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  1. Im glad to see all these responses and conversation which has grown from my thread! thank you for all the input guys and girls
  2. Hey BMG, i understand totally what your saying, I cannot really relate too much to it as i dont tip out as much as you guys so havent felt the same experiences. I have honestly decided it in the end only hurts me more when i try to make a bout about the free coin "for being active" in chat and free bonuses, that the stake company gives out to users. I have made plenty of cases and arguments trying to bring attention to the selective tipism as i used to call it (may be it consciously or unconsciously), as long as the is another human deciding who to tip "randomly" there will be bias and wont be fair in the end. however i have learned that talking about these things or criticizing publicly on forum or in chat usually ends up with getting even less tips from mods and the support team, i may be just overthinking it but i essentially get shamed in the community for bringing up such things. i end up staying as far away from these types of issues as possible but believe you me, stuff like this is all over. just no one talks about it due to fear of being shunned or shamed. also you should have put this in stake related forum not off topic! that way we would have earned satoshi for these posts too lol!! you and bigmann23 (mr m) lol mean a lot to me and i thank you for everything you have done.
  3. Litepay the bitpay of litecoin?

    I read somewhere that the recent LTC price jump was due to announcement or scheduled opening of Litepay, i read its a system designed to take litecoin payments for vendors via visa and credit cards, which essentially makes your litecoin usable instantly from what i understand to buy dollar goods. I think its exactly like bitpay or they offer services like bitpay but for litecoin Im very excited about this. anyone else know more about this? in november imade the post below hehe exactly what i needed!
  4. [ 0.1 BTC] Five Games Challenge

    do all the wager amounts have to be the same in all of the games to qualify?
  5. Music Giveaway!!

  6. Music Giveaway!!

    Justin Bieber
  7. Music Giveaway!!

    Eminem AKA: Marshall Bruce Mathers III
  8. Keno Style

    i should do that too in terms of number selection! i always random it! good luck let us know if new methods discovered !
  9. [Free] Bitcoin tx acceleration service

    Jolly good show there mate! Thanks for providing the community with yuor halp
  10. Hello all. I suggest David Jones, a banned user from forum, to be removed from the top 5 Most trusted user list. This screenshot of the area im referring to below is on the main forum homepage. I think his removal will create a chance for another user to shine in the spotlight and thus have their community interaction and trust recognized. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day !
  11. @wilberthh, @wry, @Han2x awwww thank you guys for the support and acknowledgment! i really do try hard to make quality content, and contribute to our community as much as possible! Your comments mean a lot to me =P
  12. I suggest adding a "do not disturb" feature in game (for automatically declining to receive PMs). I understand the option can be checked off in settings that will not let the user PM you if they are not in your friend list. However sometimes i think its nice to not be disturbed at all when trying to really get in the zone of the game. Yes ,i understand that one can simple not open the PMs that they get, even if its from a friend... However I sometimes feel bad or awkward not reading or replying to a PM even if its from a friend, and when I get a PM while playing and i dont want to be disturbed, it really throws off my game, or by not responding i feel am being inconsiderate and such. What do you guys think about this? good idea? to auto reply or give message to user trying to pm that "the user you are trying to message wishes not to be disturbed at the moment, please try again later (or in x mins)" or your message will be delivered once the user turns off "do not disturb"
  13. Hehe right on wry! I dont feel like complaining to moderator fits well to with me either. For some reason i never actually hit the "ignore button" though I think i shall start!
  14. Im very curious now that the 1000 post contest is no longer active how the dynamics will be in the forum. I am sure there will be a decrease in posts per day in total, but then again who knows right? I think the quality of the content will improve for sure cause of this new change! That I am excited about for sure. Well, lets see how things progress! Have a nice day everyone.