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  3. Will make new topic once most teams complete rosters for new season, probably around end of September or start of October. It certainly looks like the closest season in this decade, no clear favorites at all. I can't even tell you who will make playoffs in the West, have couple teams that are certain but several positions are up for grabs. Injuries might determine those teams though but I will do my best to predict them accurately. Still waiting to see what will happen with Chris Paul, he has one of the worst contracts in the NBA as he gets injured often and is owed 124 millions for next 3 seasons. Unsure if he can get buyout from OKC and then sign elsewhere as free agent. That would allow him to join Lakers and LeBron and compete for the tittle as clear favorites.
  4. You don't have Knights of the Old Republic listed there so had to go with Counter Strike.
  5. I went with Bucks or 76ers cause they were nearly there this year and are stronger then last year, will see how they will get along in Philly but the defensive part of the team is off the chart. Bucks have reigning MVP and only lost Brogdon so they should be among top teams in the league again. Boston lost Horford, Irving, Rozier and Marcus Moris and addition of Kemba and Kanter are not enough to make me think they can go further then round 2 again. As for Pacers it will depend on how will Oladipo look like after getting back from injury, still think that they can be in 2nd round of playoffs. Detroit depends on Blake and Rose, both guys that get injured a lot so they are a long shot for anything serious. Miami lacks quality players around Butler, they have talented center in Bam and rookie Hero looks awesome in summer league. Still it feels like they require bit more to contend. Brooklyn had awesome story with Russel and rest of the guys but they got improvement in Irving over DLo so it will be interesting to see how they will play with addition of DeAndre Jordan. KD may be back before the season ends but it will a question on how he will look at that moment after almost year long break. Toronto without Kawhi is just a good solid team, don't see them going back to the end this season. That is pretty much why I am still thinking that Bucks will be in Finals this year. And if healthy 76ers can challenge them nicely. Others seem to be at least one step weaker.
  6. Yeah, it looks like that will be the major thing for them now - to find a way to work together. When they were in OKC Harden was 6th player, coming off the bench. Now he is the most dangerous iso player in the league. Still think it will be LA teams for the tittle with Bucks/76ers in the East looking like solid candidates for Finals. But it looks like we are in for the most interesting season in the last 10 years, actually since LeBron and Bosh went to Miami. There aren't any super teams that are way above the rest of the league. A lot of teams have 2 superstars or is relying on one superstar and couple great players. Can't wait for it to start. Heard a rumor that Paul might be going to Heat to play with Butler but still unsure who will Miami send to OKC in return, maybe Dragic and some picks as I know they are avoiding sending Adebayo, Hero and Winslow.
  7. Oh yeah, I don't see other teams pushing them out of top two spots at the moment and they look like they are bound to meed in the Conference Finals. And we just received a news from Woj, Westbrook got traded to Houston for Chris Paul and couple of picks. That is much better fit that Miami Heat that was mentioned earlier as Rockets are team filled with shooters. Of course I expect them to fail at first or second round in playoffs regardless of this move.
  8. Heard rumors that LeBron will be playing at PG position this season mostly so that Kuzma stays in starting lineup. Having Rondo, Davis and Cousins feels like having New Orleans from two years ago. They will do good this year, only issue that they can have are injuries to main players, LeBron is older, Davis and Cousins are prone to them now so that could pretty much stop their run to the Finals. Clippers have awesome squad as well with a lot of depth, two superstars, defensive pests like Beverly and Harckles, awesome second unit with Lou and Harrel and of course great coach. They are early favorites in my book, will see how they all manage playing minutes and if injuries of course avoid them they look like at least West Finals team. OKC is falling apart, trying to trade Westbrook and Adams right now. Miami is reportedly interested in Russ which is not a good choice as a team with Westbrook needs to have lots of shooters to spread the floor, Heat is really low on those. PG is better shooter then Butler and even with him Westbrook struggled and went out in 1st round of playoff. Hoping that Heat passes on him really.
