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  1. I just noticed one of the topics in the main forum page was marked as HOT! this is the first time i every seen this! i was wondering if this is a new feature or not, and if so is it possible (just out of curiosity) to find out what parameters make a thread marked as the HOT hehe? like x amount of posts or views in y amount of time? If it is a new feature i was just wondering how new is it, i have been away from forum for a few months, so it seems i missed a lot of changes : ) thanks looks great btw!
  2. I was wondering if there will ever be or plans to have the API thingamajig officially available for people to use to make their own bots or stuff like that? Like i would have loved a standalone app like thing for stake inbox and chat, without the casino. for chat on the fly, kek, well you know there are many ideas like that floating around the community, I was just wondering if it would ever be "official" sorry if i am not making sense... i am not a programer, just know some concepts. any thoughts guys ? am i making sense?
  3. So dealer shows A and one hidden card Player gets dealt blackjack. I get offered to buy insurance... -------- at this point everything is still okay... no problem... I say no insurance thank you, thus i hit "stand" button. which i imagine means... if dealer has 21 on initial deal (2 card BJ) then its a tie... we push... i get money back... ... yet if its a non 21 on deal, meaning if there is any other card but a 10 value card (10 or face card) then i would win 2.5x, end of story... STOP... This is the point where i get confused and weirded out and think its a bug tbh... So it doesn't seem to play the game that way... instead when i click stand on my 21 ... if dealer has not a BJ(21 on deal) it actually seems to try to draw more and more card until it attempts to get 21 to tie me... this is not fair in my opinion and i think its a bug.... ill find the bet ID or bet fairness replay pic and show you guys if need be. Thank you.. please try to understand fully what i mean by the hand before replying..
  4. Shaniqua

    Different Fees During Withdraw

    that may make sense... but yeah idk really, it should be included in the house edge i think, but maybe not
  5. Shaniqua

    Bad experience ?

    indeed... i wish it never happened happened to me... so grrr life cause of this shiet.......... i wish i never started....
  6. Shaniqua

    1satoshi to million satoshi

    yikes wtf.... thats a lot of bets to win that much.. odds are so low!! i ddidnt notice......
  7. Shaniqua

    Baccarat Big Win

    very true, i think many users dont even know how to play it but yeah.. its james bond's game of choice
  8. Shaniqua

    ZB.com opens office in Malta

    havent you noticed? a lot of gambling sites are based in Malta... or maybe im wrong... lol
  9. Shaniqua

    Tip Log Issue

    you can fix this temporarily yourself... just keep changing or clicking on sent/received and it will eventually load, keep changing the screen from 1 to the other. try it out let me know if it works... works for me : )
  10. Shaniqua

    How i play plinko

    i must give it a shot... thanks for the strat share..
  11. Shaniqua

    Is it worth it to make a bank account?

    exactly! i like the way your put that idea together into a nice clean concept.. if only we actually do it! kekek
  12. Shaniqua

    Chat Room

    can we speak in made up language in said chatroom?
  13. Shaniqua

    Is it worth it to make a bank account?

    if you use it it hink its worth making it i hope you do and use it well ... i have one but make poor use of it
  14. yeah i know right? even if we get luck its just gonna be like 15k satooshi haha
  15. Shaniqua

    Different Fees During Withdraw

    oh this is a long lost suggestion i made .... I highly doubt it will be given a second thot... i still never understand... why cant we as consumers decide our own fee?! yeah make there still be a min amount if farming is an issue... but i feel i should have the right to either pay higher feee than what is set and decided for me, or pay a lower fee if i so choose... but idk it wont ever happen imo