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  1. Hello everyone! Recently, I have been finding myself that when I go on a big winning streak, my ambitions get the best of me and I let my increasingly growing adrenaline allow myself to make stupid bets. However, I have tried walking away from the screen after big wins and letting them settle in, and found that if doing that I am able to think clear headed and not make stupid decisions. I was wondering if you all feel the same way, or if I am just hella addicted Hope you all have a great day!
  2. Haha I always wonder where people get the inspiration and creativity for these kinds of things, what a jokester!
  3. Sped

    First snow!!!

    Hi Gilan, that is awesome to hear haha, it snows a lot where I am from but that’s cool to see and hear have fun man.
  4. Hello Nuuuu, I was muted for a pretty stupid reason quite recently haha! I was talking to a friend in chat, who I know IRL. I haven't seen or talked to him in a while so I said Hello to him in chat. He did not respond so i typed out the message "What happened (name) did you forget about me?" Apparently, he was also doing tips to randoms at that time so it made me look like I was passive begging. I was muted for 8 hours, and after messaging support about it and giving proof to the situation they said they would fix it. It was fixed 7 hours later with 30 minutes left in the ban. What can you do.
  5. Hello Stakers! Personally, I have never once placed a sports bet on a gambling site. There are many reasons for this: 1. I almost never have enough money where I can deposit it on a sports match on a 2x and win a good amount of money. 2. I feel as though I am super unlucky with calling sports events so I just stay away. 3. I like to gamble my money fast and quickly, so I use it very fast and making a bet that will take hours for a possible 2-4x just doesn't seem worth it to me. However, this is all just my opinion, so how do you feel about it. If you have enough balance, do you think it's worth risking it on a researched team, or do you just send a yolo because your sick of betting for the day? Thanks, have a great day!
  6. Hello stakers! Recently, while I have been gambling I have been finding that after I win a little and build up, if I take a break and let the adrenaline calm down I play smarter and build up more often. Do you guys take breaks while you gamble, in that I mean you get up from your computer and do something else with your time. I have a lot of trouble doing this because im addicted and when I have balance I just want to continually use it constantly! Anyways, thanks for all your inputs, I look forward to reading them. Have a great day!
  7. Hello, I am currently reading the hobbit, for the first time. I have heard from many other people that is a great book!
  8. Hello, Dogs are much better for many reasons. One, you can actually give them love and they will accept it, because they aren't bitches like cats. Cats will scratch you and all they do is sleep, where you ca jn enjoy the prescence of a dog.
  9. Hey there Echang, My best hit was a 208x on mines with 750k eth. I made around 1.5m eth, and it was a sick night. i think I hit this around 3 or 4 times and it was just crazy. Hope Everyone has a great day!
  10. I think that my favorite pet is dogs, I am not much of a fun of cats. They are lazy and just lay around all day, while you can run dogs and play with them and all sorts of stuff. Cats are too boring for me.
  11. Hello Bibots, my favorite casino game is either blackjack or mines I say this because mines is awesome and so diverse and how much you can win and how its more user luck based rather than site luck based. I usually go for higher multipliers like 200x or around there, but you can go for a 1.13x or a 5x, literally anything you can imagine. I think that this and then an all in occasionally on blackjack is the best way to build up at least for me on stake. Hope everyone has a great day !
  12. Hello Manas, I personally have never gotten "rich" from stake, but I have definitely made money off of it haha! Just about a week ago I made nothing to about 800 dollars and withdrew it was awesome. I am sure that some people have definitely made it rich off stake, especially those who give out loans, and you can watch highroller and be amazing at what people will do if you are curious. Thanks for the good post, and I hope everyone has a great day!
  13. I am currently watching in the dark on Netflix, which is about a blind girl finding her best friends killer, it sounds kinda shitty and starts off slow but gets really good really quick.
  14. Yes I agree that this notification should have appeared much earlier, because then a lot of stakers could've avoided the hacks and account steals that occurred in the past. In my opinion the two factor saves people, a lot and it's really a good idea. Too many people have been shafted by hackers to be fair.
  15. I think that you have a much better chance on online casinos than in real casinos. While this may sound stupid on paper because you could rig an online casino, at least stake I feel you make much more profit than say a real casino. Along with this, real casinos do not give out as any free money to their users to get them more addicted, so that's why stake is supreme. Also, no person in a real casino will "tip" you like on stake.
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