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  1. i had to read this post a few times and i still don't understand. Non VIPS lower than platinum (unless you had the reload before the update to platinum) dont get a reload every day. I do, i am gold. that's because i had it previously. non vips get reload once a month for the monthly bonus
  2. ayeee! this is awesome, i have an rgb keyboard, razer blackwidow but i can't change it like that. otherwise i would give it a go! Awesome lol.
  3. Hey htet o/ In my opinion, if you are about to bust, you should go to dice. Dice for me is a good game mode to play if you wanna recover because i feel like it is profitable the way i play. To be honest, any game mode can be good to recover you just need to be lucky. For me, dice isn't fun, it is just profitable. I don't really have fun on it, it doesn't really get my blood pumping! xD, so yeah, dice would have to be the answer for me.
  4. heyyy, i think the new eos coin is really cool. I think i would definitely be playing with this new coin. My all time favourite coin has been eth and ltc. But, eos could be the new favorite! I am wondering if it is a fast deposit time like ethereum. does any body know if it is?
  5. Hey, I feel like what they've done with this new private message update is a good thing. I am with their decision on this because as they said, the amount of scams and that going off it is the right thing to do is add this option.