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  1. actually just forget about this post because I don't like them anymore. Cause now its you! You're my inspiration now! ahahhaha Everytime I get notifications na you replied on my post kinikilig ako lol ahaha - DonPabloEscobar I'm not gonna be active on this account i'll be focusing with my DonPabloEscobar accnt.
  2. Arsmikee

    Stake Blanked

    have you tried clear data and cache? have you ever experienced that issue before? if not. when did you start to have that white screen showing?
  3. Arsmikee

    Stake Blanked

    It might be because of too much cache is stored on the app, cache helps the app to load faster but having too much cache gives a huge load of data for the processor to handle which results for the app to load slower. try to clear cache and try to log out and check if the same white shit happens. Arigato!
  4. Everytime I lose all my crypto on stake I will immediatelly tell myself this is the last time im gambling crypto! But because of Mirela, Irena, Bojana and My Queen Jelena I can’t stop myself visiting the sites because I wanna see there gorgeous, Godess face especially Jelena <3. and you! Yes you! The person who visited my topic and reading this. Answer me. What about you? Do you have any other reason why you keep gambling even you lose a lot of crypto already.
  5. Arsmikee

    All in

    The first thing i notice here is Nneya’s spotless face. This happened to me before when I was playing baccarat but I lost then I cried. Lol
  6. May kilala ka bang mabait lang kapag may kailangan? Or mabait lang kapag nanguutang? Or mabait lang kapag alam nyang nanalo ka? Or kaibigan ka lang kapag may kailangan sya? pucha! Sigurado meron. Eto na pagkakataon mo! Sabihan mo na sya dito na makapal mukha nya or kahit anong gusto mong sabihin wag mo lang banggitin pangalan para walang iiyak!
  7. Arsmikee

    Nakakagiliw na Laro

    Hi Lo! Kasi gahaman ako gusto ko easy money wahahaha, pag nauubos na black jack. Kapag naglilibang baccarat lang.. minsan ko ng na try si mines first time ko ata non sa stake from 250k 30k na lang natira so ang ginawa ko non naglibang libang at nagtry na lang ng mga ibang laro. Tapos napagtripan ko si mines 21 mines 4 gems. Ayun laging talo tapos napagtripan kong pindutin ung sellect random ba yon tapos ayun 3x sunod sunod npalitaw ko mga gems. Napaakyat ko ung 30k ng 150k ata un. E dahil natuwa ako at feeling ko mauulit pa un, inulit ulit ko hanggang sa maubos ahahaha
  8. Arsmikee

    Bitcoin buying

    Move on. Or bet all in ka sa roulette ng bet mo lahat sa date ngayon. Hahahaha
  9. Arsmikee

    Bitcoin buying

    Balik ka, pinaka best trading kesa sa magsugal lol
  10. Arsmikee

    Bitcoin buying

    Steam groups lang tsaka mga discord server. Pachani din ako sa paxful.com ng mga nakakalimot mag update sa buying offer nila nakakasell ako ng overprice kahit pakonti konti lang. lahat ng pwedeng pagkakitaan kahit 0.25$ cents pinapatos ko hahaha.
  11. Arsmikee

    Bitcoin buying

    Everyday, haha. Trading buy and sell ng steam items csgo keys rl keys pubg keys tapos resell kahit pa konti konting tubo lang enough na panglaro.
  12. Yes. What is your preferred payment method? And how much btc
  13. Selling Stake BTC/ETH balance for paypal/steam wallet/amazon gift cards. I have 0.0097 btc and 0.13 eth available on my stake balance ready to trade Trade Ratio: If you will trade $10 paypal/steam/amazon you will only get 8.50$ worth of btc/eth. If you will trade $10-$20 the ratio is 1$ : 0.90$ For trades 20$ up to $50 the ratio is $1 : 0.93$ *Please read* For paypal trades the maximum i will allow is $20 due to high risk of charge back. Will only trade with members with 90+ posts. Sometimes I will ask for id for paypal trades but depends on your rep. I will not go first because crypto transfer isn’t disputable unlike paypal if you’re worried getting scam We can trade using paxful.com or localbitcoins.com but with different ratio. Thanks. https://t.me/arsmikeeSTAKE
  14. Arsmikee

    (SELLING) Virtual Credit Card

    I am, ill msg you when i get back online
  15. Arsmikee

    (SELLING) Virtual Credit Card

    how to reload it if it doesn't have an online account??