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  1. Shaniqua

    Variable speed option for wheel: Suggestion

    amen to that... not sure at all why it hasnt been addressed and implemented yet... especially now since there is the bet archive to make server faster i guess thing,.
  2. So when you click withdraw... and get the email sent... i just think it would be nice to have the information about the specific vault withdraw to be included with the body of the email confirmation which has been sent. am I making sense in the suggestion? You may ask why on earth would someone want to have all the not necessary information in the email if we just need to click a button and be done with it.. Thats is a fair point. however for whatever reason if an individual has multiple pending withdraws from vault, then it just would be nice to have it included in the email as well. so when we click the button to w/d or confirm i mean... we know what is the next exception action that will be taken (knowing which coin is gonna be added into our stake balance when we refresh).. I just like to know exactly what is being clicked on if i have more than a single pending w/d from vault hehe. How about you guys? any ideas thoughts or comments?
  3. hot is not the word, fiaaaa is what it feels like! 1000x is the best feeling ever huh?
  4. Shaniqua

    Diamond Poker bad luck or bad chances of profit?

    idk why people h8 on diamond poker, Its similar odds as 50 50 dice is it not?
  5. Shaniqua

    Challenge Entry and Ghost Mode Issue?

    its ok if in ghost more when ttrying for the chalange... all u need to do is disable ghost more before u post the bet in forum, then you can reenable it ez pz gl
  6. Shaniqua

    Post limit should reset at midnight

    24 hours since your first post the clock starts, if you think about each post having its own reset timer of 24 hours. it helps undertand it
  7. https://stake.com/games/mines/btc/automated does this work for any of you guys while on mobile? I think devs are aware of the autobet feature not working on mobile but, just curious if its for some people or everyone, also does anyone know if using chrome and requesting desktop site then doing autobet feature the only way to do mines automated in the mobile version? thanks for the input, and maybe i was able to help if someone did not know how to auto bet mines via desktop version in mobile and yeah... you get the rest XD
  8. Oh cool, thanks I had no idea it could be limitied, 100 seems more than enough. but maybe it can be "self chosen" what the limit could be? makes senese?
  9. I have noticed people who are not chatting, playing hidden, and still be noticed by people who they dont want to be noticed by... The all bets section that used to be stalked is not as much stalked anymore. thanks to the hidden feature... However this is not full proof, a sneaky and tbh annoying user can probably easily figure out if a person is online and betting... i know that pm capabilities are changed, and etc, but still ... a user who is not chatting, playing hidden can still get rain,. their name pops up in main chat and boom.... they are mentioned or their cover blown.... the reasons are irrelevant why the person would want to be not noticed.... but there should be an option to FULLY hide the user.. let them opt out of rain... I know its possible because from my understanding, a banned account will not get rain, so a setting option would be nice to let the person opt out of rain while they want to be hidden completley... something like that... hope it makes sense!
  10. You know how some sites have an investment lock? where it wont let you withdraw or pull out your investment for a x amount of time? well i suggest the same thing to be created in the vault, but it honestly does not need to give any return to the player.. come to think of it.... this will give stake points for being more conscious in terms of looking out for the user's well being oh yes i remembered the word, its called "Better Gambling Practices" or "RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING STANDARDS" or stuff like that.. its the little button u see "Gambling aware" or something on bottom of the site, that is supposed to help us problem gamblers seek help... but that is besides the point.... what I am suggesting is that the vault have a TIME lock option if you know what i mean. having a time lock will help users manage their weekly or monthly balance they wish to allocate to gambling... a sophisticated time lock would be better than normal time lock, such as time lock to automatically withdraw from vault to balance once a day on x o clock(time) and to do that everyday on that hour.. this way will only let the player play the amount they want per day and not depo and go insane with it... and will help not to bust entire paychecks... makes sense?
  11. thank you etude, its just that i feel very strongly in regards to some of these matters, im sure it could hav been a bit shorted, i am not the best with being concise, however a lot of the text is showing why and how the possible arguments that can be made have fun explored and etc... 😃 thanks for the comments guys, i realize it being so long deters peoople from reading it, but its a serious matter. things change only when people stand up talk about em. never be afraid to voice your thoughts here, people may bash you for going against the grain, but at least you will be your own voice in the sea or smtin like that
  12. Shaniqua

