to another site and instead of withdrawal the site shows transferred ?? I had this happen last week and was really confused to see. Wondering if anyone knows why it is considered transferred ?
  5. I really like certain bet ids giving a prize. This way there is no need for balance and doesn’t give anyone the upper edge. Only requirements are have to be a site member for certain amount of days and must be present in chat when the number hits.
  6. I have not done this but I hear people saying all the time on chst that they are selling body parts cars etc. haha
  7. Bummer missed the 100k. But Cool. I am going to join.
  8. It means their credit was taken away by forum moderator for many reasons. They will receive a pm explains why the content was removed. Usually for spammy posts.
  9. Generosity is most certainly appreciated and makes people feel good when they are receiving and when they are giving. I don’t know what this had to do with the current races and challenges though ?
  10. I think most people would like this option for sure ! I wonder why it hasn’t come up yet.
  11. I love old Stake. And I am not too fond of new Stake because I cannot seem to win a damn thing since new Stake. Old Stake I could play hi lo for hours. Not anymore.
  12. Ya this was pretty cool. Stake is really good at offering a lot of different ways for promotions.
  13. I can say I am certainly guilty of this. Staying up way too late to come on and gamble a little bit. Good topic !
  14. Yes I think this would be a good idea. Anything more private is usually better in my opinion.
  15. Oh I love this idea also. Very good idea. Like a calendar of events.