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  1. PLINKO: 2,761,579,058 placed by Taenalast on 05/02/2019 Wagered 0.00140000 Multiplier 30x Profit 0.04060000 PLINKO: 2,761,583,356 placed by Taenalast on 05/02/2019 Wagered 0.00070000 Multiplier 30x Profit 0.02030000
  2. Hi I would appreciate if you would answer my question too.. Alt account's are allowed to join??
  3. yea i agree. I was just asking if alt accounts are allowed.. that's the whole point.. hahah
  4. Alt account's are allowed to join?? what if Sam makes 20 account and wagered all of them 50 btc each. hahah.
  5. Pro betting.. gg. Im sure u were influenced by God kinanik..
  6. I found like 3 bugs/exploits and i got rewarded for reporting it.. thanks to @Milan and @Mladen for appreciating.
  7. sa btc. 0.04 ata pinakamataas na binet ko, hilo un ginagaya ko si sam lol... eth - 6 eth sa baccarat ata. 12 ltc sa dice. 3 bch sa baccarat. one time nag bet din ako sa in real life casino 45,000 pesos baccarat. haha. ayun olats.
  8. How did stake affect your life? For me, Stake has made a really huge impact with my life. Iโ€™m not rich but Stake made me become like semi rich. (In my own country) so yea,. Stake has affect my life positively.. I won 1 btc and thats like 340,000 Philippine Pesos (Thatโ€™s the bitcoin rate during that time. Then 6 bch.. and lately 99 Ltc. I always make sure i get to buy and spend some of my winnings before i play and bust them again best thing i spent the money is by renovating our house, I never ecpectad ill ne anlo dii. But even tho I won so much i still canโ€™t stop myself kn complaining when i get a streak lose.. I had my ups and down aswell like many other users. Iโ€™ve made a lot of friends, iโ€™ve met liers, manipulators and many bad/good people. lol this is getting too long. To summarize it, playing on stake has made me buy things i never imagine ill be able to afford. Its like because of this casino i manage to win something I can never win in a real life casino. So all in all stake affected my life in a positive good way. But ofcourse not all of us are the same. So yea, whoever u are reading this, tell me whatโ€™s your interesting story on how did stake affected your life?
  9. Funniest: @anonnep Friendliest: @KinAniK Forum Hero: @lupandina Chat Hero: @Waldo Most Lovable: @Zaynab Shah Most Intelligent: @Lillyflow Most Influential: @KinAniK Best Moderator: ๏ปฟ@Shinjo Funniest Support: @Jelena Favourite Support: ๏ปฟ@Milan Favourite Staff: ๏ปฟ๏ปฟ@Mladen
  10. 130x is enough for me!!!!!!!!!! check below. hahahaha
  11. mostly on casino's with MSW.. currently i don't know any sites available in my country that offers sports betting. I have to drive to the nearest casino just to submit a bet.. so hopefully the stake Sportsbook will be a good one.