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  1. DIAMONDS: 28,294,216,918 placed by 1RegisterNow on 25/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 50x Profit 0.00004900
  2. LIMBO: 28,159,674,481 placed by 1RegisterNow on 22/08/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 35x Profit 0.00340000
  3. I just checked and my blackjack is working again. Thanks.
  4. @Dan @Josh Any news about this? I can't play BlackJack for 2 weeks.
  5. I tested today, payout changed but still I can't win. I'm not lucky enough.
  6. I'll try to get this @Josh I tried what you have written above, but I dont see id bet maybe im doing something wrong I found this hope this is right {bet: {game: "blackjack", id: "ad313fc9-029d-4226-a83c-1c624d8cf6f6",…},…} bet : {game: "blackjack", id: "ad313fc9-029d-4226-a83c-1c624d8cf6f6",…} user : {id: "1a77c44d-11e9-468c-9631-558ece4bfaa7", username: "1RegisterNow",…} {"bet":{"game":"blackjack","id":"ad313fc9-029d-4226-a83c-1c624d8cf6f6","user_id":"1a77c44d-11e9-468c-9631-558ece4bfaa7","created_at":"2017-08-04T08:11:53.179Z","updated_at":"2017-08-04T08:11:59.318Z","amount":1.5,"profit":0,"win":null,"payout":0,"player":"1RegisterNow","iid":16450,"seed_id":"6c15528b-e9f0-4220-88b0-1ff0de2124b7","status":"IN_PROGRESS","info":{"playerCards":[{"cards":[{"rank":10,"suit":"H"},{"rank":"K","suit":"C"}],"amount":1.5,"status":"active","zamount":1.5,"insurance":true,"valuation":[20],"insuranceBet":0.5,"zInsuranceBet":0.5}],"dealerHand":{"cards":[{"rank":"A","suit":"H"},{"hidden":true}],"valuation":[1,11]},"status":"active","insurance":true}},
  7. I have the same error. It happened after saturday's maintainance and now I can't play blackjack. I have almost the same hand bugged.
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