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  1. I was pretty surprised also, there was nothing whatsoever mentioned by Stake staff and only by accident I saw Etude chatting about Trx and found about it. It was a good choice for a coin to add, either Trx or Stellar Lumens would have been both good, as they are becoming quite popular.
  2. Philip74

    10000x limbo

    It is definitely all about luck. If you notice the telegram challenge, there are people that hit the large multiplier within 10 minutes. This is because there are many people betting at the same time (maybe 200 or more) and statistically speaking, some of them are going to hit the multiplier in less than say 500 rolls. We can't all be unlucky at the same time.
  3. HILO: 12,264,986,826 placed by Philip74 on 04/12/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 1.2587000131607056x Profit 0.00002587
  4. The only card I usually skip is 7. If I get a 6 or 8 I usually choose low, if I get A,2,3 I'll go high and if I get J,Q,K I'll go low. Hi-lo is a game I don't like much as it seems very inconsistent.