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  1. Omg this is a feature they need to bring back. If I play Plinko on instant bet settings, the bet replay would be much appreciated... otherwise it'll just be a second of adrenaline instead of a good 5-10 seconds with the bounce(s). 😈
  2. Welcome to Stake! I hope you have as much fun here as I did when I first started. Cya around. 😀
  3. The legend of Keno bets... hitting all 10 tiles for 1,000x. I have heard it's impossible and I have never seen any successful bets thus far, wonder if anyone actually managed to hit it (with a 0 bet or not)???
  4. Still lucky as hell. I'm still seeing nothing when it comes to Royal Flushes at Stake... and it's been like how many damn months lol.
  5. Definitely have the same thoughts as you... and perhaps everyone else who has ever dealt with Bitcoin. The volatile nature of Cryptocurrency allows all your dreams and wishes to both be fulfilled and torn down in a single night, lol.
  6. It was XRP for a decent amount of time... until TRX came along. Both are really good in my opinion though. On different fronts, I am mad curious on how ETH's fork will affect the market. 😋
  7. Then I'll be regretting all the times I bet a sizeable amount, knowing that it's only worth so much right now at $2,000. And if Bitcoin went up, I'll be regretting the opposite anyway... what gives. 🙃
  8. Hello Henry Parker! Is it just me, or has there been an influx of users introducing themselves with their full name recently? 😁
  9. Oh, so that's why I always seem to notice tips being shared amongst the same players. I must be pretty naive to have always thought they were friends though, haha. 😂
  10. Back when XRP was first released, I had one of my best runs using it... all because I didn't know the value of the coin. Oh well... no surprise I busted all of it in the end only to find out how much it was worth, lol.
  11. If he/she is financially stable, why not? Of course, it can't be all the time as well because that is just a disaster waiting to happen! 🤑
  12. I love trying to snowball with 99x on Dice. Other than that, I don't really select it in other games... it's perfect on dice though. 😀