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  1. YES for my own experience here in stakes and as well to PD and all gambling site that I manage to roll, For me to win I just need to stop for a while and wait for another time for me to roll again and play. Continues playing makes me bust it all.
  2. lol ALL IN bet is super risky and suicidal strategy for me. I end up losing all my money.. ALL IN is just for lucky persons.
  3. just a lame question you know? Why you need to choose between wife and gambling? Wife is much more important , family is much more important above all because you done gambling for taking a risk to have abundant money for your family or wife or children maybe.. You didn't want your wife as well to choose bet you and other things ? RIGHT?
  4. done leaving an honest review on the site. Hoping for the success of this forum and to your other sites. You deserve this.
  5. Jenn09

    Discord Giveaways

    Jenn09 #6117
  6. thanks ed for the giveaaways will try to be active here too I will try to refer some
  7. Nice introduction kristofff Nice to know you more
  8. I don't have LOL zero trust I dunno how to get a higher trust there?
  9. Primedice is my mother & stake is my baby I both love them. I will stick with two
  10. Jenn09

    Rab Intro

    Welcome to stake buddy! Just have fun here & Good luck on your play
  11. Welcome to forum blaze. Is nice to sew you here too.
  12. Welcome to stake skillex. Just have fun & gl on ur evry play here at stake.