    Share A Prize Pool Giveaway #1

    Wow its great to see this sort of giveaway on stake, im so happy you are doing this, it keeps forum and community energized of course.. thanks again!
  13. Most of you new shmoos dont know me hehe but I used to be one of you old farts that hang around the arena a lot more than I should have kekek so my question is if there is an official updates list that i can refer to to see what has changed? i have I brought this issue up in the past many months ago, more like a year ago, that there MUST be an official "updates completed" on xdate where all users can see and have ez access to. I cannot find it upon a glance and search at the sections on forum... even though i think it should be on the main site page, but that is still one step beyond it even having existed, if it does exist, please link it to me. and if it does exist i think it should be more visible to all.. I feel it does not exist, and the only think that does still exist update wise is the canny.io stake thing site maybe... and maybe the thread that dan has that has suggestions that suggestions that users have made that may be implemented "soon" or later.... we all know wheel soon right? most of you at least.... so why am i being anal about this? well shit its important kinda fucked up not to share information at times that is being changed that affects ACTUAL gameplay, chances of winning even and thus that MUST be clearly disclosed to all to check out and see that it had been announced.. sometimes it the change is not so critical to gameplay but still nice to have a timeline of when the change was made... stake mission statement i think involves being transparent... if not mission statement per se, then the about page or someplace on the site stake administration points out the fact that transparency is the backbone of this casino. I still am mad about this... i get the run around a lot when asking specific questions to staff that cannot be answered or that information is not known or simply unethical not to have disclosed before gameplay.. call me a anal face butt tard.... but hell take blackjack for one... It has been the worse case but best example of the changes being made to actual game that affect chances to win and thus the multiplier of specific hands that can be played. Yes I understand every casino can have their own rules to how black jack is played/dealt and it is their right to do as they please. ..... what is not fair is to make changes to the original release game play rules without telling the users about the change of rules or even putting them in the :how to play or rules section of the game: granted i admit, i have not examined in detail all the fine print this new version of blackjack which has been changed since the last time i played it oh maybe 100 days ago... or 70 days idk when it was my last time... but clearly a change has been made that affects how much i win or my chances of winning more than I could have if I were to have played the same hand 100 days ago.... if it is already in the rules, and that I have not read them, then I am in error and stake is slowly adopting ethical practices in terms disclosure of game rule changes and living up to the transparency... granted even if they have been disclosed.. it wasnt obvious to me, never got a email or PM or even cant find a page to refer to that the specific change has been made.,,, this is not ethical , it is wrong, sneaky and i could even go as far as saying deceiving to the very user/players who wage hard earned money when they expect one thing but are dumbfounded that rules are weird and changed..not even all users would realize the change if they are not versed at the rules well.... what im talking about specifically in this scenario and Blackjack is..... . the splitting of Aces upon being dealt (A,A) by the dealer to the user.. Okay the split feature works.... that is good so far. but it gets messed up automatically afterwards... It automatically makes me draw the next card as if i hit the" hit" button... Hold up stake... you used to let the user have the option to DOUBLE down on that split A on each hand, which of course gives the user a chance of likely winning a lot more than they would have won compared to simply FORCING the user to drawing the next card without any chance of doubling... The rules were not like this always, the rules got changed, were the users notified? did they figure it out on their own, i highly doubt it, and if they did get notified, is it stated in the rules section? this is not the first incident that has taken place with rule changes to blackjack having a detrimental effect on the user. Yes it is so much more better for the house for the rules to be this way, as it will allow the house to lose less of course, on the dealt AA hand. The odds are against the house of course if a AA is dealt to the user initially, so why change the rules from before stake thinks im sure, to better serve the business... ...................... this would have been a nonissue if the users were properly notified and this specific odd rule being this way and a nonstandard practice (ive never been to any casino that has these rules but i can see it be possible somewhere existing) but again that isnt the point, if transparency is valued, then value it. dont just talk the talk.. walk the walk as well. these are serious matters and its a slippery slope if stuff like this is not called out and addressed b users, its not about 1 hand or 10 hands or the multiplier or probability, its about transparency .. if a exploit or bug which in reality would be the thing to call something of a nature that could be found by a regular user is found and reported, then and only then the user that made the report is rewarded, but from past experience i found that if a user finds a bug or error or change that has not been addressed or disclosed properly or just error from developer programing that is essentially working against the user/player, that of of course is not as appreciated or rewarded anywhere as handsomely... i digress though, i should just keep things simple and not merge related topics... so dont just read the last paragraph and reply that this is not a bug yada yada, as i am not claiming it is.... i know it was a deliberate change as its so specific.... so its about tha disclosure, not having it been clearly announced to users is what the issue is about... if a list existed of changes and this was included then none of these kind of issues would be an issues and would even give stake some insurance to fall back on in a sense, as if it was announced in writing, then the bare minimum would have been done.. id like to tag @Edward to this topic, so that hopefully is seen and read by upper management (edward is eddy right)? as i know that rules are important to him and we have spoken i think about blackjack related matters in the past. apologies in advance if