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  1. Hello Stakers! I have played on stake for a while, and like most of you I definitely try new currencies when they come out however, do you continue to? Ever since XRP came to stake, I used it for about a month and then it just became another source of rain to me. Have any of you actually still used and won with xrp?
  2. Hey ThePug, I'm glad to hear your back . While the forum rewards system has changed quite a lot in your absence, I hope you still enjoy everyone's prescence, have a great day!
  3. Hello Alyem, While I do not have a picture of it like yourself, I have hit a 20000x on hilo before with a 100 satoshi balance. I was shitting my pants because it was on the hilo bot and when I heard the ding sound I went beserk. Hope you have a great week!
  4. Hello stakers, I have played a lot of mines, considering it was the only gamemode I played before slots. My question to all of you is, do you like to play mines with sounds on or off? I personally have found I do better with sound off. While I enjoy the game better with sound on, i get too nervous because of the sounds and pussy out of what I want to go for. When I don't have the sound on, I am able to go balls to the wall and really make some mad profit. Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. Hello Mah, for Me the biggest loss is bitcoin. I have lost so much profit in bitcoin its not even funny. My biggest wins have definitely been litecoin, because I withdrew 15 ltc at one point from a crazy run, which was my biggest withdraw.
  6. Hello Osmann, While I agree that it is annoying we have been promised many things about stake and nothing has been recieved for it, I think we should give stake a break. They work very hard to give everyone free money and chances to get addicted to teh site, so whats a couple more days for the coupon right?
  7. Hello Fotis, This is a perfect reason why I try to stay away from Keno. In the end, I always get butt fucked and I feel as though I never really come out with profit. Also its just not fun, and slots is a better version of Keno anyway xD.
  8. Hello everyone! As I have said in my other posts, I am obsessed with slots right now. I think it is a very fun and exhilirating gamemode that can be played for hours. This being said, my best payout so far was this SLOTS: 10,130,808,417 placed by Sped on 15/10/2019 Wagered 0.00075000 Multiplier 111.5999984741211x Profit 0.08295000 I was shitting my pants when I hit this because I had 3 retriggers in the same bonus, how often does that happen. My question is what is the best win all of you have had, and have you hit 4 or more scatters in one row before? Hope eveyrone has a great day!
  9. Hello SLFJ, I agree with you on the fact that hilo is my favorite of these four. This is only because I feel video poker is a waste of time, I think that keno is rigged and I have never made profit off of it, and that blackjack hits wayyyy more reds than greens and I think has a much lower 2x win rate than say dice. Hope this answers your question!
  10. Hello Everyone , Recently I have done a lot of slots and have grinded the gamemode and came to a conclusion. I feel that slots without a large balance is pointless. The point of slots is to play with a very small portion of your bet and hope to hit high mutlipliers and make a lot of profit in the long run. This is my conclusion. This being said, if you have a small balance slots is almost impossible to win big unless you get extremely lucky. How do all of you feel about this, do you agree or disagree? Hope everyone has a great day!
  11. Hello Wngo, Unfortunately, I dont see coinflipping happening at stake. I think they view this as a boring gamemode, and so they will liek to add gamemodes where they can make more money. I also think people would get really bored of coinflips personally. I hope everyone has a great day!
  12. Hello Orn, Unfortunately, people forget that casinos are a business made to make money. So because of that, you should be losing your money. It is actually rarer to make money than to lose it, so why do we do it. Who knows, but the leaving message is people in the moment who get upset, and we can't really blame them because we've all been there before. Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. Hello Orn, I like the one person rain as well. While it removes the fact that a lot of people could benefit from the rain, it adds a lot of randomness and hype, because if you do recieve that 1 man rain it makes your day. Also, if you are the one raining, you make someone feel really good! Hope eveyrone has a great day!
  14. Hello Ali, Unfortunately, I don't have any luck on keno. Today, i went 6 tiles selected on medium and I hit a 0x 60 rolls in a row, so I'm not the best for this haha. I think the highest I ever hit was a 70x tbh, and that was fucking surprising for me. I just don't really get lucky on this gamemode. Hope everyone has a great day!
  15. Hello all!, Every single time i have played Keno I have ripped. Today, I tried going for 6 tiles selected on medium, and i didnt hit any green or like a multiplier besides 0 for 60 rolls no joke. I just don't understand how to play, so can some of you share your keno strats or even how much you bet each time, because I'm obviously doing something wrong. Hope everyone has a great day!