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  1. Hey there Stonedragon! I mean, I could really do with this. The rakeback information at the bottom of our profiles would be very handy. Also, I think that A vip information button would be very handy too! Because you could see how far you are away from being a silver star or gold etc... But this idea is great! I think it also would be cool if you could literally credit your own rakeback. That is another thing I would love to see! ;D Have a great day
  2. hey there cooldemos! I mean. That is very impressive. And i honestly can say to him... Congratulations lol! That's all I can say. I am shocked. That is a dream hit haha! Good job man! Also... I can actually remember him hitting this and I said to him, You will hit this today. And he did! I am taking full responsibility for his amazing hit! :DD Have a good day everyone
  3. Hey there stakers! I have noticed this a lot recently here on the forums... But, how many of you have noticed too? The amount of forum abusers that there are nowadays. I mean... I am pretty new to the forum really... I have started to do it a lot... Every day for like 3 months I Feel like. And in that time I have seen forum abusers here and there but today... This morning, I saw a user who literally abused the forum by copy and pasting atleast 10000 words in his/her's forum topic two times... That is ridiculous don't you think? People like that make my blood boil. Abusing a free way to get free money like wtf. But did any one else notice that? I know @williamshennie9 Did see it and he mentioned it to the staff if i'm correct. Have a great day guys And thanks for reading
  4. hey there quiznos buddy I mean... I wish I knew and I wish I could tell you because I would really want to know as well. But, as eddie stated on his stream... He doesn't know and doesn't want to promise a release date just in case he can't provide it on that exact day. He said definitely within the next one month or two. Have a great day
  5. i mean... My best hit was proably 0.4 eth on a 13.80x... The other day i hit that
  6. Hey there kate I Mean.. I reckon that this is a good idea. I think it'd bring more people towards the game mode itself because It would be a cool feature! I have literally never thought of this and now you have mentioned it... I think it is a brilliant idea! Awesome! I hope they add this to the game mode wheel because I would for sure have to play it a lot more often... Cool suggestion there, kate! Have a great day
  7. Hey there William buddy ;D I can totally agree with you. People who hadn't even wagered 100$ were watching the stream. Well... As you stated... There was probably at least 50% of the stream that were bots and multi accounts. Which is so ridiculous. Did you also hear about the guy who won 4 times and got banned? Yeah. He won 4000$ or something on the stream apparently and got banned. He managed to get a 1000$ back though. Multi accounts... *Tut tut* It makes me furious... Have a great day everyone
  8. Hey there everyone! I just wanted to create this topic to share my strategy with you guys So, My strategy on dice is... You select the multiplier as 2x... and then when you lose a couple in a row... Let's say, 4 in a row or even 3, you go double the original base bet twice. So... My base bet originates from literally a tenth of my balance. It doesn't matter what my balance is … If I am on 2x on dice... I would for sure go for a tenth of my balance on a 2x. I seem to make some profit here and there from time to time. But you don't always win. It is gambling at the end of the day. So, what do you guys think of my strategy? do you think it is reasonable? Let me know your guys strategies below. So I can perhaps maybe try them out Have a great day stakers
  9. try some of the trading sites. Or just use google. That will suggest some sites for you
  10. hey there buddy I mean... I haven't really hit any insane multipliers with any base bet. But I have hit 1000x at the highest. Not going to lie. I never go for the really high and risky multipliers here when gambling. I just never seem to hit it and I think that it is a waste. But the 1000x multiplier I hit was on plinko… The telegram challenge was going on and I hit it with 0 base bet... I was happy and mad that I had nothing on it though. But I won the challenge so it is fine Have a good day!
  11. Hey there XRP buddy. First of all I would love to say thank you for sending it him back. that was honestly the most nicest thing and most polite thing you can do. I bet he was really happy and really appreciative that you sent it him back. Because to be honest... GodLoft is a good guy. I don't know him that well but he seems like a great guy So yeah thanks for sending him back... Very nice of you. Many of people would've kept it. I am proud of you
  12. I love chips... But I'd have to go with the nuggets xd :D
  13. Hey there stakers! I just wanted to create this quick topic... I think that no one has covered this but if they have then i am sorry. But let's get into this. I always feel like when I am above 250 dollars in crypto balance here on stake... I feel like that is a safe point to withdraw. I do however think in the long run it is very very risky. Because It is such a high amount. But In all honesty I think it is very smart What do you guys think is your safety point to withdraw? I think my minimum balance to withdraw is at 250$ or higher Thanks for reading everyone o/ Let me know what your experiences on this guys! Have a great day
  14. Hey there speeeeddd! ❤️ I honestly can not wait for the new game mode slots to be released. I honestly can't. I always have loved playing slots more than anything else in the gambling world. I think it is the most chill, fun and exciting game mode out there. I enjoy it so much. So yes, I will be using slots a lot more than any other game mode I can promise you that too! Have a great day