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  1. So bassicaly you just use this link, and get item, it can be cheap, few cents or few bucks, but saw people win like 70$ keyboards and stuff. https://opsk.in/c/5cd6f715236497R14165979 Use while its still working Edit:Btw you can sell it fot btc then. And make account, then open link.
  2. @yololife222 should win $10 because why not? @firewolf7876 (in forum) /stake name Cat4Life should win $20 because its me @EpicGord should win $30 because he is cool guy.
  3. Hello . Maybe you know maybe someone has hit 9900x twice in a row? Or like after few bets? Whats your best win on 9900x? Well myself.. i havent hit 9900x. only was betting 100 satoshis over switched sides after 3 bets i got 99.99 was depresed.... very sad. i had gotten 8- 0.00 ticks in 1k rolls when hunting 1100x /9990x but didnt hit A SINGLE ONE. In primedice.
  4. Lol edward true . I guess you re only one that can cheat
  5. I dont know ....only admin knnows
  6. Hello , cool giveaway!!! Good luck every1 . Congrats to 1billionth bet winner.
  7. Wheel:529,227,180 placed by Cat4Life Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 6.00x Profit: 0.00000500
  8. So i just found new gambling site . This site is VEry new and will get a lot of updates. Has 100 sats faucet : no captcha Right now. compatible Doge , Btc , Ltc Min withdraw is low . Use my ref link https://goup.bet/?aff=Cat4life (Apreciate if you use it ) Or clean link https://www.goup.bet Have a nice day