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  1. the 380x one, has too low basebet,0.014ltc minimum
  2. MINES: 11,358,450,899 placed by CatOfEugene on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00310691 Multiplier 59.63570022583008x Profit 0.18217589
  3. i wasnt lucky like that i hunted it, didnt get it, got 88.86 i even got 88.98 with 0.7Eth basebet
  4. yeah, maybe so beggars would need to get bronze atleast? good idea! lol
  5. MINES: 11,175,727,936 placed by CatOfEugene on 07/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1010.260009765625x Profit 0.00100926
  6. KENO: 10,889,514,277 placed by CatOfEugene on 01/11/2019 Wagered 0.00688888 Multiplier 180x Profit 1.23310952 got better one
  7. loool i think mathematics know better than to gamble, only other people say so, becouse mathematicaly you are losing with every bet, 1% , lol so no, math cant, and those people say bullshit.
  8. you might be using too big basebet, you should do like balance/250 (or 500) as your basebet, and main wins are: when you get bonus-free spin, and then inside it a good hit, you can hit 10000x or like 100x, (not that hard) so you need to not make too big basebet. there are lots of possibilities its crazy.
  9. Well, its more about them taking your money, and you atleast will have fun with the money, bet it, and giving it to other, you wont have fun, lol and there are a lot of people scamming... so yeah, and well some maybe just for addiction, some arent, and have strong will, but its still better not to trust them , maybe a bit, but not too much. or just people. specialy people in internet. (not only gamblers)
  10. i never thought of it, i dont drink coffee most of the time tho, and well, if im tired im not tired and dont bust, im tired and just bust to go sleep, almost never withdraw then, lol. so i try not to bet when tired/want to sleep.
  11. what you mean bug,but when you do 1.25x it would be.. 80% and becouse of 1%house edge. that like <79.20 and if you get 79.40 you would say its a bug too? or when you get >1 (99x) but its 1.. its a lose. it has to be number over that.
  12. Well i think i play mines for fun, yesterday i had a ok run with mines, for first time was surprised , but mines is cool