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  1. Shaniqua


    honestly this is a good question.. ive been experienting too with line amount and i either use 20 or i use 12 lines... i have my reasons honeslty whic hill share in a new topic as it will be kind of long explanation... sometime i feel 20 is overkill tho
  2. for one it involves making content that has some substance to it, a one word reply does no one any good and i assure you does not help in any way to get prizes... but on the other hand my first forum withdraw was 10k i think i ended up pooling my money otgether with some others a long time ago when min withdraw was 100k i think.. or 50k i dont remember... and we all withdrew and split iup the tip in game hehe
  3. oh so this is an official thing? i wasnt even sure when i heard peopl etalking about tihs in chat, i didnt even consider it to be true cause of the coupon mumbo jumbo you hear all day but yay! thanks for the clarification and getting our hope up!!! have a nice day and yay for stake!
  4. ah the age old PvP thread reincarnated...there have been countless one of these. if you really want to have it get some attention, you may consider next time making such a topic in suggestions area, but hey thats just what i would do, i guess there is no right or wrong way about it.. but answering your question.. yes i would like to see pvp im sorry ? i dont understand?
  5. whatever the race game is being run in that will be the prizes which would be given out. You can always withdraw your money to a ecxvchange and convert it to your desired curency at the end of the day ... not a big deal right?>
  6. oh without a doubt i would consider myself to be a hardcore aggressive players... sometimes i even end up betting 1/4th my balance on my first bet after depositing... maybe thats why i either win big or lose most of the time.
  7. i still dont understand why we cant make other standard roulette bets like split bets or corner bets, instead if we wan o do a corner bet we have to place 4 seperate chips on 4 of the numbers instead of putting 1 chip onto the corner of the 4 numbers.. its just too tedious to play this game
  8. at the end of the day the litecoin transactions are really much faster and cheaper than bitcoin transactions, so for those reasons alone one can argue that it is in fact better than btc.. ltc win in my book
  9. i think in 2020 there will be 100% slots added to the mix of games and i also think that by then sportsbetting will also be released into the stake universe.. even though we havent seen slots yet, i hope they make many varietations of it! also i hope they one day add custom payouts for games like plinko and keno
  10. youtube.com/watch?v=b3D7QlMVa5s Artificial Gravity
  11. that is a very achievable goal i would say, very realistic, my goal is usually at least 40x my deposit, maybe thats why i rarely end up cashing out but i know i feel the luck coming up soon!
  12. i pretty much ignore the beggers or people who relallllly annoy me... and it really takes a lot for me to ignore someone. i think this entire time i only have recently ignoreed one user.. in terms of reporting... the only thing i report is when people post extreme derogatory remarks attacking groups of people or races.