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  1. Jenn09

    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

    Username: Jenn09
  2. Jenn09

    Stream #23 from Yaronovich

    Goodluck buddy Have fun
  3. Jenn09

    [0.01 BTC] First 100 people with 1,000 posts

    thanks ed for the giveaaways will try to be active here too I will try to refer some
  4. Jenn09

    Kristoffff - AMA

    Nice introduction kristofff Nice to know you more
  5. I don't have LOL zero trust I dunno how to get a higher trust there?
  6. Jenn09

    Primedice forum or Stake forum

    Primedice is my mother & stake is my baby I both love them. I will stick with two
  7. Jenn09

    Rab Intro

    Welcome to stake buddy! Just have fun here & Good luck on your play
  8. Jenn09

    I did not expect that high

    The highest chartbet i saw was 3000x lols but i actually hit 60x only when i was hunting for chartbet giveaways.
  9. Jenn09

    420BlazeIt is in da house

    Welcome to forum blaze. Is nice to sew you here too.
  10. Jenn09

    Hello Im skillex :)

    Welcome to stake skillex. Just have fun & gl on ur evry play here at stake.
  11. Jenn09

    Edward Here!

    Nice Edward, Thanks for making Stake's as fun as it is. Keep up the good work. Hope your journey to stake's will be good & fun.
  12. Probably it will reach 5k USD before year end, i will hold my btc right now & will wait for the results afterwards! Hoping the price will racket soon <3
  13. Jenn09

    .002 tip to .005

    It is happen before the soft opening of this site, Edward gave us .001, then i got 2x so .002 but others got .005 lols Thanks for wishing me luck Same to you!!
  14. Jenn09

    [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    Nice one Ed! Watching!