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  1. lol i dont think there is any point in discussing a edge of a game that doesnt even exist yet. well at least not released yet... also i remember seeing it be 1% at one point.. .so its changing i guess..
  2. Shaniqua

    $1k Giveaway

    thanks eddie! just be careful same userrs dont comment lik 8 times =/
  3. oh i posted on wrong place earlier... thanks good luck Im shaniqua obviously
  4. the time is now!!! lets have a good race guys! gogooggo
  5. engines ready vrooom to the max!
  6. also there is another user on forum asking for advice for newbies.. I am not sure how you used to play but there is a post i made in the thread below you should check out, also other people are giving good advice as well there. its worth a visit if you still need help
  7. 100% old stake. without a doubt old stake over the 2.0 any day of the week and anytime. the main reason is honestly due to keno. I LOVE the new payouts but thats not what im talking about. With old stake you could spam the autobet button to make it so the games would roll 3 or 4 times as fast as they do now. end of story. it had to be timed click wise the right way... but if you did it right it was lightning fast
  8. ok the easiers way without complicating things... as the chart might confuse you if your not good with charts. all you really need to know is the following two things. if dealer is showing 7 card or higher, you MUST keep pulling cards until you have a total of 17 minimum if dealer shows 6 or under, all you need to do is keep drawing cards until you the total gets to more than 11. thats all you need to know... just read 1 and 2 carfully and thats it.. you will encounter one of the two every game
  9. yikes thats a huge bet 900 euro you said a single hand? mine is not that much and was a long time ago, but was on stake, it was about 500 a hand give or take, dollar amount that is... bet was in btc
  10. im sorry you had a unlucky streak of losses... This would be a place to start as well: i wont lie, pretty much almost all the strategies or ways to read online are going tot tell you the same thing, maybe with very tiny bit difference.. but its all the same... there is a right way and a wrong way to play statistically at least speaking
  11. thanks for sharing but i never really put any trust in price predictions and stuff like that.. from my understanding is whatever bitcoin does, altcoins will pretty much do the same... untilt hat connection is broken, alt coins remain a slave to btc i think
  12. im sorry what i meant was the MAX BET button, not the instant bet one... but i guess all of em apply
  13. yeah i think its very difficult in general to control such operations... i mean how would they even know its happeneing.. the only red flag for govs to realize a mining operation is happening is via the electricity bills i imagine
  14. hehe yah at least bmg you agree with me about the time having gone so fast.. i think the beginnings of BCH was not good, as it felt like a clone of BTC people getting free money just for having btc... but i think its nice ans stable now... as in dependent on btc price... but its i think pretty stable.