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  1. Rona13

    Whats Your Interest in Stake Forums?

    Hey. Basically, I come to the forum to view contests and layouts. Sometimes I come to save a couple of thousand satos. I also come when I am bored or I want to inspect something, find the necessary information. But all the currents very often I watch for distributions, sweepstakes, games of other players. And sometimes I just sit and write messages in the same way to earn $ and I make them longer, sometimes I jump to another topic. Current lizhby extend my message and get more satosh for it. I really like that people are active on the forum and even after 1 hour you can find a lot of new and good topics! You can see new sites or good sites) in general, I really like the forum and I sit on it for all the reasons given daily) for several hours!
  2. Привет! Я так заметил если совершить много проигрышей вам вскоре повезет!Но если ставка была маленькой то при повышении не всегда) видите ли вы какую то закономерность? Еще я замечал что при проигрыше большой ставкой будет давать много маленьких но при этом получится что мы не выйдем в +? Я еще не когда не уходил в + всегда был в -)))) Мой самый большой проигрышь был не на Stake и был равен 0,1 биткоина (ставка при автомате стала слишком большой и баланс лопнул) А самый большой выйгрышь покрыл все мои затраты и составил 0,4 биткоина!!! А какие были у вас самые огорчительные ставки? Самые удачные и высокие? Какимы вы гордитесь а каких стыдитесь?
  3. Rona13

    How many times you got muted ?

    I do not brag, but I was very often disconnected. The last time a month ago)) But I did not spend time in vain, usually when I am disconnected, I won how strangely.
  4. Rona13

    9800x is impossible?

    Hi! As for my opinion х9800 easier x1000 in plinko and especially X100 keno!))) I often play this x and quite well. The biggest winning bet was 28 satosh and just a big losing 100 satosh (it was the collapse of my balance).This is a very good x suggest. But it is necessary to stop in time or you lose everything and not to overstate the bet!
  5. Rona13

    Максбет на низких иксах

    Hi! I don't really like to play max bet to small but it happens the soul right whines and wants to deliver but often I progeria(. it is much better to play on any tactics or just small bets not max bet and stick to one strategy! But if there here is direct 99% will give of course but at least 3 of the balance to the loss not to lose everything (the whole Bank). And depends where you are betting on the little x for example to plica dice or mine I can't frail and easily sometimes in dice
  6. for me the worst tactic on big's in any game) especially under a small balance then you say "bet" you bet and lose(
  7. HILO: 1,800,603,948 placed by Rona13 on 05/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.33681x Profit 0.00000134
  8. WHEEL: 1,784,644,458 placed by Rona13 on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680 WHEEL: 1,784,644,807 placed by Rona13 on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680
  9. Я думаю, что мой самый большой депо для размножения был X100, когда Depositite 0.001 биткойн и выход 0,1! это было сложно)
  10. Rona13

    My First x130

    very well, as they say beginners luck postanovleniya an ode to the game) good luck
  11. I would like to propose to the bones resembled something lucky for example of automatic stop and automatic change sides. Just want to see the automatic stop when the balance is less or more than any amount. I would like to change the speed of the dice (slow to catch rates and quick tactics). what do you think about this and what would you like to change in any game?
  12. Rona13

    Mine sound update.

    I don't usually listen to the sounds I put and quit betting with winnings -100% come look and put a bet on) so the sounds for me not so important but the car stop, or change sides automatically here it is Yes
  13. Rona13

    Seed change?

    it seems to me that the seed does not affect the loss or win here it all depends on luck
  14. I think the chance of knocking out 10 out of 10 is less than x1, 000, plinko or 9800х in Dice and how do you think you are?