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  1. Skittelzz Teal Hello to all my lovely support team out there yall are doing a fantastic job well done
  2. Skittelzz Good luck to each and every one of you peeps out there
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  4. I literally felt like you man i do feel your pain but what i decided to do to bypass this time of boredom was to go into my kitchen grab some mushroom, onions, peppers and sautee them up went outside put some charcoal in the grill lit that up went back inside and took out 3 Porterhouse Steaks seasoned them up then grab a bowl for some fresh asparagus drizzled them with some extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper and put them on the grill wit the steaks when back in side and finished making twice baked potatoes with bacon sour cream and extra sharp cheese but when all said and done plates made and done eating still no stake unbelieveable still down just a very sad moment right now but i still got to enjoy a great Steak lol aka Stake.com
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