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  1. I think that would be a pretty cool idea but i don't think that will happen. I would for sure have to buy one if they were ahah
  2. Hey mate. Welcome. I am quite new to the forum too!
  3. Yeah. I could of hit a 9900x on dice earlier. Hit a 100.00 ticket when i was going 2x. Was pretty sad but atleast i won the bet! Xd
  4. This has been occurring to me as well. I have no idea why.
  5. I do not like diamond poker. 2X only payout it's boring! Lol..
  6. I fount out from my friend. He introduced me to it about a year ago. I have been in love ever since.
  7. Aazzah

    Auto or Manual?

    I prefer manual. As you can keep going for any multipliers if you feel like clicking more. And also I find it way more fun and exciting. Lol.
  8. Welcome my friend. Enjoy your stay.
  9. My real name is Aaron. I was creating a minecraft account and I just randomly thought of Aazzah! XD
  10. Hey there mate! Good luck and have a awesome. fun time at stake! I wish you luck and have an enjoyable time. Gl & Hf
  11. I do believe that Bitcoin does have a good future ahead. Also I think it will go up in price a lot aswell. Even though I wouldn't like it too! Lol.
  12. Yes it kind of has to be fair. I have won a lot but also lost a lot. But when winning or losing it doesn't matter as I only really care about is having fun. Yes i'm here to make some at the same time but also to have fun. It has put a positive effect on my life.
  13. Damn bro, that sounds really rough. My most unlucky streak was probably hitting the same mine at least 5 times in a row on 3 mines. I thought that was unlucky but then I saw this. Wow! Good luck in the future buddy!
  14. I think that private messages are a good idea. I also think that people that moan about it can actually do something about it. E.g. Put them ignored or disallow messages from random people.