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  1. I think it is super awesome that you all do this. I think you would get more votes if you made a poll on the forum or put it in the header of the login page. I also think it would be cool if you offered stake users the chance to nominate their favorite charities to be one of the 6. Just some ideas. 🙂
  2. I haven’t been betting at all but I do see what your point is for sure! Some people to slow and steady and some people like to all in right at the end.
  3. Well I managed to make like 3672nd place I believe so you are doing better than I 🙂
  4. I can’t really remember to be honest !! Maybe through a google site or something .... hmmm. Or an ad somewhere ? It has been quite a while so I don’t remember.
  5. Heck yes. I agree with you 10000x over ! Positive minds create a much better environment. Now don’t get me wrong I am guilty of being a Debbie downer several times and I am sure it’s annoying as hell to others. But I also try to counteract my losing bad attitude with positive words !
  6. Race is a phenomenal idea for stake. Especially with the short timing ... one hour. St random times. Very very smart idea Stake ! Gives people on at different times with different strategy and different balances a chance to win these races. Nicely done Stake !!
  7. I agree with you completely Eugene ! But at the same time. It is kind of nice to receive rain no matter what the amount. Although. Completely see what you are saying.
  8. Very nice topic. Although sometimes I am like what, that’s it !! Haha. I still appreciate the rake back and love claiming it.
  9. I have always used Chrome!! I love chrome. I don’t think I have ever really used any other browsers.
  10. Either way some people seem to find a way to take advantage !
  11. Wow that is crazy good luck. Congratulations and I hope you continue to win huge !
  12. I agree this would be nice to have like prime dice does
  13. No game seems to be giving me much of anything these days sad to say. If this changes I will be sure to report back here.
  14. 16th minute to the 30th minute - :17 exact !