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  1. Hello everyone! Recently, I have been finding myself that when I go on a big winning streak, my ambitions get the best of me and I let my increasingly growing adrenaline allow myself to make stupid bets. However, I have tried walking away from the screen after big wins and letting them settle in, and found that if doing that I am able to think clear headed and not make stupid decisions. I was wondering if you all feel the same way, or if I am just hella addicted Hope you all have a great day!
  2. Hello Tror, Honestly, this would not be thard hard to add. I completely agree that we should have side bets because that would make blackjhack that much more intersting, but to add it to the code will not be difficult. They already have it all coded in, they just need to add the side bet option which shouldnt take that long. Hope you have a great day !
  3. Hello Stakers! Recently, I noticed on stake after winning some 50$ bets that I was not put on high rollers and was confused. Then a nice stake user kindly informed me that the cap was raised to 100$. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this. On one end, this means that getting on highrollers is a bigger accomplishment and should be cherished more. However, this also means that getting that sweet flame is going to be more difficult! I personally enjoy it however because this means there will be less flexes in chat, and begging. There is not a lot on stake I hate more than peo
  4. Hello Stakers! Stake is definitely one of if not my favorite site to gamble on, however there are a few gamemodes that I find a little suspiscious. One being blackjack. Today, I did 8 bets on blackjack, and every single one i didn't start above a 16 and lost every single one. Then after I ripped it all, I did a 0 bet and got 21. Throughout the entire day, I have not been in profit once from playing blackjack. I wonder how its even possible? What are some of your strats for winning on blackjack, because obviously im doing something wrong, tahnks!
  5. Hello stakers! I am an avid mines player, but I am trying to get off this sinking ship and hop over to the dice community! What is your guys best strats for making money on dice, because I'm trying to find new ways to bet haha! Right now my dice strat is this. I do a 1.06x multiplier and go small amount until a loss. Then, I do two more bets with the same amout of money and wait until two wins in a row after losing a bet, then all in. Then I go 1 bet with small amount and re all in then repeat this process. Does anyone have a better strat? let me know! Have a great day
  6. Hello Osmann, I actually totally disagree with you. If you have recieved a ban from stake that can't be appealed, you have done something truly unforgiveable. People shouldn't just get a second chance that's not how life works unfortunately, if they haven't earned it or have done something to deserve it the punishment should stick through. Unfortunately the mod system is very forgiveable already, so getting banned means you really f*cked up.
  7. Haha I always wonder where people get the inspiration and creativity for these kinds of things, what a jokester!
  8. Hi Nicol, Honestly I would just say it is shit luck. Unfortunately, I am an avid mines player as well and i know the feeling and situation all too well. I have gone hundreds of rolls without a simple 40x, and the all in is all too familiar too me. I go 3 mines, and then after losing a ridiculous amount of money on insta crashes, I all in and then Bam another one but the one preceding the all in goes to like a 100x. Unfortunately, this is just bad luck, so i hope you better luck in the future! Have a great day!
  9. Hello Sean, this is a great idea and thought process haha! My problem is I never manage my money correctly, so when my emotions get the best of me I lose my temper and lose all my money. I feel with this strategy I will be forced to play more safely and better! Thanks! Have a great day!
  10. Hello Stakers! I feel personally for me, a big reason why I dont withdraw is because I don't have a goal in mind, so the point of this post is to force everyone to think of what they want to withdraw so they have a goal in mind. For me personally, I want a new graphics card. I would like 200 dollars to try and figure out a good graphics card that works for my computer. What do all of you want if you go on a big win streak? Have a great day!
  11. Hello stakers! As I know you all know, the feeling of winning a large amount is exhilarating and really gets your blood pumping. This then creates a feeling of craziness, where sometimes personally I make stupid bets and larger bets than normal because of my adrenaline and lose my money. i have found that if I take a break and come back, when I calm down and relax I play much smarter and win more bets because of it. do you guys feel the same way, if you relax when you gamble you win more then when you are all adrenalined up and make impulsive bets?? have a great day!
  12. Hi Wiro, I really hope that they keep it. This was a great christmas present and surprise and really revived the community on the forums. It gives people an incentive to really come close together as a community. I hope it continues so people continue to grow closer together, and also that I will get more rewards haha! Have a great day!
  13. Hello, I think you answered your question in your own post. Steak has become a very well-known site which means there are a lot of high rollers that deposit there. Because of this they no longer need to bring in attention to stake they just need to keep people playing on stake to stay there. This is why they do so many promotions for money because they are making so much That they can afford to keep spending money in order to keep people to come back and spend more of their own money. Along with this most people lose the free money anyway so they just make a base profit. Hope you ha
  14. Hello tipper, this is very true ha ha honestly too true. Unfortunately state chat for a large majority of chatters has become a begging ground. All most people care about now is whether you want big and if you can send the money to them. If you rip oh well that means you’re useless to them so they move onto the next victim and it’s sad. This is a good topic for people who don’t think about the process and only the results. Hope you have a great day.
  15. Hello ry! i will definitely tru this as it seems a legit and easy way to get a high wager! this seems like a great strategy for racing, which is probably why I see so much baccarat during racing. i think this is probably the only good use for baccarat hahahah. have a great day!
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