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  1. Levt211

    Wheel - The worst gamemode on the site.

    I like the wheel game but I dont like how it will break after few spins.... its just annoying
  2. Levt211

    Choose a Charity Poll #7

    FOR sure non other then Litecoin-foundation.org - The Litecoin Foundation is a promoter of both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Their main goal is developing and advancing blockchain technology for the future. why NOT?
  3. i think immediate payout for completed challanges is a great incentive also would narrow out the upset clients which dont get payouts for erroneous reason etc. all in all i havent seen less then 50 users complete payout for a while. also i think prize pots should be increased or add more tiers for higher prize pot. dont you guys agree
  4. MINES: 1,745,555,266 placed by Levt211 on 02/12/2018 Wagered 10.49290520 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 2899.47220928
  5. Levt211

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] See-Saw | Hilo challenge!

    HILO: 1,743,303,772 placed by Levt211 on 01/12/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 42.428x Profit 82.85607926
  6. BLACKJACK: 1,738,606,658 placed by Levt211 on 02/12/2018 Wagered 56.02399792 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 84.03599688 BLACKJACK: 1,738,513,336 placed by Levt211 on 02/12/2018 Wagered 3.49975000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 5.24962500
  7. Levt211

    [Prize Every Hour]

  8. Levt211

    Moblie vs. PC Plinko game play

    I’ll check it out thx for info yea tried to request desktop version on mobile and nothing happening I still see mobile version must from iOS safari i bet
  9. I Yea I’m having trouble locating the dashboard so I can withdraw forum satoshi. I am on moblie... anyone else having this same issue?
  10. I am cursed so I can’t win. But I still try
  11. Levt211

    Moblie vs. PC Plinko game play

    I personally despise playing plinko as matter of fact on moblie. I prefer to play on PC period. The main reason being that the autobet option no longer exist which I question why? I just don’t understand why it’s not even an option. Bring back autobet on moblie!
  12. Levt211

    Whats your dice strategy ?

    Guys feel free to post your dice strategy here and I will give it a go. hopefully will be successful and so will everyone else who checks out this post ... my goo too 99x 2% increase on loss base bet .00000025 sat. ez money
  13. Levt211

    My mines strategy

    I like to use the 14 diamond 4 mines Strat w 3% increased on loss.... key in strategy is to leave base bet low for example .00000008 btc this works well with low balance even faucet =X let me know what you guys think if you try it is one of my favs when I have patience. if you don't have patience for this strategy please dont even booth but it will pay out and pays wel!!!!! trust me on that
  14. Levt211

    finaly i win 1000x in plinko

    is it just nee or am I the only one who is noticing a lot more of these 1000x all of a sudden?.. I remember then it was impossible to hit. but now everyone and their mom hit 1000x today