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  1. Shaniqua

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Hi, i paid 150k from the 100k loan i had, but i cant take screen shot at the moment cause the tips sent area in stake is not showing any of my past sent tips atm, a visual buh or smtin... ill post screenshot when its fixed. ______________________________________________ new request ______________________ Username: Shaniqua Loan amount: 0.001 Return amount: 0.001+10%/day of original amount Return Date: 5 days or less from this post
  2. Shaniqua

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Username: Shaniqua Loan amount: 100k Return Date: 6/20 5 days later (from the time stamp of this post) / My local time is 6/20/18 4:11AM, so my local time latest return date will be 6/25 4:11AM
  3. Shaniqua

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Username: Shaniqua Loan Amount: .001 Return Date: 4/30/18 10%/day for total of 5 days
  4. Shaniqua

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Seeking 300k @10/day for 7days or 5
  5. Shaniqua

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] The BIG 200 | Mines Challenge!

    Mines:286,296,459 placed by Shaniqua Wagered: 0.00001024 Payout: 208.72x Profit: 0.00212710
  6. Shaniqua

    [Lending] Short term loans

    200k requested for 5 days @10%/day
  7. Shaniqua

    [Lending] Short term loans

    350k requested for 5 days @ 10%/day
  8. Shaniqua

    Stimubate's Soundcloud Giveaway

    shaniqua nice sungs! ill pm u my soundcloud user fi u like
  9. Shaniqua

    Is Bitcoin gambling?

    ig your buying bitcoin as an investment and if you think investment is gambling then bitcoin is gambling
  10. Shaniqua

    Ban My Bank! - Saving 101

    @Katarinawould you care to care to make it clear for us what a banned account can and cannot do... Thank you
  11. Shaniqua

    Some basic martingale maths

    i love maths! but not as much as i luv u mavy!
  12. Shaniqua

    Strat or Luck?

    There is only luck,,, what strat.... nahhh
  13. this can be a touchy topic for sure.... good convo goin g
  14. Shaniqua

    Ban My Bank! - Saving 101

    so banned accounts can login and withdraw from what i gatyher,.... but cant chat tip or play?
  15. Shaniqua

    Guys Guys post your username or anything

    i am client