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  1. On the opposite end, what is your favorite game to go for when you have an extremely high balance. For me, its the classic blackjack just because its fast paced and you can get up extremely fast with a couple of blackjacks. What games are you guys going for when you have a higher balance? Should I change my strategy or is it fine right now?
  2. What is the game that you always come back to when you have a lower balance? For me personally, its hilo just because you have the chance to get up super fast and get to the point where you can play lower risk games. That's just my opinion though, what do you guys think is a good way to make money when you have a low balance
  3. Nah, its not crazy, its a popular view right now in the online community and many people believe that it will be the future for online payments. In my opinion, I don't know how accurate this statement is considering that people who don't normally go online, will never accept it as payment. It will be interesting to see whether the world shifts towards or away from crypto. I think it will be funny for whichever side is on the wrong side
  4. I will become way more into sports. I will look up stats and predictions and go for most likely a riskier but not impossible bets. Most likely will go for things like 2.5:1 odds or something along those lines. Never think I'm going to be going for the likely favorites as in my opinion its not worth the risk of losing considering the amount that you win. Sports will definitely change my stake experience and hopefully for the better!
  5. tbh i will go for any pattern, im not superstitious about my mines play, i usually go for 5 spots on 5 mines. This method works a decent amount, could be better, but could definitely be worse
  6. As long as facebook has the ability to keep it stable, it will replace all of the top coins as long as facebook keeps it anonymous, if it isn't anonymous, then no one would use it and it would just be a huge waste of money for both facebook and all the investors. I have a feeling that facebook will mess up everything with the coin and it will crash and burn
  7. I've never prerolled in my life, I don't believe it really changes anything because the rolls wont be influenced by the previous rolls, plus, if i hit what i was going for, I would be pissed because it would just be a wasted roll for me. That thought is enough to keep me away from doing prerolls and anything of the sort
  8. For me, Bitcoin is no where near my top crypto list. It's too expensive in order to really get a good long term investment in. I'm more of a eth guy or a doge guy myself as I feel those will increase in value due to the speed of their blockchains
  9. What feature do you think stake is lacking that, when added, would increase how much you enjoy the site? There are a few things that I can think of. One of the things is an improved dice system. I personally don't currently like the dice system due to the fact that it's just extremely plain and takes away the fun for me. I feel a revamp of the dice game is definitely needed in order for me to enjoy stake more. I don't know that much more that NEEDS to be added to stake. That's why I'm asking you guys. What do you think 100% NEEDS to be added to stake?
  10. BCH is actually the currency worth the second most, behind btc ofc. I personally dont enjoy playing with it due to the long deposit and withdraw times. I honestly, like you, only play with it when i get tipped or get rained on. Other then that, i don't play with it. It's just worse then eth and ltc and doge by a lot IMO.
  11. To my knowledge, I don't believe that in all of my games of plinko that i've played, i've never been able to hit the 1000x. The odds compared to the x doesn't seem very good and it doesn't seem like it's a game that can give consistent profits.
  12. Nothing happened to my account, it's just the fact that it got disabled that i'm sorry about. I feel like i'm a little bit responsible due to my forum post from yesterday. My account is fine, I can still do forum posts and stuff to get some money so that's good!
  13. What game do you believe that you can get the best profit on? What should i play when i have a small amount of sats and a large amount of sat. Give me your best strategies and give me your secret, I need them In my opinion, the best game is Hilo just because of the choices you have and the ability to choose your path. And the high multipliers are definitely a big yes for me!
  14. I feel partially responsible for the faucet being disabled. Because 1 day after I posted my faucet related post and it went hot on the forum, it got disabled. I'm sorry if this hurt anyone. Anyways, do you think the faucet should have been disabled or nah. Give me your opinions. I believe that it shouldn't have been fully disabled. Maybe it should be put behind deposit barrier, but disabled fully? That seems kind of ridiculous! Well maybe that's my opinion because I'm broke, but give me your opinions y'all. Do you think that the faucet should have been fully disabled or not?
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