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  1. I played it only in Stake so this will be the first time I try a live version of it. Mladen and Milan are experts.
  2. Date was posted in name of the topic. If there is any change you will be notified on time.
  3. Hello to all our dear Stakers! We are preparing another live stream with awesome prizes for you. This time we will play BlackJack. We have one thing decided already, Mladen will be the house and he will play against three opponents (probably Milan, Vladimir and Darko). You will bet on who wins, once we announce who will compete against him you will be able to post your picks and earn accordingly. If you bet on Mladen (the house) and he wins people that picked him will share 0.05 BTC's on equal parts. Betting on other players will bring you potentially 0.1 BTC's to share if your pick wins. Of course, there will be constant rain on chats by other support members that are not playing blackjack in live stream. We will update this thread with announcements (exact time of stream, who will play against Mladen and when to start picking winner) so keep tuned.
  4. Faris --------------- 0.08 trader ------------- 0.05 badger ------------ 0.03 blednalici -------- 0.006 OlegBarca ------- 0.006 Bigmann23 ----- 0.006 veleten ----------- 0.006 Cath2x ----------- 0.006 shANt1kkk ------ 0.006 truemeng ------- 0.004 Paid.
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  6. Darko

    A lil' bit different pineapple pizza =)

    Stop ruining pizza for me. Thank you.
  7. Darko

    Sports Betting Online and Offline

    Mostly online but on local casino's in Serbia. Make deposit when I get the chance and place bets when I feel for it. As for betting choices - mostly football (soccer) and NBA. Rarely bet on other sports, prefer to bet on team sports then on individual (tennis). Also, I bet for fun, if I win great, if not, I don't care it just adds bit more to watching games.
  8. Darko

    Oxywizard Loan Default

    @oxywizard banned.
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  10. Darko

    Oxywizard Loan Default

    @oxywizard You have 24 hours to repay the loan or you will be banned.
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  12. @404 you have been credited with 0.01 BTC. Congrats!
  13. I have replied in that topic, no reason to have discussion about it in different one so I will lock this topic. Have a great day!