its not appropriate to tag that way for this kind of matter. https://stake.com/mission ________________________ okay okay i did go ahead and research the blackjack fine print and realized there has been a "rules" section added to the how to play section... This was not there 100 days ago, and should have been created after my first ever report of blackjack rules being changed like half a year ago, idk when they added this rules button and text but its new. Now the questions becomes, did stake ever announce . that this section of the rules page was changed and added or was it changed without our user knowlege of the change when it was first made live with changes .... so good for stake for making that page.. it took a while for them to do it but it was done and im happy progress is being made in such matters. ____ if there was an announcement that was seen by all players such as PM to all users, or email to all users or POPUP announcement to EVERY user who had played blackjack with the split AA rule not existing (only double on first card thing rule) then it is still as big of an issue and should still be taken with importance this whole blackjack example. I know for a fact popup msgs on the login of users can be made, as when seeds are forced to be changed the user gets a notification.... The same should have been done with BJ rule change update. As i never got the message or anything that would suggest a rule change, i assume it was never sent maybe it was announced on forum, but not all users use forum... so the attempt would nothave been good enough to inform all users which thought were playing with original rules... new accounts need not be notified of rule change as the rules had not changed for them, as they came to stake with the rules section update being in force, it would fall under the new user responsibility to inform themselves of the game rules before playing... i hope this makes sense to the readers, i know there will be some negative comments, and good ones supporting the argument. here is the new rules section. did all of you know about it im curious? when was it made and was it ever announced, if the answer is "no" to any of those questions. then you should realize how important this thread is to transparency in game rules and holding stake to live up to its mission statement. i leave you with the newly found rules of blackjack i dug up, again i commend stake for following MY SUGGESTION from the past for having this page of rules created and including it in the direct game page... _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ 1. Unlimited decks in play.2. Insurance is an optional side bet only available when the dealers reveals an Ace face card.3. If both the player and the dealer have natural blackjack, then the result is a push.4. If the dealer has natural blackjack, game concludes and insurance is paid if taken.5. You can only split once.6. You cannot hit on split aces.7. You can double on any first two cards.8. You can double on a split.9. Dealer stands on soft 17. _-_-_-_-_-_ these rules are found in blackjack game. I feel good about what I do and write, its stuff like this that gets real changes made. i may be cocky to say but, Shaniqua is a damn good asset to have around for feedback in all forms... ranging from suggestions to improve user experience all the way to standing up for user advocacy and transparency requests etc (i have more posts about transparency i will make in time.. as you see they take a lot of time and effort, im done for today, i exhausted myself writing this, share it with your friends! ~i am shaniqua, hear me meow! -fin.
  14. I think it would be very cool and even would encourage people to bet more (thus make the site more money in that aspect)... ... if there were daily prizes that were automatically rewarded to the users who rank on the top 10 or top 5 or whatever the set up is... could be 1st gets 10*y(coin) 2nd gets 5*(coin) 3rd gets 3*(coin) 4th, 5th gets 2* (coin) 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place in most wager just get 1*(coin) Does all that make sense? What do you guys thing, would you support it? Or even there can be mini events that payout automatically like, most wager between hours of 6pm-8pm or most profit between those times win x prize, would be cool if it were automated, what would be reallllllly cool but i doubt it would be considered would be if the mini contests could be created as a chat command like example :::: /contest (popup comes up) then you put paramaters, such as game, time between, and the what that is being measured such as most profit most loss, most wager, etc etc.... oh and prize money which the sponsor is giving to the game,,, and upon submitting it the system will autcmatically take out the prize money from the creators bankroll balance, and keep it safe for the winner, locked in, so no fake trivia like contests can be made... feels that would be way too much work for devs.... so just the original idea would be coolapable so a sponsor can type ___so let me know what you all thing about this one__ see ya in game peopleoples
  15. Hi all, i just wanted to say hello over here before you randomly spotted me in chat or something of that nature. I have been away for some time and have reluctantly returned. I dont think it will last too long my being here, as I dont think it is good for me. However, I will be in chat and happy to see all of you. Reasons I was away was personal, familial, and financial ones. I wish to not discuss any of that really. Well the official reason was defaulting on a 3 dollar loan =P a curious process i got to admit (getting back here etc). So that default kind of was what i needed to go away for a bit and try to be better at life... There are just 3 of you guys which I still need to get some things back to, you know who you are, and I want to mention I have have the intention of doing that ASAP and will be able to very soon. I will send PMs via forum or in game as well soon so its not a shock and rude of me to pop up out of nowhere and be like --kek ho lol .. thanks for understanding guys and not ending the world on me. I heart u : ___________________________________ but wow so much has changed!!! all bunch of weird features are added and some removed! a lot of my past suggestions too have been implemented ! shaniqua suggestions are phenomenal and you guys know it! btw are rewards still offered for having suggestion implemented? if so ill track the original posts down to show how early on was suggested keekke, but kek ho being cheap now... im grrr lalal pooped on cash and this will give me a little i think too! so see you on the game side you crazy rascals... good to be back , oh and gonna check out that vault feature i saw today ! i feel fuzzy inside lets gogogo and hello to all that dont know the shan that is eequa, ya ya me Shaniqua! what I did want to discuss or mention at least was that