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    Final part of analyzing the teams. Philadelphia 76ers - They have several talented young players that showed to all that they can play really good basketball. If they all stay healthy (read Embiid) they will be able to compete for at least Conference Finals. Simmons showed great passing skills but he needs to improve his shot, if he adds threat from distance he will be nearly impossible to guard. Last years top pick Fultz was injured almost whole season and he is expected to shine this year. Keeping JJ Redick and addition of Chandler to the bench unit with expected improvement of rest of the role players they have bright future. Doubt they can make it to the Finals but if some results go their way Conference Finals are not far away this year. Phoenix Suns - They had number one pick and picked expected player, they have high hopes on partnership from DeAndre Ayton - Devin Booker. Also, they managed to add Ariza and Ryan Anderson to give some experience to this young crew. Josh Jackson showed glimpses of potential last season as well and addition of Mikal Bridges in this years draft could be good for them. They have new head coach in Igor Kokoskov who is first foreign head coach, hope he do well with them as he is fellow Serb. Don't expect them to enter playoffs this or maybe even the next year on highly competitive West, for next year they will need to improve roster further and have lot of luck for being among top 8. This season beneath 10th place in West is my prediction. Portland Trail Blazers - Their best players are still 1-2 punch of Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum. Jusuf Nurkic is at minimum decent center and type of player that works good with them in pick&roll game. But rest of the team is really bad, I would say average players at best. Don't think they will have easy time at all and are even in danger of missing playoffs considering how other teams improved their rosters. I see them fighting for that place in playoffs and finishing between 7-10th position. Sacramento Kings - Missing out on playoffs for so many years now is an issue, they lack superstar that can lead them there and not a single one wanna join them. So they traded Cousins who never managed to lead them there and focused on tanking pretty much, gathering lot of young talent, hoping that they will end up with several great players like GSW did. They are interesting team for us in Serbia as GM and his assistant are two famous former Kinds players (Divac and Stojakovic) and they have Bjelica and Bogdanovic now in the roster. Bogdan showed glimpses of why he was rising star in Europe, Bjelica is new addition after his contract with Minnesota expired and still is to show why he deserves to play in NBA. They drafter Bagley III this year from 2nd place in draft as he was really the only one willing to sign for Sacramento. Alongside DeAron Fox from last draft, Buddy Hield that they got in exchange for Cousins and Cauley-Stein at center position they have talent but that is not enough to enter playoff this year. Prediction - somewhere between last 4 teams in West. San Antonio Spurs - This year is practically end of an era for them. Duncan retired last year, Ginobilli this year, Parker signed with Charlotte. They even traded Kawhi Leonard after year long drama with him. Really think that he acted unprofessionally toward them as they made him superstar and I am sure they had his best interest always. Instead of him they got DeRozan who although is a superstar isn't exactly near Kawhi's level of play. Whole team rests now on partnership between him and LaMarcus Aldridge. Belinelli is back as well, Poeltl came with DeRozan in package deal. They were regular playoff team all these years and I expect them to be among top 8 teams again. They have the best coach in the game so I think they will manage to make it. Toronto Raptors - They made a bit of gamble, traded DeRozan who was loyal franchise player but was not able to lead the team to Finals for Kawhi Leonard who when healthy and with desire to play is top 5 player in league. Probably the only one that can guard LBJ as much as that is possible. Thing is Kawhi is on 1 year deal and wants to move to LA next year. So Toronto needs to somehow convince him to stay after this year and best thing on how to do that is to show to him that they can be a contender. They need to enter Finals to compete against GSW but with Boston loaded in almost all positions and with incredible bench depth I can't see them going past Conference Finals. Utah Jazz - Last years surprise team with surprise new star. From the moment Utah traded with Denver to get Mitchel last year I was raging about that Denver decision as I found it stupid and I expected Donovan to shine. That indeed happened but happened in such scale that even caught me by surprise. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite players and is reminding me of young DWade. Alongside Gober who is monster in defense and really nice crew of support players they can again be the Dark Horse of the division. Playoff is guaranteed in my opinion but anything more will depend on their position and the opponent. I don't think they can challenge GSW and Houston so will probably end their playoff run against one of those two teams. They can play against anyone else, if they lose that would be really tight lose. Washington Wizards - They added several players which will provide them good depth this year. If Wall and Beal avoid injuries they are dangerous team for anyone. Playoff is not questionable at all, only thing that is uncertain is their position. In my mind they are top 4 team in East and will probably make it to 2nd round in playoffs. For something more they will need to have healthy squad and bit of luck (read avoiding Boston). Also, in case they somehow crumble and don't do well it will probably lead to major shifts in team, trades of Wall or Beal as their relationship is not the best outside the court. That was it people, well for now. I will write more when we are near the start of the season and of course during it.
