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  1. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from RickT in Changing seed   
    hi there anontosser.
    I personally think that the seed is there just to verify that the bets are legit and not rigged in any way possible. Some sites do not have seeds. And therefore the owners or admins have access to change the outcome of the bet at anytime. I think that what I am saying is correct because I heard eddie talking about it on his stream.
    I don't ever change the seed on stake though. I find it kind of pointless in my opinion because I do not see any different outcome. Well, it shouldn't really change the outcome to be honest.
  2. Haha
    Aazzah got a reaction from Kdsmeliodas2d in Do you guys take breaks while gambling?   
    Hey sped, i feel like i take breaks whenever i win huge. During the break i tend to withdraw or get a cold drink. If i dont win big, i dont take breaks.
  3. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Do I/You guys enjoy creating topics and replying on the forum?   
    Hey everyone. 
    I was just creating this topic to hear your views on this,
    Do you/ I enjoy creating and replying to topics?
    I personally do enjoy it... It is a fun and easy way to earn extra money, I enjoy sharing my views and talking to you guys
    It is time killing too, I pass a lot of time whilst doing this... It is a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience talking to you guys on here and stake chat. I enjoy the whole community
    So do you actually enjoy posting and replying to topics on the forum? Or do you dislike it and do it for the btc only?
  4. Wow
    Aazzah got a reaction from taytots in What genre of music do you like?   
    i like the new rap songs... I love american rap ! ;D
  5. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Hoffguy in Positive or negative   
    hey there, I think, over all, i am in profit a little bit. Last time i checked i was.
  6. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Alaina1001 in Black Jack advice for newbies.   
    Hey there stakers!
    I have been wanting to do this topic for a couple days now but I have finally gotten round to doing so. 
    But let's get straight into this quick topic.
    I kinda need some advice and ideas on what to do on blackjack. I do know what I am doing some what but I honestly need some more advice. Like to be honest... I do not really know when to stand really. Like, I think I have to stand on a 16 at the lowest. But then again I am not a hundred percent sure. So is there any tips and advice you guys can give me on blackjack? I'm kind of new to playing black jack and I would appreciate some advice/help from you guys on how to play it properly. Like... What does Split do? and stuff. I know what double does it doubles your balance and that...
    Anyway. Have a great day everyone and I am looking forward to seeing your guys responses very soon hopefully. Best of luck playing stakers ❤️
  7. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Nicol3 in Chat Room On/Off   
    I mean... i think you can do this already. But i know what you mean. It can reduce lag and jitters if you're on a low end desktop/laptop. it would be cool though if they added something where you can disable chat until you want it back... yeah.
  8. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Nicol3 in Keno vs Plinko   
    Hey nicole. In my experience on stake, plinko has been much more generous for it's payouts and multipliers. Keno never ever seems to give me any luck what so ever. I feel like plinko is more fun too, plinko gets my blood pumping and gets me excited!
  9. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from Thepug in Telegram Challenge's diffuculty   
    hey pug, yes, this seems rather frustrating... I wasn't here to actually participate and experience this but i can imagine how you guys felt. That is very difficult! grats to the winners though.
  10. Love
    Aazzah got a reaction from Thepug in 04/01/2020 - Slots announcement   
    hey pug, yeah, i heard this also on the eddie stream. I instantly felt excited because i am a huge fan of slots! I also can't wait for this!! Very very exciting
  11. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from Seoulmate in Bet Flex: Best of 2019   
    hey, I don't actually have any saved bets but my best hit was 0.8 ethereum on a 7.96x. Nothing to special or crazy but yeah. Nice hit for you man! Conrgatulations. that is bloody awesome mate!
  12. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from TIPPER in Wagering strategy with a small balance.   
    Hey there, This seems a really good strategy for wagering. I will for sure try this out. Good way to wager especially in a race aye. But as @blurrijs said, there is another strategy on baccarat which is pretty good.
  13. Wow
    Aazzah got a reaction from BombMagneto in 2020? New games? New events?   
    hey, Yeah, I would love to see a few new games on stake... Such as, Poker, multiplayer roulette, slots themes changed and so on so fourth. But, this isn't really needed in all honesty. It would be nice having it though. Happy new year guys
  14. Haha
    Aazzah got a reaction from Markoc in New year resolution as gambler.   
    my new years resolution as a gambler is to maybe cut down on my gambling  a little bit. If not that, then it will definitely be my withdrawing and how often i withdraw. I think i need to withdraw more often so that's what im going to work on.
  15. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from AndreB69 in Forum reward bug?   
    Hey, I don't know, the problem may be that you're posting too much in the stake discussion and that where you get rewarded, because some sections of the forum you dont get rewarded... So just try and space it out a little bit
  16. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from Omerfrom02 in Albanian chat   
    I think that this will be good for the albanian users here on stake. However, I do reckon that there needs to be a certain amount of people from the specific country in order to have a dedicated chat...
  17. Haha
    Aazzah got a reaction from AndreB69 in Trivia   
    im a god at trivias... so it's not needed :PPPP
  18. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from Mohrzy in Big Update For Stake?   
    I dont know, maybe they will add a few new more game modes but i honestly have no clue. It would be nice to have v3 or another theme as in the back ground or design
  19. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from arkadian93 in Merry Christmas Stake   
    Yes! Merry Christmas to all of the users here at stake and around the world who celebrate it! And the people who dont celebrate it... Have a wonderful new year and enjoy it. Best of luck everyone on stake!
  20. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from htetaungxx in Why do we get errors during playing games?   
    hey there htet,
    I am not getting that much errors... I only ever get errors on plinko at the moment... What ever the errors are, im sure they will be fixed as soon as possible.!
  21. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from AndreB69 in Meme   
    haha these memes are great! xDD 
  22. Love
    Aazzah got a reaction from nuuuitsjdragon in Reward System   
    Hey there,
    The reward system on the forum works like this:
    You create and reply to topics and you get free bitcoin.
    You can then transfer those bitcoins (Satoshi's) into your stake account.
    At the moment, there are double rewards on the forum so it is easier to get more rewards. 
    It is pretty straight forward buddy
  23. Bitcoin
    Aazzah got a reaction from Hoffguy in First snow!!!   
    I love snow!! I like in England... it sometimes snows but not all the time. :)
  24. Thanks
    Aazzah got a reaction from Seoulmate in What is the dumbest forum Topic (aside from this one)   
    I don't know... I mean, i have seen many many dumb posts on the forum... I don't recall the actual topic names, but i for sure have seen some dumb ones lol
  25. Love
    Aazzah got a reaction from BombMagneto in What to do when christmas arrives?   
    I will be just chilling with the family... I will be having a christmas dinner as per usual. and just the same old stuff every christmas. I love christmasss! Happy xmas everyone ❤️
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