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  1. exactly etude... ive been barking this bark both in private communications and in forum in the past before. for the time being however i returned to the homeland for some RnR in regards to this specific topic... i will return to fight another day =P but yeah... i was also wondering so the last code you all got was.....? =P just to compare apples to oranges.. i mean apples to apples.
  2. if you want to know the setup for the game mines to get or find out what multiplier certain setups will give... then i think you will really like this online tool. it is pretty self explanatory, just click the "run" or "play" button after the program loads and follow the instructions... https://repl.it/@playful/Stakecom-Mines-Multiplier-calculator
  3. hello welcome to the jungle... the jungle of stake.com dot com dawt come oh did i say. . welcome?
  4. i love stake for the possibility of a win
  5. thank you.... at least someone else is on the same page as i am... im surprized not too many others had much to say about this closed dealer end of game card
  6. i cant seem to folo tha whole vualt thing.... if i vualt it.. even if i get myself to do it.. its gonna be bustard soon after... we need vualt with time lock.....................
  7. i know a way you can get bonzo to work instead of ttyping in"!bonzo" try typing in "!BONZO", sometimes its b uggy... so if you type it "!BONZO" a few times after eachother... you will get the same effect =P
  8. yay ! it looks like i made a warm and fuzzy topic 😃 awww thats i like it when people want to show appreciation for things that were unnoticed kind of sort of until finding out.. im ssure so much work goes into it 😃 thank you indeed mystery man! most of all... thank you for giving birth to gary =D
  9. lol that happens way too often i guess than i thought... happens especially if a post or chat msg is made with a a decent win happend 100% of the time if on fire... ugh but lol@ try tries
  10. heheh isnt that going a little too far william? =P the forum may not be as pleasent to the eye maybe, but gameplay to me would be the same shizat =P
  11. success... in plinko?!?! paahhh thats unheard of....! really bmg? i hope this isnt giving me... false hope... i wish one day to be successful like you and bm in the nasty game of kokopinko
  12. ooooh okay okay... then we got it narrowed down... guy must be in serbia office =P thanks for the unintentional hint there boja mama : )
  13. I was wondering, and kinda have been for a while... who on earth does the stake.com artwork? like the custom ones made for every single challenge! the style always look similar. so tis either one person that does it or a team i guess... idk,... i feel its the same person or one person... i have no idea though.... on that matter... did the same person or team who does the challenge artwork design gary monster mascot as well? who are you mystery designer? show yourself please.... i wonder if its anyone we know... like is it one of the support staff that work at the office in Serbia? or is it one of the stake devs from downunder ... in Australia... ? either way... id like to say... amazing stuff ! me and im sure others like a lot!!! anyone have any insight into this question i put forth? not speculation comments please, id like some hard facts! =D