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  1. Paecga129

    [Game] What Word Can You Make With These Letters

    King gin main gain ink aim nag mag
  2. Paecga129

    [Lending] Peckalend (back to work)

    Well I hope you’ll give me a chance because I did pay back my loan to Wilbur and I am very reliable and I think most of the community knows me .... I am a daily player and have paid my loans back. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Paecga129

    [Lending] Peckalend (back to work)

    You never mentioned this to me wilbur so I had no idea. Please message me and if something is owed I will pay. I also took another loan from you before this and paid it back without problem with extra interest.
  4. Paecga129

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Forgot to post I paid back loan.
  5. Paecga129

    [Lending] Peckalend (back to work)

    No I paid it back already. @wilbur can you confirm this for me
  6. Paecga129

    [Lending] Peckalend (back to work)

    Username paecga129 amount 50k return in 2 days 10% interest per day thanks!
  7. Paecga129

    [Seeking] loan - 100k

    Still seeking this if anyone is able to. Meant to put 10% per day !
  8. Paecga129

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    No problem! Thanks anyways 🙂
  9. 2main my love !! My live and learn every single day .... perhaps today was another lesson to write down in ur story of life ... weather right or wrong you learned from the situation. Something u said must have offended irena which I feel isn’t acceptable no matter what the content. This is my opinion anyways ... I never wish to make the people around me feel uncomfortable so if I say something that bothers them I take it as a lesson to reevaluate what I say and who I say it around. If you leave I will keeeeel you. ❤️
  10. Paecga129

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Did U see my request wilbur 🙂
  11. Paecga129

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Username. paecga129 loan amount 60,000 satoshi Return amount 80,000 satoshi return date may 16 at latest
  12. Paecga129

    [Seeking] loan - 100k

    Hello I am seeking a loan for 100k for 5 days at most with 10% interest Thank you ☺️
  13. Paecga129

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Username: Paecga129 Seeking 100k 10% interest by may 1st 2018
  14. code: ETH invested: $30.000 code: BTC invested: $20,000 code: LTC invested: $20,000 code: DOGE invested: $20,000 code: XLM invested: $10,000
  15. Paecga129

    Recent scammer accusations

    Very well said and very good advice !!