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  1. This is so sad to see... I will never understand how scammers can justify this type of thing. It's not even something to be proud of... Thank you for sharing this, Pae.
  2. I've won more on Plinko than on any other game here. I don't use it to build my balance, I like to go big or go home. Depending on how my bankroll is looking and the number of pins I'm playing on I will bet between 5% - 25% of my total balance at a time. When I win, it's epic. If I lose, I go to a different game. Plinko is definitely different for everyone though from what I've noticed.
  3. My highest was sadly 178x. I get way too nervous to go too far with it... I tend to use hilo to build my balance up slowly if I'm almost busted. I don't know if there's a limit to how high the multiplier can go.
  4. For me, always high risk with Keno and Plinko. Keno I will only bet about 1% - 2% of my bankroll at a time, and select 5 - 7 tiles picked at random, not moving them at all. I was always taught that playing Keno while in a casino is how you held onto your money. That being said, I don't really play it expecting or trying to make a profit. Plinko for me is only worth it at high risk and a high bet. Lately I've grown very fond of betting 20k - 200k satoshi per roll. I want to double my bankroll every time I hit a 26x. If I hit 1000x I wanna know I can take a vacation somewhere with what I just won.
  5. I don't see this as starting a war. I see this as Trump talking down about something that he doesn't understand, as always. If the man truly understood what Bitcoin was and how it worked, he would be all over it. The man isn't good with investments, nor does he understand them. He went bankrupt while owning a Casino for fucks sake. If he wanted to start a war on cryptocurrency, he'd just throw the USA into a National Emergency and have a Government Shutdown again like he did when he was trying to get funding for his "Wall" to keep people from illegally entering the US. I really don't believe we have anything to worry about here personally.
  6. This doesn't really surprise me to be honest. It's the IRS. They're probably only looking at people that used to pay large amounts of taxes every year and suddenly have stopped. They are already over 4 years behind on the majority of their work, so I can't imagine they would be looking into every individual person. Still, it is a major invasion of privacy for US Citizens... Oh, wait, what privacy? The US has been collecting information from people's cellphone's and computers for years, claiming it's for the "Safety of the People". pffft.
  7. I'd definitely add a double-up feature for Video Poker... Like guess Hi or Lo with a 50/50 chance of doubling your win. And maybe add the option to play Deuces Wild / Joker Poker / Flush Fever. Jacks or Better is great and all but it gets a bit old sometimes.
  8. Are we still waiting? Blahh. I'm impatient. Good luck everyone.
  9. Hi Etude! I completely agree. Sometimes I even dance around and get into a rhythm as I guess correctly. It's just not nearly as fun without sound. Actually that's how I feel with most of the games here, unlike other sites where the sounds tend to drive me nuts.
  10. I had completely forgotten they removed this feature until reading this. I was sad at first, but then I started thinking about the amount of bandwidth you would need to save replay data for every plinko bet that's been placed on Stake. I imagine it would be quite a bit. It was a cool feature, but it's not missed too much by me personally.
  11. defrostbyte#9724
  12. Personally, I feel that reputation is important in any situation - Even more so at a Casino. Trust can be hard to earn, and easy to lose. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. While I would like for people to have a good opinion about me, my opinion on myself is much more important. If I go around doing shady things, I don't feel good about doing them. I can't imagine it makes the victim feel good, either. That aside, I want people to take me seriously. So for my own sake, as well as others, I want to show actions that reflect in a positive way that will build a decent reputation for myself. I also feel that having a good reputation is a good way to earn respect without demanding it.
  13. Entered. Best of luck to everyone! 🙂
  14. It's funny you posted this, I literally just asked support if birthday bonus money was a thing here. A lot of casinos give money to people on their birthdays... The coupons I've gotten from stake just over the last month have been way better than birthday money any casino has given me. I feel like giving out a birthday bonus at crypto casinos would have serious potential to be abused by players, so I would think there would have to be some sort of verification system set in place.
  15. I can't think of a time I got rain when I was on my phone to be honest... If I'm on a computer I get rain all the time. Dunno if it actually makes a difference but it certainly seems to be the case for myself.