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  1. Shaniqua

    Is Diamond Poker Worth To Play?

    i love this game i play it more often nowadays since my return dont be sofast2h8 this game guys! give it a swing
  2. sometimes they are usernames from other platforms that they just brought over.. there is no way i could have been shaniqua in lets say yahoo.com or google gmail... it would be taken so over there it would be like Shaniquax3, and when i came here i autmatically may have done Shaniquax3 cause iits unuie to me etc... if you see a shaniqua username in non btc crypto sites.. .its probably not me kkeke
  3. id like to see the audio and lyrical combination for s ure
  4. Shaniqua

    Statistics of 10k rolls

    and you want to say thiis is not targeting behaviour being displayed.? making accusations of post count abuse and blatantly saying i suck at my math?... thats rude ,,, your type always has to get the last word or last one to laugh, or slap before it ends, so idk why i even biother trying to explain myself to you or others, i guess its for the greater good not just a selfish act.. assuming the worst before even before having chance for you to clarify things or understand . seems pretty much targeting to me... singling out. what kind of thing is that to say btw saying i such at math. idk, the whole being rude is not needed here. especially as in the end you agree with me for wanting the suggestion to become reality.. i have had 1000+ posts and only like 3 of them had problems or maybe 5ish max, and since you got on my hunting me my content , probably cause in main chat i diid not agree with your your suggestion of withdrawing all at once instead of 3k each, (as it served your needs not mine) it seems to me you have made it a point to try and punish me for that or teach a lesson or whatnot maybe its just annoying you the many tips sent or maybe its a power thing idk, but all of a sudden im getting posts deleted from pretty much just from you, it just feels awful targeting to me. i understand the spam in general has increased from newbies and whatnot, but all my content thought of before posting and time out of my life put into it. .. anyways not to get off topic.. ______________________________________________________________________________ in regards to your comment. about suggestions, i just use the suggestions forum section in general instead of that other weird site where users end up plagiarizing ideas of stuff found here in forum, i had a horrible experience with it in the start of the canny thing... but why do i have to sit and do the maths when it can display the more accurate information to me? just makes things complicated for those not knowing the maths as well as you or i
  5. are there any apps or command lines i can enter in the inspect tool for chrome to make it black? the white patrts....
  6. Shaniqua

    Is Gary still Relevant?

    he is? i thought you had him taken as hostage? pff bmg,, are you being sneaky again? holding hima ll for yerself?
  7. Shaniqua

    A Twist on Martingale

    Hmm 🤔 curiosity has me wanting tontry this one out... but frankly im a littke worries abkut the tie bet part and having so you say enuf balance for doing it rhe way it is presented. maybe doge is best coin to expeeriment with first before doing seeious balanace
  8. Shaniqua

    I'm Surprised!

    When I saw you In the charger in the other day, it was a nice warm and fuZy feeling inside meee👍🏻 It’s really made me happy seeing if you are happy that’s all that counts just everyone to be happy and love one another. Do what is best for you and everything will fall into place shani to all and to all a good night love is what makes the world go round
  9. A collaboration i suggest be the next thing in the works! Have you any musical skills zinha? Btw ty for sharing your stakems poetry !
  10. Shaniqua

    Would you accept free Stake merchandise?

    That’s the spirit. We need more people like you and all else who replied with “yessss” i think a topic of this nature exists wayyyy back from a year ago but was not created maybe by admis, ill tey to find it and link for the curiosity sake if interested
  11. Shaniqua

    Is Gary still Relevant?

    I do love how everyone just glossed over the “Where on earth sre you gary post” 🙃 awww.. well anyways, i guess im just in a bish bish mood since i ive been getting targeted But yeah I think some serious education or (re)education of who Gary is is required for all
  12. Shaniqua

    Keno 10th tile lags to get picked, love it or hate it?

    its curious though how and why it only happens on the last number, it makes no sense to me, it almost now feels deliberate =P im not worries either, just something i noticed and was wondering if yall had too or not. i notice a lot of things
  13. Shaniqua

    Keno 10th tile lags to get picked, love it or hate it?

    yes yes it happens on all the numbers i think 10 or even 2 chosen no it does not bother me either, in fact i kinda like it!
  14. writtting this even is like a beaming thing of UFO shining out my door from the crack underneath to the outside ... i bet my windows from the outside my room look insane too!
  15. nope, cause pm is not as cute as doing it on the wall for all to see as well! pm is private that i say is pooblik!