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  1. Can't we do both? I mean seriously, I would LOVE to see XLM here as a currency option. At the same time, as I've been saying for the last year, I would LOVE more than anything to see more options available for video poker, such as Dueces Wild or Flush Fever... But more than that, I would love to see a double up option. Live poker would be great as well, like PVP. New slot games... The list goes on and on.
  2. Last year I hit 1000x on plinko here betting 0.00035 btc, which was pretty fantastic. I've had a few good wins here, but this was by far the best. Two days ago I hit 76x on plinko betting 0.0008 btc, which had put my balance right above 0.1 btc... Which is especially crazy because it took under an hour to go from 25k satoshi to 0.1 btc. I'm still pretty happy about that one.
  3. YES! I definitely do! Crypto.com is the best for sure. I even have a referral link, if you're willing to check it out. You'll get $50 and so will I. But it works great. You can instantly convert bitcoin or xrp or whatever to usd and withdraw from the ATM, or pay bills or whatever! PM me for my referral link if you're interested! Oh, the second one that works in the US is a MOVO prepaid card. You can download the app from the google play store or iPhone app store. I have both, and I DEFINITELY recommend crypto.com over Movo.
  4. Well, Fotis, I must say I'm a bit jealous. Wheel has never done well for me... except on medium risk 50 spots, and even that I have a horribly tough time gaining a balance. I can honestly say that I NEVER hit a 49.5x on wheel. I gave up after hunting it for 200 rolls three different times. I can barely hit a 9.5x or whatever the lowest setting on high risk gives you. I'm a little Jaded by wheel. However, what I CAN hit, sometimes 2 - 4 times in a row, is 60x on limbo. Almost always within my first 30 rolls. Those are awesome days.
  5. I couldn't agree with this statement more to be 100% honest. It gets kind of old here without a better selection of games. It shouldn't be so difficult to make a new slot game - change the graphics and have regular paylines and I'd be happier. At the same time... Slot sites use third party software which can be a big issue. If there's any glitches during your game (and they can call anything they want a glitch), it voids that spin completely. So if they don't want to pay out a progressive jackpot, they don't have to. And i know several people that has happened to. Although I'm a little bored with Stake, it will always be my favorite place to play.
  6. Honestly, your best chances of winning are going to be to decide if you're going to go for king or queen, and ONLY hold the one you decided on. The odds are pretty terrible for hunting a specific card for 4 of a kind to be honest. It's about 0.000204% chance to get 4 of a kind of a specific card. I'm pretty sure you've got a better chance hitting 1kx on plinko, and we all know how hard that is.
  7. Bocky! I just tried this now... and it is truly wonderful! It makes it so much easier to find specific bets you placed. It's incredibly easy to use as well. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  8. They were such great responses from everyone! I was a little overwhelmed at first and then realized you can quote specific parts of a post. It made it a lot easier to say what I wanted to in a single post - rather than spamming my own thread with responses. So here's something to consider with the passive tipping. Have you ever been on a good streak and all of the sudden have 10 message notifications pop up on you? It's REALLY distracting and irritating at times. At least you can disable those notifications and add people to your ignore list... But with tips, you're notified no matter what, even if the person tipping you is on your ignore list. It probably doesn't bother everyone, but it definitely bothers me. I've got a low tolerance for people interrupting my flow.
  9. Actually, I brought this up to Eddie, and some of the issues I mentioned are being fixed. Ghost mode now makes it look as if you haven't made any bets, making it harder to figure out who a hidden player is. Eddie said he is going to make a ticket to auto reject minimum tips or something along those lines, to keep people from being able to passively tip. I'm stoaked about this. This is the most annoying thing in chat, and the worst part is, they never learn. It's terrible, but I completely agree with how you handle it. I wish everyone else would do the same. And this is the unfortunate truth. People only notice what's directly in front of them and don't think of the big picture. Let's say someone just hit a 10kx multiplier... It might have taken that person more than 10k rolls to get there. ALTHOUGH, I have had people message me even when getting a totally red streak because I was betting 20k satoshi on limbo. Typically when I'm doing this it's a relatively low target (3x - 5x) and I'm using 20% of my bank roll to attempt to build a balance. It's almost more annoying to me when this happens, and it's why I only play hidden now. As I said, I say a lot of things in chat that may be interpreted as passive. If I say "grr" in chat, it's simply me making a statement that I'm frustrated and busted. I really wasn't expecting so many responses to this, thank you all so much for your input! I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way. I appreciate the time you all took for your responses!
