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  1. Hello wngo, this sounds too complicated for a stake game to be honest. Along with the fact that it would be difficult to navigate, how would you lose money on this? Would there be an insta crash, and does it stop only on those 5 multipliers. I think there are a lot of unanswered factors that go into this that you didn’t, so i would rethink this and come back with a more solid plan. hope everyone has a good day!!!
  2. PLINKO: 7,935,986,128 placed by Sped on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.01382700 PLINKO: 7,936,023,605 placed by Sped on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 130x Profit 0.00425700
  3. Hello, I personally do not enjoy Video Poker, As I feel it is one of the worst gamemodes on stake. In my experience with trying it, I have never made profit trying many different things. I just feel as though its like Keno, there is the chance of winning big, but for me that never happens. Anyways, You are entitled to do what you want to do, I just dont personally enjoy it.
  4. Hello SLFJ, The most I ever made from a coupon was from a xrp coupon. I recieved I believe around 18 from it, and since it wasnt a lot I was betting stupid. I went for an all in 10x two times. So I hit the first on dice, and made 180 xrp. Then I clicked it again not realizing how much xrp is worth and hit it again making 1800 xrp. I later looked up how much it was worth and instantly withdrew, it was a nice day! haha! Hope everyone has a good day !
  5. Hello Stakers! I recently just noticed that the vault UI changed. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to withdraw from vault before I figured out you press the little arrow in the middle haha! Personally, I don't really like the new UI I think the older one was cleaner, but I want to hear what all of you think. Do you rather this or the old UI and why? Thanks and I hope everyone has a great day! :"D
  6. Hello Storm, I like the dice roll animation, it builds a sort of suspense and I have grown to love it. The dice gamemode is one of the ones that I really can't complain about, because I really like how it looks and how smoothly it runs, along with that I usually make profit with it as well haha! I hope everyone has a great day!
  7. Hey there Echang, My best hit was a 208x on mines with 750k eth. I made around 1.5m eth, and it was a sick night. i think I hit this around 3 or 4 times and it was just crazy. Hope Everyone has a great day!
  8. Hello there, if you play stake and you play with money that isn't spare, or that you can't afford you need to get off stake. Stake is here for entertainment and to spend some spare cash, not make your entire income off of because you will lose. This is advice for everyone who uses stake. I hope nobody is in that place.
  9. Hey there SLFJ, I don't really spend too much time on stake, its whenever I have some time to kill or feel like messing around and having some fun I go on stake. I don't think there is any real set of amount of time I do day to day, because It is truly however I am feelign that day that is how long I will stay on. Hope everyone has a great day !
  10. Hey there Stakers, I can't really give you an accurate amount because my withdrawal amount depends on how much I deposit or start with. I guess I can give you my minimum, which is the withdrawal has to be over 500 dollars, or else I dont see a point in withdrawing. Hope this helps!
  11. Hello Stakers , How often do you guys use random tile feature, if at all? Do you use it for that last mine you need to hit but don't know where to click, or go all out and just use random tile exclusively. I have started trying to use random tile here and there and even exclusively, and it has never gone well lol. I feel as though the part of mines that draws me to really keep using is that since you can choose the tile you feel you have some sort of control over the matter, but for random tile there is no user selection, its back to sheer luck. So again, how often do you use random tile? and does it work? Hope everyone has a great day!
  12. Hello Eli, I am going to assume you mean the highest multiplier with balance I have ever hit correct. If so, yesterday I hit 500 satoshi on an 800x on mines and won over 400k btc. It was an amazing win. However, my biggest win on a high multiplier was this. I hit this 3 times and made the most money I have ever made on stake. It was a good day haha. MINES: 7,714,600,016 placed by Sped on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00750000 Multiplier 208.72500610351562x Profit 1.55793750
  13. I think that my favorite pet is dogs, I am not much of a fun of cats. They are lazy and just lay around all day, while you can run dogs and play with them and all sorts of stuff. Cats are too boring for me.
  14. Hello Leth, I feel as though there isnt really a strategy to blackjack. I personally believe that blackjack is one of the gamemodes on stake that is almost 90% luck. There are some strategies, but it really comes down to how lucky you can get. I would recommend always standing on 16, hit 15 if the dealer has a chance of getting a 10 on the flip and beating you, and basically everything else is feel. You could be the most skilled blackjack player in the world and still lose money, so it really just comes down to sheer luck. I hope this helped!
  15. Hello Bibots, my favorite casino game is either blackjack or mines I say this because mines is awesome and so diverse and how much you can win and how its more user luck based rather than site luck based. I usually go for higher multipliers like 200x or around there, but you can go for a 1.13x or a 5x, literally anything you can imagine. I think that this and then an all in occasionally on blackjack is the best way to build up at least for me on stake. Hope everyone has a great day !