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  11. Last night in NBA was eventful. Leonard announced that he will sign with Clippers after they agreed to trade for one more star. So they did just that and sent bunch of picks and Alexander and Galinari for PG13 from OKC. Apparently there were some issues between PG and Westbrook that pretty much was known thing in NBA circles. The Claw signed 4 year deal and is coming back to his home town. Jerry West has proven to be the best GM in the business as he created GSW dynasty as he joined them in 2011 and you all know how that ended. He made some moves when he joined Clippers in order to clear cap space and sign some superstar and he did it within 2 years of joining. Will see if they are able to go to the Finals again which I consider really possible if Leonard and PG are healthy. Lakers are about to sign Danny Green and are still in the market for players to fill their roster. Being rejected 2 years in a row, first by PG13 and now by Leonard must hurt a lot, even more that PG went to Clippers now. Similar to that is the Knicks who planned on getting Zion in draft and signing Irving and KD but they are like 20-30 minutes away now in the same city on another team.
  12. http://prntscr.com/oaiwaf Here you go.
  13. So free agency started and it is time to write a bit about it. These are most notable trades and free agent signings so far: Brooklyn signed Irving and DeAndre Jordan as free agents and got KD via sign and trade (gave away D'Angelo Russel, Shabaz Napier and Treveon Graham to GSW). Also, they signed Temple on 2 year deal. Considering that Durant will be injured throughout the whole season most likely I don't expect them to do much better compared to previous season unless they find a way to add more talent to the squad. Boston compensated nicely when Irving decided to go to the Nets, they managed to get Kemba Walker who is more team-first oriented player and should be good fit with young core that Celts have. However signing Kanter for 2 years to replace Horford is bad defense wise, offense will flourish but not sure who will close the gap on the defensive end since they even traded Baynes to the Suns on the draft night. GSW signed Klay to max deal, 190 millions for 5 years although he will miss almost entire next season and managed to at least get Russel in exchange for KD who could go away as free agent and leave them with nothing. There has been some agreement with owners that he will do sign and trade which eventually granted GSW sidekick to Curry in offense and someone who can give him some rest while running the offense. Rumors are that they will look to trade him during the season for couple good players to add more depth once Klay is back and healthy since there wont be any place in starting 5 for him then. They traded Iggy to Memphis to create cap space for Russel, I am really not a fan of that move since Iggy was one of their best players once playoff starts and he even earned one Finals MVP title with them. Mavericks signed 5 year deal with Porzingis and gave 4 year contract to Maxi Kleber. Signed Seth Curry for 4 years thus bringing him back since he was in Texas for 2 years prior in his career. Miami is engaging in multiple team trade deals to clear space for Jimmy Butler. They already sent Josh Richardson to Philly, Whiteside to Portland and Harkless that they got from Blazers got sent to Clippers. Butler is signing 4 year contract worth 142 million. Trading Goran Dragic is now one of the things they are looking into since he is in last year and will hold value for teams that are in rebuild phase or into tanking for better draft picks. Philadelphia brought back Tobias Harris from free agency on 5 year 180 million deal and managed to sign Horford to 4 year deal as well. But they lost Butler and Redick, got Richardson for Butler but Redick went for free and they are now looking into adding more shooters into the team prior to season start. Bucks did some interesting moves, they got back Middleton, George Hill and Brook Lopez but lost Brogdon to Indiana. Additionally they added Mathews to replace Brogdon on veteran minimum for 2 years and added Brook's brother Robin to bolster center position. Orlando signed Vucevic to 100 millions and Aminu to bolster wing spot in team as he is good defensive player that will add some intensity on that part of the court. Indiana lost two playmakers, Corry Joseph went to Kings and Collison retired from NBA to focus more on religion and family. They added Brogdon who can cover PG position and Lamb to be there when Oladipo is not fit to play. Their biggest issues are that both Bogdanovic and Young left the team as they lost awesome 3 point shooter in Bogdanovic and good defensive player in Young. Brogdon can provide awesome shooting percentages since he is the latest addition of 50-40-90 club from last season with Bucks. They seem to be more offense oriented with TJ Warren changing Young as starting PF and it could be fun watching them when they are all healthy. New Orleans got JJ Redick who will spread the floor nicely for Zion and managed to get Favors