  10. Hey everyone. So I've recently noticed a few things that I found incredibly irritating in chat, and I kind of want to vent about it. Ok, really wanted to vent about it. Keep in mind this is coming from me, and it's not uncommon for me to say things that may be interpreted as passive or are straight up passive - nor will I ever deny that. I'm simply sharing my opinion. First of all - if you see someone just had a big win, don't send them a tip to get their attention. This is like throwing pennies in someone's face because they haven't given you anything. It's the only notification that at this point in time comes through no matter what, meaning that they are going to blame YOU if they bust. Why? Because you decided to tip them a PENNY when you saw they just won $1000, which is not only distracting, but a major buzz kill as well. Don't passive tip. It's horribly rude, and you wouldn't want it done to you. Next, it seems that lately people have been watching hidden players' bets, figuring out who's seed belongs to who so that they know who to PM attack. In a lot of cases this would be a lot of work. If you've done this to beg from someone, I want you to add up the time it takes you to figure this out, divide it by whatever someone paid you to STFU, and realize that you'd make a lot more money with a lot less effort working a minimum wage job. I've had this happen to me numerous times by several people, and happens to many of my friends. Do you even care how desperate and parasitic this makes you look? Seriously, get a life. Next, I notice when someone draws attention to a high roller bet, or when someone rains, it's like 30+ people start tagging that person in every single post, spamming chat, and obviously wanting to be noticed. You don't have to tag every high roller, one person tagging them is enough to bring their attention to chat, where they will probably see your message anyway. Tagging someone and spamming chat is not going to increase your odds of getting free money. Stop embarrassing yourselves, and stop giving me a reason to add you to my ignore list. There's players here that have never said anything in the main chat room here because of this behavior, but over in sports chat they talk non-stop. They don't like the behavior of the people in the main chat room. And finally... I wish it were frowned upon to post bets in chat that aren't your own. Lots of other places don't like it when you do, I don't know why Stake approves someone you've never said a word to bringing attention to your bet in chat. You don't need to tell someone "gg frosty" or whatever especially before that person has had the chance to post the bet themselves! When you do that, you could be stealing their glory from them, or bringing attention to them when they are trying to maintain a low profile. Stop being vultures. Deposit your own money, win and lose your own money, and stop hoping that someone is going to notice you and send you a tip. If you see a friend is winning and you feel comfortable and confident in your friendship with them, chances are they are gonna tip you without you even asking. Silence is far more rewarding than being annoying. And that pretty much concludes my rant. If you've found yourself guilty of these things and are now feeling mad, that's good! It means you're reflecting on your actions and recognizing there is truth in what I'm saying. If you'd like to debate any of what I've said, I'm more than willing to try and see someone elses side of things here.
  11. I've been platinum for 3 weeks, haven't had a weekly bonus greater than about 150k since I became platinum... I think I wager about $6000 weekly on average lately, granted that's a rough estimate. I only recently found out from Eddie that your base amount will go down without wagering. It's probably a good thing that's in place to protect the casino from abuse and prevent people from selling their accounts.
  12. It has several factors, Actually... I'll break this down as best as I'm able to explain. The first factor is your current VIP rank, which determines the "base" amount of your weekly coupon... Obviously higher levels get a larger base amount. Base meaning what the bonus would be with limited wagering for the week - This can be a little confusing, as the amount will gradually decrease if you don't wager for long periods of time. One example is that I never got less than $5 every week as a Gold VIP, but I was wagering every week... Not much, but it was something. However a platinum player had said on chat not long ago that they get only $2 a week, since they haven't wagered in months. The next factor is based on house edge. So let's say you wagered a total of 2 btc during the week, you'll be looking at getting right about 0.002 btc on top of your base amount. I don't think this amount changes at all with VIP level, though. I haven't noticed a difference anyway. It's pretty much rakeback that you can only touch once a week. I hope that all makes sense... I have a tendency to make things sound more complicated than they actually are.
  13. From starting with 54 doge around this time last year, I was somehow able to turn it into a total of $700 USD over the course of a day. All on the 16 row plinko, and I had never even hit a 1000x that whole day. It was pretty crazy to be honest. Yesterday I had managed to turn 119 satoshi into 0.0018 btc in seconds on limbo. That was kind of cool, too. Seems like my best wins come from tiny amounts of coin. Funny how that works, huh?
  14. Personally I prefer to set my target anywhere between 3x and 11x, and bet 10% of my bankroll. Whenever I double my balance, I double my bet. I change sides entirely on a wild guess. If I hit 5 reds in a row or so, I half my bet until I start hitting greens again. Dice can turn a tiny amount of money into a large amount very quickly if done the right way. One of these days I'm hoping to have the patience to hunt larger multipliers on it... Unfortunately I don't see this happening with me any time in the nearby future.