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  1. Personally I prefer to set my target anywhere between 3x and 11x, and bet 10% of my bankroll. Whenever I double my balance, I double my bet. I change sides entirely on a wild guess. If I hit 5 reds in a row or so, I half my bet until I start hitting greens again. Dice can turn a tiny amount of money into a large amount very quickly if done the right way. One of these days I'm hoping to have the patience to hunt larger multipliers on it... Unfortunately I don't see this happening with me any time in the nearby future.
  2. Last year on new years eve I spent the night at the Green Sands Beach on the island I live on. The whole beach is made of olivine... We thought it would be a great way to start off the new year seeing something so beautiful as the sun came up.
  3. Niko, you said you deposited 0.015 btc and had it up to 0.03 btc? If I were you I would have cashed double your deposit amount, then continue to play. That way you know you've won something and can relax. You should also consider trying different games when one is no longer doing you too well. Shoot even taking a small break after you've won can help clear your head and break this pattern you're experiencing. Remember the definition of Insanity: "doing the same exact thing over and over again expecting a different result." Many of us gamblers experience insanity regularly. It's not impossible to break the habit, though. I hope you're doing well, my friend. If you ever wanna chat you know how to get a hold of me.
  4. My advice is hunt for 20kx on Limbo. No bot needed, and you'll probably hit it a lot faster. just set up your auto bet triggers to stop on profit and let it run while you sleep. One of two things will happen - either you'll hit your target and autobet stops, or autobet will stop from insufficient balance. Good luck, and happy hunting!
  5. The raffle was truly amazing. The fact that they added a coupon for everyone that had tickets made it even more amazing. I had 6 tickets and got almost 0.005 btc - I was pretty stunned (but quite happy as well). Congrats to everyone who won! For the big winners, go do something nice for yourself with your awesome winnings! Buy a new car, take a vacation, whatever but just remember that life is so much more than gambling. So take this opportunity to treat yourself. Y'all deserve it
  6. I used to change seeds while playing plinko... Then I realized instead of changing the seed, you can switch your row selection. Something I've learned about plinko is that no matter what your seed is, there is always a row that will do you really well. When you hit a lose streak, change rows again. Keep going until you find the one that is paying at the moment...
  7. Oh dear... I don't think I'd ever try for 10kx to be honest. I only do manual bets on mines... If I'm anywhere between 70x & 500x, I have an auto reaction to hit the cashout button and try again lol. I can only imagine how quickly I'd be breaking phones and computers if I was hunting for 10kx LOL. Limbo seems much easier for this imho.
  8. You know what, I've learned that hitting the Random Tile button is wayyyy better than me selecting the tiles myself. In fact it's rare that i have any luck with mines otherwise. Maybe give that a try, see if it works. Mines can be one of the most profitable games as well as the most frustrating game here at Stake.
  9. You can always ask support to ban your account for a short period of time if you feel the need to self-exclude. I asked Eddie if it were possible to set up gambling limits that we could set up - to keep us from going overboard. He said that several people had brought it up to him, and that at some point in the future, Stake will have these options available. The developers are working on so many things for the site right now. I don't think they should work on anything else until they fix the notification issues and fix the other errors. That's just my two cents though.
  10. The weekly boost? LOL I have yet to win anything on it. By the time I wake up in the morning and claim it, it's gone in 5 minutes no matter what game I play. Now the daily boost on the other hand I've won great on several times. I think what happens with the weekly boost is that the amount is just barely high enough for me to bet a bigger percentage of my bank roll than I normally would.
  11. Yes I know I have certainly bet significantly higher when I noticed how close I was to going up another VIP level. And honestly had I just gone slower, it would have taken less time. I kept busting over and over, was not the smartest thing to do for me at the time. I forgot sports betting gives 3x VIP points, but I'm not one to bet on sports at all. Never been a big fan of it, but that's just me.
  12. Nope. The only faucet sites that would be worth anyone's time are the sites that give you the option to gamble your faucet claims. I've gotten really lucky a few times at these places, but for normal faucet sites you're only claiming fractions of a penny at a time. It's definitely not worth anyone's time.
  13. There is nothing worse than being muted on Stake in my humble opinion. It's happened to me twice, both times were to my surprise. I think it's a great way to teach people to be respectful in chat. I do feel that sometimes it's used a little excessively at times, though. I also feel like there are some people that, no matter what they do, they don't get muted. I'm not going to mention anyone there, it's just my personal observation. For all I know, those people may get muted when I'm not online.
  14. Haha my life is certainly eventful, that's for sure. I had forgotten all about getting arrested on Christmas 2 years ago... Until I found the picture digging for a photo to upload. I figured it was appropriate to post a picture of it since it's that time of year. Also thought it would make a few people laugh. I find that picture quite amusing myself. The good news is I haven't been arrested since!
  15. I'm gonna have to say that nothing gives me a rush quite like a really good win streak. I'm talking about that feeling you get when you've managed to turn 1k sats into 1 mil sats thanks to a series of good wins. Granted it's nice if it happens in one bet, it's not nearly as satisfying to me.