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  1. Looking For New Streamers

    just saw kuleguten stream first time. kewl job : ) good luck future streamers... and can someone explain who dafaq jesse is/was.... ? very very sketchy all around imho, (especially some "buttons" and functions he had on his stake screen) just wondering.. he seemed to have vanished
  2. intersting idea =P i like new input and JP thoughts/comments btw.... keep it up
  3. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    yeah idk, whats 6000/84 = 71 thats a lot of logging in and claiming the "faucet" thing every 20 mins. or what is it 3 times a hour 24x a day, yeah 72 times. For just 6k? the captchas will drive me insane... it does on the other hand have a autoclaim function. that function first required you to deposit money in the btc wallet, and invest i imagine... the investment options look way too good to be true in my opinion, every time in the past when ive seen such things, i ran away as fast as i could... anyone tried investing 1 mbtc yet? itsl ike 20 days or something you get 2mbtc back ,i dont remember off top of my head days or return but its insane im gonna do more research... any thoughts?
  4. sure that would be nice to have actually
  5. Stake Stream number #7! Gogog

    username = shaniqua
  6. [ANN] StakeIt Token (STAKE)

    I like the name of this token almost feels like its stake's
  7. Free 1000 token Action

    I never understand if these things are worth the time to register for, as i am new to ICO stuff, and so many popping up like grass, its so confusing.... what do you think, worth time to do it or itsl ike claiming 10 satoshi faucet or something?
  8. So whats the verdict on this one, go or no go?
  9. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    thanks Furmagi, gonna get some good referral bonus i bet! just used your link
  10. The myth about squirting

    Its real alright.... not all women squirt, and some squirt a lot, a woman squirts when she is having an orgasm, (confirmed recently from a sex psychotherapist) , i did not realize it happens only during the orgasm, i thought it could happen during the excitement/arousal stage too. maybe this is tmi but oh well you been warned before entering this sexion shaniqua is imaginary, so she hasnt squirted in real life... the man behind shaniqua has experienced sex with a xgf who was squirt capable. My oh my did I love making her squirt... angling fingers in her a certain way + speed of thrust would get her to squirt... but the best was making her squirt using... my well you know what.... taking it in and out rapidly a certain way would do it for her... the best lube in the world cums from female squirts... male squirts, too sstickyy after a short time hehe
  11. Chat Rules

    sure ok whatever, some 1. their referral link looks totally different. i signed up after that to see what it looked like and it started with /ref= after the site name... 2. it was a mistake, you acknowledged it was a mistake, and yes i give you some credit for shortening the mute... but still am surprised it wasnt lifted... i was browsing utube... clicked a add... thought it was interesting, and i copy pasted the link.. some of us havent had experience with that kind of thing and knowing its wrong to post that... the only reason why im not raising hell from this (what i think is an unjust muting) is because the site where the link is going does in fact say something like "buy it now while you can" or BONUS SALE stage ends in:".... if the site took you do a page where that wasnt on it, i wouldnt let this go... given its trying to sell you something, i see how you can say i broke a rule... so yeah go ahead mute me, i wont deposit here for a few days then may stake lose a few dollars cause of the harshness of the chat policy, not ever warning or explaining, and enforcement.
  12. Chat Rules

    i got muted for posting a "suspicious link" ....... no guidelines about what i can or cant post ... ridiculous...
  13. mav is absuing his powerers

    0.o please no drama in main chat, please dont relive the situation... at least not on the chat in-game, it really kills the mood. at least for me