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  1. Well i think i play mines for fun, yesterday i had a ok run with mines, for first time was surprised , but mines is cool
  2. well i think thats true, for chalanges, you dont have to bet big or anything, but here prizes are bigger and in top, you probably if wagered thousands of thousands probably won same amount, and then you want to be hidden so no begging.
  3. it takes like 5minutes for first vault withdrawal of the day, after that they are instant,well i guess they get a lot of requests for withdraws
  4. as i can see this is very cool, i think i will have to level up to a vip too, stake looks like gives best rewards from all sites. most generous site
  5. well, i think playing at night, is worst time to play for me, i always bust then, and in morning before breakfast, so best time to play is after breakfast or until like evening, and before like 21-22h
  6. well i dont think you can actuallly predict price of bitcoin, well unless you are a huge whale and you have million of bitcoins, then you can predict it becouse you can change price yourself, lol but i dont know, maybe btc will go up a bit for 1 or 2 times this year, and will go down again, and next year go to like 12.5k or 15k will see.
  7. yes, well it happens, but your basebet was very high, plinko has 1000x so if you hit that with 5bb, thats 5000 from your 300 depo, so going for that is very high goal, so ofc you can/will bust fast.
  8. well, thats nice, how it works? you get 1 claim, and it is 140k sats? so like booster but in 1 claim or how?
  9. yes very true i dont think satoshi would go around claiming he is himself lol, and lol i dont think you wiuld lose tons of btc/all of your btc with such reason, lol. or if that happened, lol imagine creating bitcoin, having them all, and then selling for cents, and losing later all you had,lol and cant afford 1btc then lol
  10. i use chrome, i think its best for stake, well i use chrome on android and on windows too.
  11. but it might make more people use bitcoin and it might raise then :D, and thats good for us, and well no trees needed for paper-money but well electricity will be used, so i dont know if its any better. +Like mining then maybe will happen more. but it will end sometime, and then btc will have more stable value i think.
  12. its positive i think, as more active will get more , and those who arent active will get less, so people wont be able to abuse as much, so wgen not active people (with alts) wont be able to get as much, and then more to active people. eddie could add extra coupons to some people that betted that last week, to some of them too, to make it a bit different.
  13. well, its based on if people gamble to win, or people gamble to gamble, lol or if its really a big win then you should stop, maybe its good but not big, so you keep going, and yes addicted is often the case. but gambling is kind a game anyway. just i has money, if you can lose it its ok then.
  14. i dont know, it never crashed for me, maybe your computer isnt that good? I use chrome by the way. anyway, maybe need to reinstall windows, or something,that might help. +if better computer, might be a reason, and well try using other browser.
  15. hmm i never play low amount of bombs,i feel like i will get rekt, well maybe should try it, your strategy sounds good, and makes sense, well decreasing bombs sounds.. not so good tho 😂 lol