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  1. I would do like an 8 game parley with bunch of point teasers impossible odds
  2. Stake support is fair i love stake support stake support is the best im stake support lover stake support forver!
  3. https://youtu.be/2pMSeUHFBBQ
  4. Love how ez pz it is to use and fast no booshit
  5. Wow most people would degen that tip and sign off later making up some excuse like they thought was rain
  6. Really "Rainbot" was awesome when first incorporated into stake. You would get nice rains because back then most users did not have rake back so a lot more of the house edges percentage would go back out to active users in chatroom. Now I think chatbot just is Unnecessary and should be removed. Especially the notifications, Yes veery nice indeed but lags my game play like no tomorrow. Anyone else experiencing massive amounts of lag from seemingly nowhere? Please comment here and let us know I would like to know if anyone having same experience. Thanks guys. Ban Rainbot!
  7. o wow no obviously I missed that thanks for replying!
  8. Yes absolutely. I never liked chart bet ever! Limbo I see myself playing More and more little by little so 100% limbo ii s way better then chart bet. ... Now I'm not sure about the multiplayer one that maybe Moore fun then the old char beet but as of right now go go goo Limbo!
  9. Does anyone know about the artificial intelligence of auto bet while playing video poker? What cards will it hold and which ones would it muck?.. Is this posted anywhere because I would like to know. Also does anymore know how to change the AI lets say u only way to hold cards for the best chance too get a royal flush, is there any way to do this? or its just it is what it is and thats all u get.
  10. I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win I win winnnnnnnnn!
  11. For those of you who know me, already know I only play keno. Yees ONLY. Have logged quite a few hours playing this game and I haven't checked recently but safe to say over 1 million bets placed on keno alone. I do love keno more then ever now since was updated but one thing I dont like is the Lag that starts out of no where. This "lag" makes it impossible to hit any high multiplier and very difficult too hit any tiles. Especially when I start to bet anything close to 50,000 sat or high /(in alt coins about the same equivalent) and its happens to see every time. Does anyone else experience this death lag out of nowhere? Please let me know I would like to sort out where this lag is coming from or is it and issue ii am only having. I will post a screen shot from the other day to show with no lag what happens. I usually play 6 tiles classic risk. But this time I decided too play low risk and go for the 100X multiple and hit ended up paying off.