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  1. code: BTC invested: $28000 code: ETH invested: $18000 code: XRP invested: $18000 code: TRX invested: $18000 code: EOS invested: $18000
  2. venky15921

    Bets for Pacquiao vs Matthysse (boxing Fight)

    Pacquiao will win , he is better than Matthysse . But it may be tough for Pacquiao to beat Matthysse within first 8 rounds . If i am not wrong Pacquiao will win by TKO
  3. venky15921

    Sports Betting Online and Offline

    I mostly bet online on sites like starpick , bet365 ,etc.
  4. venky15921

    Chico's Stream! Gamblig and Giveaways!

    All the best mate!!
  5. venky15921

    This site also supports in-game item gambling!

    Thanks mate!!
  6. venky15921

    Chico's Stream! Gamblig and Giveaways!

    Hey all the best !! Hope you make lots and lots of profit :)
  7. venky15921

    What are you Listening to?

    I love listening to bezubaan phir se
  8. venky15921

    Exchange your forum satoshis to Stake

    How to send forum satoshi to you ?
  9. venky15921

    405 faucet to 110k

    wow!! that's probably 1100x of your balance . Great job mate !!
  10. venky15921

    Keno 10 tiles strategy

    It worked for me until i reached 10k satoshi and then everything got busted 🤣🤣
  11. venky15921

    Is BUNNY token a Scam ??

    I think it is very difficult to tell that at this stage . Probably you have to wait until the ICO gets completed
  12. venky15921

    OlegBarca's Stream #204!! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!!

    All the best mate !!!
  13. venky15921

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Alright i'll end it 😎
  14. venky15921

    What browser you use for stake?

    I use chrome because i feel that it is fast🤩