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  1. Hello Community!

    Welcome to Stake. Hope you will have fun here! Best of luck!
  2. Strat or Luck?

    You can have the best strategy in the world but if you don't have luck you will lose eventually. A mix of both is needed to win but luck is of more importance to me.
  3. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Stranger Love - Clairo
  4. Support Hilo Stream - plan and program

    1st place @ri1ey 2nd place @CocaCola23 3rd place @Peckatop 4th place @Shinjo 5th place @m1nDHunt3r Thank you all for participating I had so much fun (tried to bust Mladen's balance but managed to earn him more btc's)
  5. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Me and you - Cassie
  6. Last Word Song Game 💗

    love the way you lie - Eminem ft Rihanna
  7. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Weed Song - Bone Thugz-N-Harmony
  8. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Days of Our Lives - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
  9. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Bottle Up and Go - John Lee Hooker
  10. Last Word Song Game 💗

    One More Time - The Clash
  11. Accidental Roll - WHAT IF??

    Haha, you would jump around the house and yell like crazy probably - a wild guess there.
  12. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Life and How to Live It - R. E. M.
  13. Last Word Song Game 💗

    As there isn't any song (at least I think there isn't) we can go with bitcoiner's song as well. Go All The Way - Raspberries (heard it in Guardians of Galaxy, awesome soundtrack)
  14. I don't smoke but if you wanna look cool my pick is a cigar.
  15. Stake Poker and Tong it:)

    Tong-its looks interesting but not sure how to make it provably fair. As for poker, it would be awesome. Would love to see it added to Stake.