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    Time for next installment of analyzing teams for upcoming season. Memphis Grizzlies - Well I think we have clear candidate for last spot in Western Conference. They added Kyle Anderson from SAS and picked Jaren Jackson Jr. from 4th place in draft as most notable changes. Tyreke Evans left them to Indiana and they replaced him with Gareth Temple from the Kings. Highly doubt they will do anything this year and will probably trade Marc Gasol mid season for some picks and maybe young players to build up for the future. Miami Heat - They are my favorite team since Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway and that bond just got bigger when they drafter Dwyane Wade. The Flesh became my favorite basketball player of all time from rookie season. He is still with the Heat and I expect him to end his career here. Either at the of this season or next. Quality of team is enough to enter playoff unless some injuries struck them hard. New leader of this team is Goran Dragic, point guard from Slovenia. Think that Miami will try to trade Whiteside for a player that will contribute more and be a team player. Also, their aim is to attract one of superstars that will be without contract. Miami is nice city to live in and are one of biggest markets (obviously New York and LA are the biggest ones in USA) and something that Pat Riley will try to utilize next season. Prediction for this year - playoffs, but I doubt they will advance to 2nd round of it. Milwaukee Bucks - Well this is a team of young talented players and lead with Antetokounmpo their goal is to take over the Eastern Conference now that The King left it. Giannis is one of players expected to rule in the east, his competition for this year are Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving as number 1 player in Conference. I expect them in one of top 3 positions before playoff start. They added Brook Lopez as starting center, lost Jabari Parker to Chicago so all in all I think they will do good this year as their weakest position for years has been center while Jabari had two big injuries that certainly affected his development as a player. Doubt they will be able to win the east, my prediction is number 2 or number 3 depending on who they play against in Conference semifinals. Minnesota Timberwolves - Team that hasn't made much changes, they lost Nemanja Bjelica who was their bench player and Tibodo isn't known for giving much playing time to non starters no matter how well they do when they are given chance due to injuries of someone from starting 5. Relations between their best players are not good according to people following them closely. Max they can do is reach playoffs again. No way they can win a series against any of the top 4 teams in the West. Depending on how bad those relations get they might even trade one of the best players to try and make a change. Media in USA already expects Butler next year in New York with Kyrie Irving so they might fall apart again and miss playoffs for consecutive years if that happens. New Orleans Pelicans - They lost Rondo and Cousins and they signed Randle and Elfrid (worst-haircut-ever) Payton. Oh yeah, they added Jahlil Okafor as well. Highly doubt they will manage to repeat previous year even though they still have one of the best players in the league in Anthony Davis. He really does everything for them but in today's NBA one player can't get much done. If they were in the East they would be top 4 team probably, worst scenario 5th. But as they are in the west - missing out on playoffs is a real possibility. I hope they can make it as Davis deserves to constantly compete for Championships, really special player and in case they miss playoff this year I can see him demanding a trade to a contender. New York Knicks - They started new season greatly, they booed their draft pick. Last time they did that they got Porzingis and from what I saw from Kevin Knox I think they selected well. With healthy Porzingis they will try to chase that playoff spot but not convinced they can take it. They normally crumble after 20-30 games and already change coach. If they really manage to get Irving and Butler next season then that is something new completely and they will be in contention for at least Conference Finals. But as of this year, fighting for playoff spot is a reality. In case they manage to get in they will lose in first round from any top 4 team. Oklahoma City Thunder - Their best gain is signing PG13 for a long term contract. Had to give away Anthony for anyone just to save 100 million usd's they would pay as tax. Managed to get Schroeder from Atlanta and he will be their 6th man. Anthony had worst season of his career in OKC and this was best solution for all as Schroeder wanted to play in a playoff team which OKC is. They can even go to round 2 of playoffs but I think that is their limit for this year. Too much talent in other teams means really no chance for them to do much. As long as they keep on enabling Brodie to get triple-double nights on regular basis (if any of you watched last several games in previous two seasons you would be able to see how he waits to grab rebounds while his player is unguarded 90% of the time, all 4 players staying around the ball, waiting for him to come and "jump" for it, etc). That is not the way to win Championships and I hope they realize that and start competing for real. Orlando Magic - They suck and will suck in next season and season after that. I just don't know what the hell are they doing. Series of bad moves and not able to get into playoffs in weak East. They have some decent players in SImmons, Vucevic, Gordon and Fournier but that is it. They are only decent, not type of player that will drag the team on his back night after night. Constantly have high picks and usually waste those. Will be interesting watching Bamba develop, hope they don't make a mistake there. My prediction - another season of agony, another high pick in the end.
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    I am skeptical about addition of Anthony and what he will be able to provide to them but if they can get him to play like first couple of years in New York he could be really valuable addition. I mean if anyone can make him go back to being a superstar is CP3 and The Beard. He will be liability in defense as that is where Ariza was great but improvement in offense for sure.