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  1. Hey guys can you please list out a few altcoins that are worth investing this year to earn profit . My opinion : EOS , TRON , ADA , XRP Thank You!!
  2. venky15921

    Need best strategy in roulette

    If i am not wrong roulette is gambling and no one can teach you in such a way that you keep winning . It's all based on your luck and if you don't want to bust them then you probably have to stop gambling after a certain amount of profit or winning .
  3. venky15921

    Bodybuilding contest

    Hi guys, Nowadays many of you aren't fit . Some sit in front of their PC and think of earning money , some watch movie but very view of them do exercise and stay fit . For this reason to make fitness fun and give money as reward . They keep different challenges every time and pay exciting prices . They also have different workout plans and you can see even the top plans by purchasing All Access for 9$ per month or 90$ per year . They conduct a 12 week challenge every year where the best transformation will be rewarded $100,000 and even weekly rewards are given . Currently they are conducting a challenge in which anyone can earn $250 and rewards and it is a daily contest . It's an interesting way to get fit . Hope You guys will like it. Thank You