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  1. DonPabloEscobar

    Netflix account selling ( Ultra HD 4k, 4 screens )

    Awesome. Will send u a pm now.
  2. DonPabloEscobar

    WauWau Stream. Gambling and Giveaways

    and I hope you stream soon ❤️
  3. DonPabloEscobar

    Last letter game!!

  4. DonPabloEscobar

    dagdag currency

    Yan ung bibigay sayo ni Wilbur na total hahaha
  5. DonPabloEscobar

    Netflix account selling ( Ultra HD 4k, 4 screens )

    Kateee, when will you start selling again? I hope u sell Spotify too.
  6. DonPabloEscobar

    Buy VPN accounts cheap and some Premium VPN's

    Katee! I hope you start selling chaturbate tokens soon hahah
  7. DonPabloEscobar

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    Stake will not even try and convince SovietDoggo to pay? Yes its my fault I totally admit that. It took 5 days before a support replied to this just to let me know this.. 5 days 5 days.. https://forum.stake.com/topic/9481-scammer-alert/?do=findComment&comment=110868
  8. DonPabloEscobar

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    I appreciate everyone saying there opinion, @athena2007 my intention of posting that screenshot is because sevensoft said “if it happens at all” he was poiting out like sovietdoggo didn’t do it. Something like that. But its clear when i talked to him that he knows it happened. I just have to prove. I hope u know what i mean. I would like to ask everyone to please stop posting on this for now, and lets just wait for the admins to respond. Thank you so much.
  9. DonPabloEscobar

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    @Timvz and @BLXN i really appreciate, but please don’t argue with them. Lets just wait for a support to reply. i dont want my post getting closed because of others are arguing. Thank you so much. @SevenSoft hi there, how are you? I’m shock that you said “if it even happened at all” when we actually have a conversation on discord.
  10. DonPabloEscobar

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    I can let anyone open my discord account and see them for themselves. Its sad that no support has yet replied on this. What frustrates me is $500 is like 3-4months salary of hard work in my country and the worst part is i need him to pay atleast $200 to get my lil sister fixed her oral problame. Sad seeing her in pain with her teeth. @SovietDoggo claiming its edited but never bother defending himself on this post. I never edited anything. Id be willing to upload our audio conversation + video when you screenshare to show everyone how you made me look fool and how you lied to me multiple times etc.
  11. DonPabloEscobar

    Another one

    Nice, me, my plan is to get 1 btc and sue soviet lol
  12. DonPabloEscobar

    Paki contact si duterte please!

    Tamaan ang dapat tamaan! Pag may problema si wilbur ang tawagan! isang mayamang mamamayan na pwede mong utangan! time!
  13. DonPabloEscobar

    Paki contact si duterte please!

    Kailangan natin so duterte sa stake para pagpapapatayin nya na mga scammers!! ogag ka doggovietso!
  14. DonPabloEscobar

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    Please do kate, thank you so much. I dont believe stake will allow a person like him lurking around our community. Thanks man, i appreciate it but keep it bro. i will always ask if im badly in need. Thanks!