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  1. You, my kind sir, are a f***king god. Irks me like hell that I have been hunting a Royal for about 80k bets now without success. The number of times I’ve seen 4 to Royal is countless, and there you go - hitting it in a couple of bets, ugh.
  2. Only when I wager huge amounts for longer periods of time then does claiming rakeback after a single session make sense. Most of the time, it’s just dust amounts lol. Being able to claim rakeback with a button is a very welcomed change from the previous model though.
  3. Well, it’s not thaaaaat bad. Just yesterday, I lost 70,000 doge at another place and that hurt like a bitch. Still, life goes on... In gambling, losses are mostly inevitable, right?
  4. That sounds purely like an extended race - personally not too keen on the idea as we already have races happening twice a day. I can see how some players would be interested in such a format though as the daily races might not adhere to everyone’s schedule.
  5. That is considered quite decent... when you compare it to my free spins. Believe it or not, my first 2 free spins were below 10x, what a damn shame.
  6. 9 is a good choice when it comes to slot lines as the ones that come after that are pretty weird lines. 11 - 20 are non-standard lines that I don’t see often in other generic slot games. However, by choosing 9 lines I lose out slightly on the payback for some hit variations of 3 symbols and also for combinations with 2 consecutive wilds on the first three reels.
  7. I don’t have that feeling, must admit Stake is a website/place I visit pretty damn often. In fact, boost keeps me coming back most of the time in hourly intervals lol. Many of the active players I see every day seem to be about the same ole’ few, hah.
  8. The streaks on slots are horrendous lol. Plinko has the same mechanics in long, extended streaks but for some reason, I am able to play it for a longer period of time. Plinko/Keno still the game that poisons me.
  9. Although the chances of winning are slim to none, I am for the idea of having automated jackpots at Stake. It’ll probably mean a higher house edge though, as the cost of running a jackpot will have to be tanked by all players. I assume not everyone will be in favour of this idea...
  10. Sadly, I have been quite unlucky when trying out slots - only managed to trigger 2 - 3 free spins. None of them were over 50x though. Seeing other players constantly post multipliers with 100x and above makes me envious!
  11. One of the decent exchanges around but with a less polished UI as compared to Binance. KCS’s price goes up if KuCoin does well, definitely a good token to purchase considering the other benefits such as discounted trades.
  12. It is a little difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal, especially with the recent changes to forum rewards. However, it’s good in a way that when we withdraw, we have more to play with!
  13. Have you been here since Stake V1? It’s nice to have a returning player, see you around! 😁
  14. Believe or not, definitely 1-2 months in between each withdrawal. That can certainly be blamed on my preference for withdrawing bigger amounts when I should have done it multiple times in smaller batches... ugh.
  15. So with this information, how am I able to play on Stake via it’s API? Do I have to code a program and input these information or will I be able to do it via the browser alone?