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  1. If your looking for the big payout you gotta make the numbers come out for instance 50k right well off with a few bets at that number than lower it back 2 or 5 your basically telling the system that your looking for that number now its up to you on how to hit on that number or when its gonna come out make sense. well good luck on hunting your dream Muiltiplier 999999.00
  2. I totally agree with you on that one Kingcashedout it would definitely bring good vibes that for sure plus different types of odds so i support new style keno games 👍
  3. Im gonna have to agree with ZedX about that there is a thing called supply and demand in which this case there is supply of XRP but not enough to sustain a high currency value on the the other hand BTC is coming to its wits end with a total amount of 26 million coin so what happens here is people are going to be in demand of the btc because the supply well there will be none so that means the price is most likely going to slowly skyrocket in fact it will guaranteed no doubt it. basically there is to much of xrp in circulation so the value ain't going no where at least soon .
  4. it's definitely a possibility that XRP could reach a unexpected amount by the end of this year based on other crypto assets %. so basically it all comes down to the trade war thats taking place a we speak.
  5. I believe it's because other people may beg that user for coins not knowing the whole time it was the person you were just talking to but you have no clue which is like a safe guard for that user.
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