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  1. There is still time before games on Sunday to join the survivor and please don't forget to pick your teams for week 2!
  2. Yeah, that one would be accepted, sadly you have lost one leg there already.
  3. Although it is a nice bet I am afraid it doesn't meet the requirements. All your picks on bet slip has to be on Asian totals market for this weeks challenge. There is still plenty of time for the challenge to be caught, best of luck with it!
  4. 13 casino:29007738886 https://prnt.sc/uhbj8u 33 casino:29007739063 https://prnt.sc/uhbjfk 8 casino:29007791682 https://prnt.sc/uhbk2k 27 casino:29007791821 https://prnt.sc/uhbk85
  5. You can edit your post with eligible bet once you catch it. sport:3167882 sport:3254631 sport:3251808
  6. Wow what a race this was! Congratulations to Saaho2019 and ThePug who were leading massive fight until the end and have finished with 161 and 153 winning bets to take the top two spots. πŸ‘ This is the list of the top 20 players in this race: You can claim prizes on the link below until the 14th October: CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
  7. Choose Your Side Ends: 21/09/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirements: Win a bet with at least x7 total payout by betting on Over/Under in Asian Totals market! It has to be a multi bet! You can bet on Asian totals of First and Second half as well as on Asian Totals market for the entire match. Bet can be pre-match or live. Half-loss bets will be accepted only if wagered amount is double the minimum requirement! Half-win bets will be accepted only if total payout remains over x7! Voided bets are not eligible for the challenge!
  8. Check Sportsbook promotion section, Dusan has posted a topic in there already.
  9. Half loss means that your stake is cut in half, instead of 370 Doge it is 185 Doge now after one match that is settled as half loss. Half loss affects the wagered amount while half win affects the odds for that one match.
  10. NFL Survivor 2020 Entries close: 20/09/20 Welcome to the first annual Stake NFL Survivor pool! With the new NFL season right around the corner, we have decided to take this season up a notch. Put your NFL knowledge to the test, and win up to $10,000! How to join: 1. Create an account on NFL.com 2. Join our group Group name: StakeSportsbook2020 Password: StakeIsTheBest (You can also find the group through this link: https://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/group/92368) 3. From here, you will need to pick a team that you think will win each week. The catch?
  11. Congrats to all the winners! You can claim prizes on the link below until the 08th October: CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
  12. sport:3026981 https://prnt.sc/ud6d7r sport:3028935 https://prnt.sc/ud8sa7 sport:3026836 https://prnt.sc/ud9l9j sport:3046771 https://prnt.sc/udvm45 sport:3044772 https://prnt.sc/udvvhh sport:3048114 https://prnt.sc/udx6dn sport:3049309 https://prnt.sc/udyd3a sport:3067099 https://prnt.sc/uel2uo sport:3067339 https://prnt.sc/uelkhd sport:3066474 https://prnt.sc/uema1x sport:3068615 https://prnt.sc/uemay0 sport:3079308 https://prnt.sc/uf4c92 sport:3098261 https://prnt.sc/ufr57o sport:3101356 https://prnt.sc/uftm3r
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