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  1. Playing slow for me never works, I just rip slower. I feel like if you are willing to play risky and are willing to risk it all then you will make more money than just playing it safe. In my experience in the past, playing it safe never works.
  2. Hahahah, I do the same thing but most of my patterns are on mines and are letters, so they are pretty easy to name hahaha. I especially like the FU pattern, I think thats very creative and funny, and might even add some closure if you rip on that pattern. but, Before you even start to go on that pattern you have to make sure your seed is a FU hahaah.
  3. Its actually funny, last night i built up from 700k eth to .45 eth, and was living the dream. However, i went 92 rolls for a 27x and i didnt hit it once, and ripped. then, no joke 20 seconds later Eddie got on Stake and said in chat, race time. I have never been so mad, but a 1000 dollar race started for 100 winners right after i ripped. I think my strategy would have been .1 on a 1.01x on dice, but I wouldn't know because I ripped right before it.
  4. This would be such a good idea if it was implemented. The idea is very well thought out and I truly enjoy the idea, and would love to see how it would play out on stake.
  5. I just think that its more accessible and easier on the eyes so they thought this was a good idea. However, since the update was released there has been a lot more bugs brought up since before, and personally I don't prefer this update. I wish that they would add a way to go back to the old site but oh well stake 2.0 is fine. I just wish that they would fix bugs first then test their new stuff.
  6. No, I can confidently say that i have never had the pleasure of getting three blackjacks in a row, I feel lucky if i get one. That is a very good streak tho, even though its only 2.5x. I feel like blackjack feels so much more rewarding winning because its only a 2x, but that could be just me :D.
  7. I think this would be a great idea for us users on stake, but I dont think it would be in the best interest for the site. This is a crypto site, in where most users don't really grasp how much money they are playing with because its not in dollars but in bitcoin(me as well). I usually will play and after I rip look at how much I lost. If a USD option was there, then pooeple would play less risky and stake would probably lose a lot of money.
  8. I think that stake is one of the most generous sites out there. Not only for the forum reward system you have mentioned, but also for the affiliate system and the amount of rains and money given away as well. The affiliate system is crazy generous, not only giving out money for losses but wins as well. Along with this, the amount of rains and trivia done throughout the day along with rollhunts is absurd, and something to really love on stake.
  9. hahahahhaa, I play on stake for a while at work because I usually have tons of free time considering on the day, and it is a great way to pass time. usually, if I have balance going to work, i will but a small autobet on testing a new strat and then look at the live stats when I get a minute to see how well it did, this is just to pass time and have fun during work. Some days though I don't have any time for stake and unfortunately I am not able to touch it haha!
  10. I change my seed directly after a long win streak and then the first loss, as this I feel gives me the most profit and luck. I usually don't do it often as I don't get many win streaks, but when it does it's almost like confirmation of it and a reward to myself to be like, yeah I just got a huge win streak lets get it!
  11. I think that this is a great idea, to just have like a button for OG players to return and have some nastalgia from the good old days. I don't know why they don't do this, maybe they scratched the original design but it would be cool to see something like this added in the future.
  12. I don't think it really matters either way, because if the bank account is like named: Williamsbank or something like that, then they can find it easily by just doing the @ in chat and adding your first name to find it. Then they know just as much as they knew before, but if you add two-factor I believe you should be fine william!
  13. AHAHHAHAHAH, this is an interesting concept. While you don't get scared or anxious you are also betting stupid, but betting stupid can work well a lot of the time! I never really dabbled in this, as most of the enjoyment in gambling for me is the anxious anxiety and fear, but it's a really cool and potentially genious concept.
  14. I think that the rewards were delayed a couple minutes, because the same thing happened to me but then I waited like 10 minutes and then they were all there, it was just a visual bug or a problem with too many people on forums I believe.
  15. I found out about stake from some online buddies from other sites that I knew and befriended. One day, they all were just like OMG we just found this amazing site and it's based around crypto. This was also at the time with big faucets(AKA 100 btc per faucet) and we would constantly build up from this, it was a good time!