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  1. NBA

    Still having a hard time adjusting chores with finding time to look NBA more. I Like Kuzma and Markannen but not enough to place a bet on them.
  2. Supports

    Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to provide us with suggestions and feedback so we can be even better.
  3. Movies and book - very different. You will see when you read the books.
  4. My favorite writer is Robert Ludlum as I prefer political thrillers, conspiracy and stuff like that. Have also read books from Dan Brown, David Morrell and couple others but Ludlum is still number one for me. The Matarese Circle is my favorite Ludlum book.
  5. Last letter game!!

  6. NBA

    For tonight I will try next picks on several tickets: Boston win by 7 x1.90 Horford over 15.5 x1.85 Gordon over 20.5 x1.85 Lowry over 17.5 x1.85 Spurs over 97.5 FH x1.90 Boston over 208.5 x1.90 Crabbe over 12.5 x1.90 P. Gasol over 11.5 x1.75
  7. NBA

    Boston will be without Kyrie this game, take that into account if you decide to try it perhaps. We think the same about Houston but I went with over on points on them (114.5). And I think OKC will finally destroy someone and that Westbrook is tired of losing so he will take things into his hands.
  8. NBA

    Giannis is always on 28.5, 29.5 border in Serbian sites on x1.85 payout. What is the payout for 25.5+? For x3.03 payout, I will try wins on these teams: Washington, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Denver and Minnesota. And for players, I went for over on K. Love (18.5), K. Middleton (16.5) and N. Jokic (19.5) - payout x7.03.
  9. Mirela gonna stream !!! Or not??

    I want that!
  10. Last letter game!!

  11. Mirela gonna stream !!! Or not??

    No @Kargai, we need something with Nutella.
  12. Last letter game!!

  13. NBA

    Went to a party last night, haven't played anything and it was a smart thing to do for me or I would fail miserably. Would only get 2 picks right (Indiana win over Chicago and OKC - LAC over 211.5 points), every player that I like to bet on was under last night.
  14. Tip Logs

    Great idea @Carollzinha, it would be nice to see newest at the top of the page.
  15. Halloween High Roller Challenge

    Giveaway on bitcointalk has finished 7 days after it was opened. This one will last seven days as well to give everyone a chance to participate.