from Utah as a starting center until their draft pick matures a bit. Denver picked up team option with Milsap and agreed to pay him 30 million $ for next year meaning that they will have that free next season to improve team with best option available. Also they extended Murray's contract and basically they committed to keeping their young core intact and to rely on building up from the players they picked in drafts. Utah got Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ed Davis while losing Rubio and Favors which makes them much much better then last season. They were desperate to add more guys who can shoot the ball well and with good percentages and got just that in Bogdanovic, Conley is also not a bad scorer at all and he is big improvement over Rubio in all areas. He just needs to stay healthy. Davis is bit weaker then Favors but he is there to be back up only and he will do fine in that role. Knicks failed to attract any star player to join them for yet another year. So they turned to other options and signed Randle, Bobby Portis, Elfried Payton, Taj Gibson, Reggie Bullock and Wayne Ellington. They will be there to compliment their draft pick RJ Barret, I expect most from Randle and Payton, all others are there just to fill cap space. Sacramento resigned Barns for 4 years, major reason toward that decision is probably coach Walton who was with him in GSW. And Divac made several good moves in my opinion. They added Dedmon and Richaun Holmes as two centers, Dedmon shoot 37% from 3 point last season and is greatly improving in that department, it will allow them awesome floor spacing. Holmes is different type of center, more athletic and he is expected to be part of lot of alley oops from Fox and Bogdan. Then he added Ariza who will bring much needed experience and defense intensity, one of the best 3&D guys in the league plus signed Corey Joseph as back up playmaker. Clippers resigned Patrick Beverly on a 3 year deal and are in pursuit for Kawhi Leonard for now. Chicago signed Tadeus Young and Satoranski, so far it appears like they will suck for couple more years. Memphis resigned Jonas Valanciunas for 3 years and are going into rebuild with keys of the team resting with Ja Morant and Jarren Jackson. They got Igguodala from GSW but there are talks that he will be traded so still unsure if he will be there when season start. Hornets lost Kemba to Boston and they took Rozier from Celtics as a free agent. Still waiting on them to make more moves since they lost Kaminsky to Suns. They look like weakest team in the east, Knicks have better potential and Chicago has bit better players. Suns solved their PG issues by adding Rubio, they made some moves during draft night as well that got them Baynes as center, sent away TJ Warren to Indiana and replaced him with Frank Kaminsky. Really unsure how they will progress, they depend a lot on Booker being healthy. Spurs resigned Gay for 2 years and added DeMare Caroll also on 2 year deal. They require several pieces to be sure playoff participants, unless they make some moves or Pop produces another unknown player they could potentially miss it for the first time after 20+ years. Detroit signed Rose on a 2 year deal, hopefully he will be a good fit with Griffin and Drummond. Portland got Whiteside via trade to fill Kanter's position, brought back Rodney Hood and signed 1 year deal with Hezonja. Extended Lillards contract to super max as well. Will be a major threat again this season. Houston simply resigned several free agents, Austin Rivers is back with 2 year contract, Gerald Green on 1 year deal and Daniel House for 3 years. Still waiting on moves from them, there were talks about moving Capela, Gordon and PJ Tucker to clear space, Lakers so far looks lost, especially if Kawhi declines their pitch which I think it is really likely scenario. They added Unibrow and moved everyone except LeBron and Kuzma. Added Troy Daniels only so far and they need players in every position, if I start naming everything it will require another topic and way more time. Washington got Ish Smith and Jordan Bell while losing Bobby Portis and Satoranski. Oklahoma signed Alec Burks, Muscala and Nerlens Noel but still not sure about the length and salary for any of them. Toronto waits on Kawhi to make decision. In the meantime Marc Gasol picked up player option for another year there and Danny Green is looking for new contract. Atlanta waits patiently to add only players that will help her get over minimum salary cap as they have tons of young talent who will be given every chance to develop. Minnesota is looking into trading Wigins and were looking into adding Russel before he went to GSW. Cleveland is also really quiet so far, guess they will keep on tanking and developing young players as soon as they trade Kevin Love away and get rid of JR Smith and Tristan Thompson.
  14. Eddie have talked about Stake in bday stream last year. As for Gary you can blame our designer for the creation of it. It is the same guy that does all those cool pictures for challenges and promotions as well.
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