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  1. In terms of losses, the worst was Chartbet and plinko. I never win on Plinko I wondee how some hit the x1000. My biggest was x26 only lol
  2. If you love beaches i would suggest Philippines. We have lots of beautiful places and beaches here. And i guarantee you that it is not costly to travel here. Goodluck
  3. Have you guys heard the company Dapp.com?? They are the largest dedicated platform for sharing exciting dapps qnd valuable knowledge about decentralize technology. They can also help you launch your project! They are a community of blockchain enthusiasts and they are continually looking for interesting dapp product. I really love this company coz they have different interesting and exciting dapp that is really enjoyable to use. They also have lots of giveaways!! I heard they are planning to have their own ICO will surely hit everyone. Try their dapps guys! Their website is Dapp.com and you can also join their telegram if you have any question and for more updates https://t.me/dapp_com
  4. You have .1% chance to hit it twice in a row. I hit it twice in a day but not in a row lol
  5. And then, i will pinch or slap my face to prove that it ain't a dream! - nope i won't bet again but i'll definitely tip people and make a giveaway. - what i will do with 100 btc is i will cashout first and i'll buy my own house and start a business and also share it with my less fortunate relatives, friends, people that is really in need. - it will definitely change my life, my family's life and some people's lives coz i will share it. 100 btc is like 36m in our currency so it's a huge amount to start a better life!
  6. Bes19

    Bitcoin new record

    i am expecting the same too lol Hopefully it will reach $5000 *crossed fingers*
  7. ang lalim ng hugot mo sis kasing lalim ng Mariana Trench
  8. Ang relasyon ay parang chartbet, magcacrash din sa bandang huli.
  9. It depends on my mood actually lol But i used to play Jessie ware's songs especially her "Say you love me" everytime i'm playing lolol Sometimes i listened to trap music's remix songs and one of my fave is Diplo's "Revolution"
  10. i'll just keep it a secret Where is yours sis? lol
  11. Most Friendliest Stake Member: @maverick528 @77kdub and all my fellow filipinos My Crush: SECRET lol Favorite Mod on stake: @maverick528 Hottiest Men: @Jesse @Velimir @Edward Hottiest Woman: All the ladies here Best Friend: Some filipino girls. too many to mention lol Funniest Stake Member: @Grifter @abamatinde @wilberthh and @ccc222 he is funny but annoying Creative: @Dan Who would you like to meet on Stake: @Edward @Zoltan
  12. I got addicted on chartbet and i fcking miss it now lol I love baccarat and diamond poker as well