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  1. Shaniqua

    What is your story?

    i guess one of the main reasons i like casino stakeland is due to the keno game, no other site has that type of weird keno that stake has, i like the way it is, the interface and the payouts. other sites have dice and wheels end blackjacks.. but keno is a rarity thats why i come back ....
  2. Shaniqua

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    lol i like this one noice post
  3. Shaniqua

    Chasing x1m plus!

    thats very true, a few times i was so sure i was gonna hit it and busted so much like 500k but my bet was not 1 satoshi obviously.. i wonder what are the number of satoshies others use, is it always 1 or 2 or sub 10 sats or are they bigger fish hunts going on around town?
  4. Shaniqua

    Last letter game!!

  5. Shaniqua

    Will history repeats itself?

    to be totally frank now that i think about it, ive never really "invested" in crypto so at the end of the day it doesnt matter what happens for me. as long as the price does not change too much day to day then i am all good. only when i buy crypto i buy it to gamble and gamble it all awya 99% of the time
  6. Shaniqua

    Use as advantage.

    yeah i think also like some of the comments above that it just was a lucky streak in a sense. There is no pattern in the long run imo... people can and will argue that there is and or things threy do can affect the bet... or predict the bet . but its all by chance that it happens and by chance that the prediction was correct when something is predicted... i think at least.
  7. Shaniqua

    Now and then

    awww wow this post resonated with me a lot... i know exactly how you feel... same exact thing for me.... used to be a HR now am the complete other way around.. and when i do win i make stupid dumb bets and lose it back again... ughies...... its actually kind of sad my situation... i wont even get into it.. but i do know how you feel, al lot of the things you said is the same as mine.
  8. Shaniqua

    Lost to a 0.00354300% chance

    aw cmon, anything i guess in that case is technically possible tbh. how probable is it of course is another story, but yeah getting even 1000 reds is techniically possible on the 2x games of 50%ish chance. however on the other hand i do know what you mean. and understand your point.
  9. Shaniqua

    Keno, melting cycle.

    Oh yeah ive always said to myself and to to others... that keno comes in waves, for sure its a wavy game... many green streaks and many red streaks plowing one after another.. I usually end up doubling my bet after winning 2 or 3 rounds, cause of the streak baby! you should try that
  10. well dang, coinbase banned my account a while ago... i sure would havbe liked to get in on this tbh.. free money is good money... who knows, maybe they will let me open an account again, ill give it a shot.. i doubt it however
  11. Shaniqua

    Will history repeats itself?

    I hope its a good year as well, i wish all the best to you guys and girls in your investments and in terms of history repeating itself, i dont think there is any sure way of telling, thus i am in agreement with KiXxnTRiXx on this one, there is no sure way to know these things.. all we can do is hope for the best.
  12. ive hear the odds of hitting 1000x or now i guess its 5000x (the last slot on highest pin number setting) is 1/33000 approximately) , given the odds,you shouldn'tt be that surprised, if we were to just round everything to make it easier to calculate: assuming you played 90000 games, and the chances of it hitting are 1 in 30000 one can compare the chances to a dice game of trying to hunt a 1.5x multiplier and losing 3 games in a row. as in trying to roll above 33.33 and it landing under 33.33 for every roll 3 times in aa row. or trying to roll under 66.66 going for a 1.5x win, but the dice landing abonve 66.66 for 3 games in a row. now ask yourself how often does that happen... it happens much more often that we would like to think if we end up comparing the odds like that to dice odds simplified. i realize i probably did not explain the maths all too well or could have made it simpler to understand.. but does anyone see what i mean or understand completely the comparison i am making? also if you can explain the same thing in much shorter words please do so idl likes to see how it would sound.
  13. Shaniqua

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    Easter egg hunt: I suggest there should be something hidden somewhere on the stake site, such as an image of Garry hiding somewhere, or something that is "different" than the normal way it should be. Kind of like the original easter egg hunt that was the "/hack" code.... but instead of it being so hard and weird to find out... it should be more so an image hidden somewhere. Hidden Coupon Codes: Perhaps would be cool to submit a riddle or a 'code to break' or a hidden cypher, maybe math based + riddle based, which would yield a coupon code once solved that can only be claimed one time by the person who solves it. you guys want more suggestions ? I have 100s of them! XD
  14. i wont stoop to your level by saying what you wrote is stupid or dumb. Its okay to respect eachother even though its online ya know... Im not trying to defend myself, or gonna play saying people are stupid by doing this or that.... there are much more civil ways of having a conversation.. if it is so bothersome for you, report the post and let the mods handle it. i get the feeling you may not have even read the whole contents and just read the title and maybe the link. i actually did what others in this whole forum do all day everyday but the way it should be done. I quoted the original thread that inspired mine, so that it was clear where i got my info from or ideas. Whereas countless times ive seen even hero members bite of my threads by altering it a bit and passing the idea off as their own and such... so instead of applaud me you bash on me, but its okay, i know what ive written is legit and if you dont like it, you dont need to read my content further, and if you think its wrong, report me, but dont freakin insult me.... do unto others..
  15. I was just reading in the humor section the following thread. and it got me think of the things i have sold in the past in order to deposit and play at stake... yes.... i know it is very addictive behavior.. sad too   tbh...   but   anyways   its   not the time   fo   that kind   of   talk   right   now... Ive sold a   few   different   things in the past   such   as   gold   (different   kinds of trinkets and whatnot... ), ive sold also some artwork which i   made   (including   jewelry   and   sculptures),   hmmm   actually   come   to   think about it those are the only two big things I can   think   of   that   i   actually   sold   to   someone for the sole reason of gathering   funds   to   deposit   and   play on stake with. So i cant help but wonder how   addicted   have    you   guys been in the   past   or   now... what have you sold in real life just to deposit  and play on stake? I hope its not only me who has gone off the rails addicted like flying crazy cumquat =/