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  1. DonPabloEscobar

    Where to post suggestions?

    Hi where to post suggestions?
  2. I’ve been playing on stake for a while now, I noticed some members hates me! If you’re one of them then tell me why so I’ll know what to adjust or to do. No hard feelings! I posted this to reflect on myself.
  3. DonPabloEscobar

    Christy ( unpaid loan )

    @christy has paid, i guess we had a misunderstanding due to our different time zone. Christy is a nice user of this community. I regret posting this here I just got paranoid and didnt realize our timezone different. She have paid full. Pls close and delete this
  4. DonPabloEscobar

    Christy ( unpaid loan )

    Hi God can you tell me if i ever scammed anyone using Arsmikee?? Or has anyone EVER scammed by ARSMIKEE?
  5. DonPabloEscobar

    📊Stake Fantasy Trader | July | 0.6 BTC in Prizes

    code: BTC invested: $20,000  code: ETH invested: $25,000 code: XRP invested: $20,000 code: bitcoin cash invested: $20,000 code: EOS invested: $15,000
  6. DonPabloEscobar

    Christy ( unpaid loan )

    The deal is 150k btc sats with 15% per day interest. max is 3 days. She/he said to pay it in max 3 days. The deal was done June 27, 2018 and its July 1, 2018 now. she said few hours ago that she’s gonna pay but she never did. Below are my evidence. (i know it was done thru pm but I have informed @Milan about it and he advised me to post here.) thanks Milan.
  7. DonPabloEscobar

    Winning 8 bitcoin :O!

    Awesome! That’s a lot of money If that’s me id bet the 1 btc on baccarat to get more haha.
  8. DonPabloEscobar

    DonPablo’s Lending Services NFAN

    Omg its you! ❤️ I’m speechless. I’m having this weird feeling I think I’m inlove to you. Hahahaha thank you @ravenyvolle2
  9. DPLS-NFAN “DonPablo Lending Services -No Forums Account Needed” I am lending anyone as long as they are somehow active, known or famous on the stake chat and as long as they have more than 1btc wagered level 13+. Ofcourse not everyone can get a loan I have to screen you first. Minimum amount that can be loan is 10k Maximum amount that can be loan is 100k. (Not everyone can get the maximum amount of loan I’ll have to screen you first. Current Active Loans. SevenSoft - 100k btc 10% daily (06-27-18) *if not paid in 3days interest will be 15% Christy - 100k btc 15% daily (06-27-18) Paid loans. Stimubilate - 60k btc *I have posted this here because I don’t have the permission to post on the lending and trading page yet, I’m still working to get 100 posts.
  10. DonPabloEscobar

    How Universe Came Into Being

    Hi this is my own opinion I don’t intend to offend or harm anyone, but for me there’s no such thing as universe its all just made up. We’re all just a part of the aliens computer we are being controlled by them they play us like the sims. Hahahaha
  11. DonPabloEscobar

    What came first? Egg or chicken?

    The egg! Here’s why. my theory is the egg came first the egg was formed by different organisms. Maybe different kind of organism was stock on a cold place and the egg was formed then when the place becomes warm the egg got hatched and thats where the first chicken was born. Hahahahahahahahaha
  12. DonPabloEscobar

    What is your biggest win? Pls share to us

    You mean, you won 300k sats from a 4k bet? How? Thats awesome.
  13. DonPabloEscobar

    3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    This is sick! Its like betting my future lol.
  14. DonPabloEscobar

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Hi gorgeous ❤️
  15. DonPabloEscobar

    Looking for Loyal Bitcoin Sellers

    Ok how much are u buying? I can accept xbox gift card, steam gift card and gamestop gift card. You can just go to paxful.com