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  1. Highest was a hunt at x9900 with a bet of 100 sats
  2. Bes19 Goodluck everyone <3
  3. In terms of losses, the worst was Chartbet and plinko. I never win on Plinko I wondee how some hit the x1000. My biggest was x26 only lol
  4. If you love beaches i would suggest Philippines. We have lots of beautiful places and beaches here. And i guarantee you that it is not costly to travel here. Goodluck
  5. The strategy on baccarat is always bet on the banker I used to play this in real casino and got addicted on this too. I love this game af
  6. Bes19

    Payouts changed

    Thanks for the update. Would love to hit that! I hit 36x twice before and hopefully i hit 177x thrice today
  7. I wish it will be Texas hold'em. Yeah i'm sure it will be an awesome game.
  8. I think they will add poker. Yeah good idea i wish they add Bingo as well. I am now addicted on stake's game especially chartbet even though bugs are not yet fixed
  9. This really pissed me off. I click cashout on 19x but it still continue until it crashed. That feeling when you are about to win but you lose because button is not working. I am playing on android phone Samsung galaxy Note 3 and sometimes on Note 5 and on Google chrome. This usually occur when you put a limit cashout on auto. So upset!
  10. I only have screenshot of it on where the "cashout button" is in light color.Also is it normal that chartbet is in very small size like this.
  11. It happened to me twice last night. I kept on clicking cashout but it didn't work. So i have no choice but to wait until it crash. Darn
  12. Wow lolgato congrats! Is Hi-lo a good game for profit? I'll try it later with faucet lol Good luck hope you win more
  13. Ikr but it is also a good game that can give you a good profit.
  14. Atleast you still managed to withdraw some Good luck on your next roll and hopefully you recover all your losses.
  15. My all time favorite is Baccarat, Keno and Diamond Poker. I don't like Hi-lo and roulette that much. I kinda like Mines too coz it's very thrilling like i close my eyes everytime i click tiles lol
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