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  1. BLACKJACK: 14,310,975,507 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00002650 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00003975 BACCARAT: 14,311,493,661 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700 VIDEOPOKER: 14,330,034,342 placed by bodke1992 on 11/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 22x Profit 84.00000000
  2. DICE: 14,241,393,511 placed by bodke1992 on 09/01/2020 Wagered 19250.00000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 19250.00000000
  3. MINES: 13,050,334,788 placed by bodke1992 on 20/12/2019 Wagered 0.03500000 Multiplier 600.875x Profit 20.99562500
  4. I just use instant bet when i m playing TG challenge or race. in other time i play normal with animations. in telegram challenge we need to get particular roll fast compare to other user and hence we need to play with instant bet. and in race when playing baccarat to increase wager we need to play that with instant because baccarat is too slow comapre to other games. people who play race with smaller balance need to play more number of bets compare to highroller to keep position in race...
  5. hahaha, some time it happens with me also. Like i open any game set bet amount to start play after some time i wrongly click on stake logo and again i got to game but bet amount is automatically reduce to 0. and after playing some bets like 50-100 bets i saw my balance is not increasing and not even decreasing that time i notice my bet is 0. and totally upset because i got some bit hit like 100x in keno that time (but happy because i not even loose any thing...
  6. Never got because never tried. I don't like Hi-lo to hunt bigger multiplier. My highest win with hilo is around 800x when i m new on stake and playing Hilo only. now i just trying to get 2-5x whenever i play hilo...
  7. Mines is always nice game but to hit big multiplier we need patience or luck. we can't wait that long time. i m playing mines but never try to hit big multiplier. My personal biggest winning multiplier on mines is 600x.
  8. If i get Any big rain which can directly withdrawan i like to withdraw same instead of play and loose same. If any small rain i can't wait for another rain to reach till withdrawal time, i always paying even with small balance. today i reach from rain of 0.00006 btc to 0.002 btc and became happy with my withdrawal.
  9. I m making profit from last 5-6 months. (but its not small small profits every month) still I can't say myself successful gambler. (still its not right time) But in near future i think i could say that, when i make cosiderable profit for 5-6 months.
  10. Racing every day not worth me much. And Even this depend on ur balance and ur calculation about wager, profit or loss while playing race, reward from race. I would like to play race everyday if i have at-least 0.1 btc in bankroll.
  11. Yea that i also think. Because i also claiming reckback always even its very small. I don't like claiming small amount and busting same.
  12. I already face it and hence already close friend request option from settings. If i really intended to make someone friend i m sending friend request or changing my setting for friend request on for temporary...
  13. Yea i also have 1 friend only on stake. I don't like so much friends beacause its gambling community and people just making friends to ask tip, selling strategies etc (trying to make fool) Adding more people never make sence just add very few people as friends 2-3 max and keep them for long time.
  14. Gambling is always like addictions. If u winning u going to play more and more only. I can't stop myself from playing if i have balance. I can control my self only when i don't have balance to play.
  15. Yea in recent update chat screen looks smal, but some update needed. Desktop website is better if u want to use chat and pay games at same time. Mobile is never be better for games as well as for chat...