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  1. m42z3c


    you will love this site , i do . ❤️
  2. i think it comes as u play. so if ur taking a break or not its about that next bet and weather or not its the winner.
  3. well over the last few months on stake i have not only recouped all my losses , but now profit in btc and ltc by quite some ammount. if i where to quit gambling i would want 1 MILLION dollars ( raises pinky ) .
  4. my fave anime that i can remember is pokemon ! i used to come home after kindergarten when it first started out and loving every moment . i watched other animes as a teen but this one is special to many of us !
  5. well, i get ''wrong sided'' all the time in dice. i hunt for 99.50 + usually . when i hit the wrong side, i take it with a grain of salt because as i am usually hunting for one side when it appears on the other side at least it wasnt against my plan.
  6. today i won 270x on a 8 pattern. it brought me to 30k doges. after that i had a massive dip in my winnings cause i was getting massive red streaks and only 4x on wins.
  7. thats a blurry picture, lol. grats on the win tho !