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  1. hey, The three games i play every day are Mines Dice Limbo These are all my favorite games at the current moment on stake. Mines has to be my favorite out of them all though! ;D.
  2. Hey, This isn't the right place to put this subject loopoo! In future, you can put it into the streaming section of the forum. Also, good luck in the next mega race. I saw this post too late. xD. so yeah gl!
  3. My current phone is quite old. I have an IPhone 6 plus xD. Planning to get a newer one in the near future.
  4. Aazzah

    x8497 (1450€ win)

    Loopoo, loopoo, loopoo. God damn you, I swear, I always see you winning! xD. But seriously though. Nice hit mate, Why can't i ever have this happen to me!!!! Gg!
  5. Hey, Yeah, it is awesome to see that there have been 10 billion bets on this website. It is actually mind blowing to think that there have been 10 billion bets on here. As you said, yes, it is a huge milestone! Now, here's the real question... how long do you think until the 20 billionth bet? xD.
  6. Aazzah

    I tried...

    hey, Damn loopoo. that actually sucks man. That's why you should never listen to people !! xD. But this is what i don't get. Going for a 1.01x with 50$+ just to get a flame. like bro that is so risky. i know it is very easy to hit but just look at that. It is actually so sad to see that. If that happened to me i'd be livid lol!
  7. hey mav, If there is ever going to be a goonies 2... that is definitely something i would love to watch before i die. I absolutely love the goonies. I just wish that they would make a newer version of it! XD
  8. Aazzah

    x5000 !! (500€ win)

    Hey, That is quite sick. Well done! It took a while but it paid off right? Hope you enjoyed the winnings loopoo. Awesome to see you here interacting with us on the forum buddy! Have fun!
  9. hey, I mean... Anything free is better than paying for it. right? But i kind of see what you're saying. When I Have deposited big amounts on any site really, not just stake, i have busted fast. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, after, i get a small amount of money and seem to like 25x my balance. And i say to myself, '' Why couldn't that of happened when i was betting my deposit!!!'' It doesn't happen all the time as i said but it does sometimes.
  10. hey, the main reason that encourages me to keep on playing is, the more you play, the more money and stuff you get back. The vip program is awesome, it just encourages me too keep on going to get that higher level in VIP. currently, i am aiming for gold star. I am like 66% away from it but i am carrying on the journey to try and reach it. But yeah, it's mostly the bonuses and the people that are around me on stake, i have met some nice people on stake and I am for sure going to keep on playing here for a while.
  11. Aazzah

    BIG X

    Damn, 2.75x.. That must be so boring to go for all the time! You must be having no fun at all. xDD. I always tend to go for a 10x or more. depending on my base bet, if it is a high base bet compared to my balance, then ill go for a 5x or lower. if it is like a tenth of my balance i go for higher multipliers of course. But are you even making profit at all going for 2.75x?
  12. Hey, I can kinda see where you are coming from with this. As when betting bitcoin when it is like 20k$ or something... if you have 5$ when bitcoin price is at 20k, then you have a lot less to play with. And I also find it difficult when having small balance to play with even if it is worth like 5 dollars. I think how much bitcoin is at now, i think it is perfect for trying to win when betting btc. so yeah. i see where you're coming from.
  13. The two reasons why i love stake is: The community and how every single one of the staff members and about 95% of the users are all polite and caring. I kind of feel ike im at home when i am here on stake. Second reason is: The game modes that stake provides us are very fun and original. Like the new slots game for example... It is awesome. Every game mode in my opinion is cool. Stake is awesome for many reasons but that's the 2 i think stand out the most.
  14. hey this seems like a pretty nice gift. i reckon she will be very appreciative for it.
  15. Aazzah

    Faster wagering

    Hey there Mike. I think that this new update and the new feature can be both good and bad at the same time. I'll start with good. it is good because if you're doing a challenge, you can bet faster. or in general, you can bet faster! which is cool. but for the bad reason, you can bust a lot more quicker. Like, if you're like me who spams the bet button... xDD. then you have a bad situation on your hands. XD