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  1. niat sama tekat udah bulat.. hanya saja kalah sama nafsu mbah,,
  2. intinya maruk/tamak/pengen lebih. gitu aja klo menurut aku mbah..
  3. If u lucky,,u won.. But if u not lucky,,u lost I won in blackjack 15k doge in 30 minutes, but i doposit 0.1 bch and i lost just 5 minutes
  4. I also apply the raise 2x or 3x technique if I lose
  5. Blackjack is a very interesting game, you can easily win this game. but you will also lose easily. because blackjack only requires luck and a good card. if you are the type of person who likes to play simple games, this game is suitable for you, it's just the highest payout x2.5 if you find a card totaling 21. I hope there is no cheating in this game. because blackjack is my favorite game on stake.com good luck all 😂
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