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  1. I don’t really think stake requires any more game modes I think there are a large amount to pick from already, but if there had to be another one I would chose slots. I think that it would be the most fun game mode to add, other than poker.
  2. Its just probably the most asked for currency out of all the ones they want to add. personally I don't like it but a lot of people do, the next coin they add will probably be the most requested as well. I don't really think there is anything else involved in it, its as simple as that.
  3. I think I do roughly 1 deposit for around 10-50 dollars, every week but I do a bunch of small ones like yourself constantly, and everything always rips anyways.
  4. I can see how it would affect relationships, if the addiction over takes their life and priority over many things, however for me stake is just a pass time, and something to do when I have nothing else to do and to have fun, I try not to let it control my lifestyle and time. My relationships are fine because I don't try to push it on them or ignore them for it, also I don't think if someones relationship is messed up that they would say it on this site haha!
  5. My first profit is still in my bank account haha, anytime I make money or withdraw it just goes to my bank account and I keep it for my savings, mainly because I don't withdraw unless it is a large amount that I wouldn't spend on just one thing.
  6. I have been thinking about this rather frequently, since crash is running constantly without having to bet on it, what if there was a way to say, only start betting if the multplier (input) hasn't hit in (input) rounds. This would enable players to autobet on a setting with a higher percentage for winning, say you did only start auto betting if a 2x hasn't hit in 4 rounds, and your chances of winning are increased greatly. let me know what you think about this?
  7. I prefer to go for higher multipliers, and by this I mean 20x or higher, and this is because I have been watching crash quite frequently recently and have noticed that there is not a good amount of low multi's (3x-6x) to hunt them and make profit a majority of the time, if you chose your times wisely with bigger multipliers however, it seems to work better!
  8. It definitely keeps me from sleeping when I am winning haha, I will not even have any concept of time, I will just keep going until I rip and I look at the time and its morning haha!
  9. I think that this would be a good idea and an interesting one at that. I don't know how to community would do with it, but it would be very funny and amazing to watch all the amazing posts that stakers would input for this challenge hah! Maybe it could be a public vote as well?
  10. I think that this is probably a little annoying but a good idea to make the challenges harder, this makes the challenge that much more interesting and overwhelming when you do complete it, because its that much more rewarding. It may be annoying, but I think that it can be a long and gruesome challenge, but at least everyone has the same chance and its not easy.
  11. I usually go for at least 20x multipliers, because I feel like they are the best and I have noticed that on stakes crash there are not a lot of low multipliers, at least to make profit hunting them so hunting the higher multipliers seems to work out more for at least me.
  12. Recently, after losing a lot of money constantly, I keep asking myself why do I keep coming back and gambling on stake? Then I started to really think about it. I think I stay here because of the fantastic community, and the large multitude of ways to earn money through either the forums or rains, along with the amazing support and the fact that the owner is one of the nicest people I've ever met(Eddie). Just because I'm losing a lot doesn't mean the site is bad, in fact it means its doing its job in the fact that its a company making money, anyway thats my spheal. What are all of your reasons to continuously use stake?
  13. I always claim rakeback after a really big rip, because its usually after not hitting the same pattern, so I will usually try and hit it with my rakeback and pray that I can get lucky and maybe win haha!
  14. I have played basically only mines with a few exceptions when I play on stake, because I feel it is the most "in your hands" and theres so much you can do with it. Recently, I have gone through a lot of changes on how I play mines, the biggest being how big my multiplier I hunt for is. When I first started mines, I strictly went for 18x-40x multipliers or even up to 200x, and didn't really try to play the low multiplier game. But recently, I have been doing bigger bets for lower multipliers(3x-7x). They all usually end up ripping me, but while the bigger multiplier takes longer to rip, I feel as though I build up higher playing lower multipliers. What do all of you think, do you think low multipliers and bigger bets is the way to go, or is going with a small starting balance and going for crazy high multipliers the better way to play?
  15. I think this could lead to a lot of hacks and other stuff, along with a lot more negativity in the stake community. I think on paper it is a good idea, but actually implemented could blow up in your face and a lot more stakers being hacked or blackmailed or any other of this sort of stuff. It could lead to a lot of toxicity, so sorry but im against it.
  16. I would definitely go out and see the world. The only reason I don't is because of work, money, obvious reasons. I would love to travel and go out to fancy places and do all that with the people I love, unfortunately I haven't been dealt that hand yet. Hopefully in the near future or even later future I have that luxury, but right now I'm on the grind, and one day would love to see the world!
  17. Yeah the faucet is pretty rough right now, but they give away enough as is to be fair. The faucet is kind of just there to be busy stuff, not really to give a chance of building up which is understandable, because if you think abouthow many challenges and giveaways and rains they constantly do, along with the bonuses they offer they don';t need to do a lot of faucet, they are generous enough! actually more than generous!
  18. I don't understand this question? These people will do giveaways, these will attract people and potentially their alts which boosts their channel and increases its outreach. From there, people may become a subscriber because they like the channel, or to get extra sub luck in giveaways. This gives them more incentive to stream and more money to play with in the future. Then they are able to be sponsored by stake because of how large they grow, and then they are making money off of stake and off of their twitch, along with giving away money they got for free. This is a good idea, what is so confusing?
  19. This is an idea I just thought of, because I am one of those people who like to save up their forum reward balance, and constantly try to do the forum challenges every week, so shouldn't there be an option to send the challenge reward to your forum balance. This would not only be awesome to see in chat pop up, oh Sped got 90k from forum ahah, but it gives the users that want to build up their forum balance a chance to really shoot it up. Let me know what you think about this, I think it would be a great idea!
  20. My bravest bet is a hard question to ask, because the largest amount of profit I have ever hit was 1k sats on a 2277x on mines, but it isn't really ballsy. I guess if I had to say my bravest bet was an all in on blackjack with 1.5 eth, just because I wanted my first flame and I was an idiot. unfortunately I lost the bet, however I got that damn flame lmao, but yeah I usually do low risk high reward types of bets so its hard to remember a really ballsy bet.
  21. I have never been one to take breaks or set a certain time limit with my gambling, i just usually go until I rip or make profit. simple. However, a lot of people recently have been saying to take breaks and I'm trying to understand. So, Stake community, if you take breaks what are the purposes of this, to try and cool your emotions, or maybe because you feel you win more after clearing your head. That is the only advantage I can see, but then again I've never tried it so I wouldn't know. So, what is the purpose of setting a time limit, or taking breaks?
  22. This is a very good thought and idea, but unfortunately most people don't abide by this, including me. I feel as though when I'm ahead my greed just gets larger and I can never have enough. obviously if I reach a ridiculously large amount I cash out, but that does not happen often. I have started questioning whether I should start setting some sort of goal before hand, or a time limit to go take a break after that time. I have heard this works for a lot of "successful" stakers so maybe its worth a try!
  23. This is true but you have to understand that a large majority of forum users are here for the rewards, so that makes sense. This forces people to interact and really contribute to the community, so whether you see this as a good or bad thing it does do a good thing for the community, so whatever works right haha.
  24. We have all had those weeks where nothing is hitting, and your sitting there like it must get better. Does it usually, like after a really long dry streak do you have a crazy win or not. It’s a simple question but can have a variety of answers I’m interested to hear.
  25. I don’t really have a profit percentage which is why I almost always rip, I never really think of a goal, I think of how I want to win more and my greed always wins. I tried to set a goal once and it actually worked out, but then I ripped it later on because the greed got me hah, setting a goal is smart but I am not. Simple as that