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  1. Owl182

    Bitcoin Mining Can Worsen Global Warming

    Probably the best idea over air actually, as i said earlier i am planning on bringing in a powerful machine, hopefully some of the "tests" or research i will do with it will yield interesting and useful results ;o) the machine i am planning on runs a 4000w power supply & runs at 33TH/s full speed...
  2. Owl182

    Bitcoin Mining Can Worsen Global Warming

    Liquid nitrogen cooling...
  3. Personally i have noticed that after some time, win or lose my concentration can tend to wander & i then tend to lose faster as apposed to staying even or gaining, i must admit i dont take "big" chances when playing but this is also more because i play for entertainment & not to make money (not here anyway), another scenario is i have noticed at times all my choices just seem to go the other way, as i generally play hilo this is obviously a bad thing lol, more tan once i have then made the choice not to play for a while and i will participate in chat or mess around with other games etc, as i'm only online during the day while at work it doesn't really make any difference if i close the site or not though but ja, taking a break from actual playing, i think its important to do so every now and then...
  4. Really nice response Dan, well said...
  5. Owl182

    Bitcoin Mining Can Worsen Global Warming

    Hi Xantys, Thank you for the positive response, much appreciated, i have tried "crowdfunding" but it seems to be a waste of time, i am looking for alternatives though, the local banks in my country wont finance the machines either as they dont understand the concept, you can have a look at this page of mine if your interested though http://liderkey.com/19173-mining-cryptocurrency-with-100-profit/details.html Owl182 😉
  6. Owl182

    Not enough smiles for me

    Right click the chat box (Chrome) at the top it has emoji's on PC....
  7. Owl182

    Bitcoin Mining Can Worsen Global Warming

    I've been researching running miners on solar power for a while, am hoping to invest in a powerful machine to take this idea forward in the near future, i have spoken with a solar expert in my area & as soon as i can get the machine he will set up monitoring etc and can start looking into solutions, maybe approach one of the large manufacturers of solar with the data and see where it goes from there, its slow going 'cos the machine is very costly but i'll get there eventually ;o) Nice topic MLC...
  8. Owl182

    Faucet Levels

    Not a bad idea, however it was suggested recently in much the same format, what the development team think of the idea is unknown at this point lol
  9. Owl182

    Is it your Birthday?

    September 1st
  10. Owl182

    Hilo trick

    Never ever play seven's, nasty things... they will get you almost every time...
  11. Owl182

    A Site I Can Personally Vouch For!

    Chartbet... meh...
  12. Owl182

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #4]

    So is this thing finished now ?
  13. Owl182

    Which car/motor do you drive

    Nice ride bud, we dont get those here at all, i think i have seen one IRL that was an import, very neat...
  14. Owl182

    Hilo only luck or skills?

    I've played consistently for weeks now, I do think you start to get a "feel" for the next card although i have been surprised, had good and bad days where the game is just completely otherwise but i do think there is skill involved as well though...
  15. Owl182

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #4]

    Giveaways time ? cool, thank you very much ;o)