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  1. I did accidentally do that with my Plinko bet, if I’m not wrong I won 0.026 BTC with a 10,000 satoshi bet on the 13-High pin paytable. Probably the one and only one that I will ever oversubscribe by so much... it’s not that worth it in my opinion unless you’re playing that game anyway and didn’t mind if you would win or lose in the end. 😁
  2. Wow damn if I’m not surprised lol. You could have gotten max multiplier for that at 1mx or even win any of the Limbo eth challenges with that bet. Insane... some players won’t have that in their seed, at least not until like a billion rolls later lol.
  3. I wish my time spent here was more positive! Glad the community and everything rubbed off on you in the right way... For me it has been an endless money pit, at least so far. Still have a slight hope at making it positive but if not, at least it has filled up my schedule with something to do lol.
  4. I think many of us have got 2 zeros in a row before due to the challenge awhile ago that’s involved exactly that requirement. Personally though, I have got 2 zeros in a row followed by one random no. and then another 2 zeros again which is probably my best ‘streak’ as far as I can remember. 😵
  5. That’s how the wheel is to most people, entirely unoriginal and definitely boring by any standards. However, if you have ever noticed this game being redesigned in Evolution as ‘Dreamcatcher’, now that’s something to be psyched about as it really brings something to the table in terms of being exciting and fun to play!
  6. I love Poker, one of the few games whereby skill can influence the game and not to mention, the casino takes no portion of that as their fee as well, leaving out the possibility of any conspiracy theory or accusation. I hope Stake will be able to host this or some other pvp mini-game which will bring so much to the table! 😁
  7. According to many sources, if BTC does not emulate the trend of tullip bulbs and becomes a thing in the long run - It’s price graph should follow similar commodities and slowly appreciate from now on. #FOMO should also happen less frequently and even so, at less varied amounts as people begin to trust it more as a stable token of exchange. This decrease in volatility will lead to spikes in real-world use cases for BTC as a digital currency and solidify its position as market leader... of course only for now as nothing, not even giants like Google could monopolize and not have any competitors!
  8. First off, I would like to say that I love your threads as they are straightforward with enough detail - allowing me to answer very easily as the questions in bullet-point helps to structures the flow of my reply making it much easier than if it were to be open-ended. 1) How much do you play Limbo since its been added to the list of games available here at Stake? • Not a lot I was one of those that had more of a Keno craze but due to the difficulty in variance and limited multiplier, I’m slowly losing the initial interest... 2) Do you think Limbo is a better version of the old Chartbet? Yes or no, what would be the reason for your answer? • Yes - Faster, more customisable bet settings (which is all Chartbet needed but didn’t as that would take away its charm) • No - Limited multiplier, Chartbet limited only to maximum win amount and this made it special as technically everyone could compete with a never-ending higher multiplier. Another small part of the anticipation and adrenaline which Limbo lacks, forces us to make bigger and well thought out bets due to the slow animation and time required per bet.  3) Which strategy works best and has been successful for you thusfar? Betting low hunting big multipliers or betting high farming small multipliers? • Still trying to hunt the challenge and prove that I can fly but it’s proving too hard since @Shinjo decided to win with 50010x... smh. 4) What would you recommend or would you suggesr to those players who is not familiar playing Limbo or has never played Chartbet before? • Recommend to get some feel of the game by playing Dice - familiarising with the different payouts they can choose and their relative hit chance % - a critical skill before they start selecting their bet conditions!
  9. Yes that is what I meant. Since there’s an algorithm, I assumed a part of it would automatically increase:decrease your points (adds up to your spam rating) as handing out points manually might skew the system. [Thanks @Etude for bringing up that point, I did not consider it at first.] Taking into account that infraction points are handed out - just like mutes. This results in a player’s rating being highly dependent on if a mod/support is around to penalise them. More importantly, my whole point was just to highlight if there was an automatic part of the algorithm, answering trivia(s) and even posting one word descriptions after a betid might be cause for concern! 🤯
  10. Woah first time I’ve seen almost all responses against the OP. We must give him credit though, his thread title has said it all - “No guys no glory”. He’s a all-or-nothing guy... and although we can pretty much guess where that’s going to end up, usually stripped of all positivity/glory and left with your guts hanging out. 😔
  11. So it’s useless to even hope or wait for that one big win? Small wins seem to be the key, and not playing long hours as well. Does going for insane multipliers (range 100k - ~m) help to weather the variance of playing long hours?
  12. I think somewhere in the range of 50k when faucet was still 100. Now, I really try not to bother with the 5 satoshis and use faucet to test bets etc. instead of seriously playing them - not hoping for any serious or real profit from that amount haha! ☺️
  13. It’s all about luck. Or having a big enough balance to not be affected by it at least... The first time I played it I hit it with a test best of 10 satoshis 200+ rolls in & shortly after ~ 100 rolls, another one on the opposite end at 20 satoshi. If only I knew from then and took it more seriously hahaha!
  14. I’m not sure if all are aware that every one has a spam rating as per the announcement “Privacy Changes & Rainbot” and since this rating is hidden, It was not mentioned if for eg. Our answers in Trivia(s) were excluded from being classified as spam - especially the ones whereby answers are numbers or a single word. It seems pretty likely that participating in these Trivia(s) would increase our spam rating and then affect our rain chances. Even after considering that it is based heavily on wagering, it would be good to get an answer so at least... we know? 🤣