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  1. My biggest run till time is from few small rains to around 240$ It take around 5-7 days in total but really feel good and happy with that 200+$ profit in 1st week of Jan 2020. I also made few more time like 70-100$ from small rains. but unfortunately my greed eat all balance without withdrawals... hope i made around 500$ sometime and withdraw same....
  2. Stake is best casino but there is alway chance of improvement. I think stake is best but there are so many errors in website which they need to rectify and they doing but slowly. If there is any problem in any game they need to stop that game and then need to available after rectifying error but they don't do that. They never close any game where they face any small or big bug. (for temporary) hope their team make better in future...
  3. Why u guys need bot to play what are benefit to play with dice bot or any other bot please let me know. i once used dice bot its really ok but i feel big difference in rolls speed. dice bot is too slow compare to website in speed of betting.
  4. I like this concept of daily reload. here are reasons. -We don't gonna bust amount in single day like we doing in coupon. -its like weekly boost where user gonna get reload according to his wager just only this matter is why there is coupon + reload for big players...
  5. There are so many ways by which u can know how much stake is successful. Stake number of user in chat. Competition in race. Stake forum users. Stake Promotions (forum challenge, VIP forum challenge, daily races TG challenge etc) so many things can tell us stake is growing faster than other websites.....
  6. New slots game will be release soon but it might take 1-2 month as per details given by eddie on his stream. Eddie said in start there will be 12 new slot games in next 12 months. but its really time consuming task. But there is always new things coming time to time. Even after slots launch stake launch Sports book, so many other updates, removal of bugs...
  7. We all really excited for this thing. We might get Treasure for every completed task. so be excited for New type of promotion..
  8. So many users do same thing but it not recommended if u not able to bear if u face loss. be careful before start gambling its really hard to get profit every time. If u going to start with hard earn money start with low money to check how it works for u. (before taking big decision)
  9. BLACKJACK: 14,310,975,507 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00002650 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00003975 BACCARAT: 14,311,493,661 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700 VIDEOPOKER: 14,330,034,342 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multip
  10. DICE: 14,241,393,511 placed by bodke1992 on 09/01/2020 Wagered 19250.00000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 19250.00000000
  11. MINES: 13,050,334,788 placed by bodke1992 on 20/12/2019 Wagered 0.03500000 Multiplier 600.875x Profit 20.99562500
  12. Never got because never tried. I don't like Hi-lo to hunt bigger multiplier. My highest win with hilo is around 800x when i m new on stake and playing Hilo only. now i just trying to get 2-5x whenever i play hilo...
  13. I m making profit from last 5-6 months. (but its not small small profits every month) still I can't say myself successful gambler. (still its not right time) But in near future i think i could say that, when i make cosiderable profit for 5-6 months.
  14. Hi guys i m playing on other website with 250 xlm. and started hunting 100x with 0.1 xlm base bet. red streak started. after 500 loss streak i increase base bet to 0.5 again 100 bets loss and i started feeling rigged. so what would be ur choice still trying to hunt 100x or recover loss of 100 xlm with small multiplier.
  15. I m not playing with deposits now, only from rains, faucets (other websites), bonus, coupons etc. When i new in gambling i made some considerable losses and to recover loss another losses and it keep increasing. (wasted 12-13 months without earning anything ) so from last 6 month i change strategy to play with free money received from gambling websites. and so i m making small profits from last 5-6 months hope it continues and will expect big in near future.
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