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  1. i had to read this post a few times and i still don't understand. Non VIPS lower than platinum (unless you had the reload before the update to platinum) dont get a reload every day. I do, i am gold. that's because i had it previously. non vips get reload once a month for the monthly bonus
  2. ayeee! this is awesome, i have an rgb keyboard, razer blackwidow but i can't change it like that. otherwise i would give it a go! Awesome lol.
  3. Hey htet o/ In my opinion, if you are about to bust, you should go to dice. Dice for me is a good game mode to play if you wanna recover because i feel like it is profitable the way i play. To be honest, any game mode can be good to recover you just need to be lucky. For me, dice isn't fun, it is just profitable. I don't really have fun on it, it doesn't really get my blood pumping! xD, so yeah, dice would have to be the answer for me.
  4. heyyy, i think the new eos coin is really cool. I think i would definitely be playing with this new coin. My all time favourite coin has been eth and ltc. But, eos could be the new favorite! I am wondering if it is a fast deposit time like ethereum. does any body know if it is?
  5. Hey, I feel like what they've done with this new private message update is a good thing. I am with their decision on this because as they said, the amount of scams and that going off it is the right thing to do is add this option.
  6. hey, yeah, baccarat is an alright way how to wager but it can eat your balance faster than other wagering game modes. Like, dice 1.01x. that's an alright way to wager for the race. but losing one bet can put you down a lot in profit.
  7. Hey, the rules for the telegram challenge are perfectly fine to me. I think the bet posting when not a win is a bit annoying but at the same time it can't really be helped that much. there are several different users that do this but it's fine.
  8. hey htet, i don't actually know to be honest. I was wondering this too. I was wondering why i couldn't see my old bets. I would like to know why we can't see them... Always gives an error bet not found. Weird!
  9. Hey osmann, I actually don't think the amount you deposit effects how much your coupon increases. I mean, it is easier to wager with high amounts so in theory it does... but without the wager then it doesn't matter.
  10. Hey, I didn't even notice this happened. But, i really do wish the old rain bot feature made a return. The new "RainbotNG" is still alright.., But i feel like the old rain bot was better. more people got things and it was just better all around.
  11. i don't really drink alcohol that much in the first place. I am not a big fan of it. But when gambling, i think it's a distraction lol
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