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  1. Can be done contests in the form of: 1.) A contest for the best post on the forum 2.)The most beautiful bet is 3.) the biggest bet is 4.) You can do group contests in the first few days you come in a group of 5 people and you personally to the group vydayutsya job! but the prize should be higher. 5.) Just mini contests in the chat 6) Who is more than x knock in a certain game and he will receive a prize (for example mines who took more x rate is also more than 100 satosh for example). 7) The most active in chat. 😎 hashtag contest.9) to make the competition who better to come up with the contes
  2. Hi! I don't really like to play max bet to small but it happens the soul right whines and wants to deliver but often I progeria(. it is much better to play on any tactics or just small bets not max bet and stick to one strategy! But if there here is direct 99% will give of course but at least 3 of the balance to the loss not to lose everything (the whole Bank). And depends where you are betting on the little x for example to plica dice or mine I can't frail and easily sometimes in dice
  3. for me the worst tactic on big's in any game) especially under a small balance then you say "bet" you bet and lose(
  4. We all play games), too, stake the game just for the money. What games do you prefer to play in your free time! And if you can recommend them to me)
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