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  1. Kargai

    Why Invest in Litecoin?

    That's also what I thought. Both are the oldest ones and still there. BTC exploded but LTC is still undervalued compared to Bitcoin. Like real metal Silver Vs Gold I believe the gap will be less important in the future. Especially when LTC will activate the Lightning Network this year. I'm trying to balance both too. Yes, on the 5 years chart it's interesting to see that the only one who survived was Litecoin. So I believe it still can be there in a lo of years with a better price (as almost all cryptos who will survive the next 4-5 years).
  2. The article is biased but it defend the fact that investing in Litecoin is a great opportunity for the future and why they believe it could reach 5.000$ at some point. “Litecoin’s long-term trend indicates future price might climb up to over $5,000,”believes Michael Serrano, an analyst at Wiki Crypto. Source : https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/05/21/why-invest-in-litecoin/ I personnaly believe Litecoin is a great coin. She deserve the place Bitcoin Cash own right now and its price, so I definitely agree with a much better valuation that actually. But 5k$ ? I don't know. I believe LTC have some marketing flaws who keep the coin at a lower value that we could have expected. Do you own or plan to buy/invest in LTC soon ?
  3. Kargai

    Block Show

    Seem legit and awesome, but 2000-2500$ for attending the event is way too more expensive for informations you can find freely online for the most part ^^
  4. If you are asking why ETH transactions seem to take longer than usual since a few days it's probably because Stake launched the possiblity to play with the coin ... or not. Recently the 4Chan community launched DApps Ether Cartel and are flooding the blockchain with tens of thousands of transactions. “Ether Cartel is an idle game on the blockchain based on “Ether Shrimp Farm”. The more kilos you have, the more drugs they produce (each kilo produces at a rate of 1 per day). Collect more kilos with your drugs to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!” This is bringing some questions about the Ethereum blockchain, some people stating that if the ETH blockchain can't deal with such things or Cryptokitties that mean t's not ready for mass adoption. Source : https://www.ccn.com/drug-dealing-and-shrimp-breeding-4chan-dapp-games-invade-ethereum-blockchain/
  5. Kargai

    Bitcoin.com sponsored MMA Fight, can Stake.com do this?

    Why investing in ads when we can take 2 players, put them in a cheap cage and make them fight until the death of one of them ? It will be less expensive for Stake, as interesting in media attention (if not more) and if we are lucky enough we will have one scammer out.
  6. Dice:361,357,808 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000033 Payout: 330.00x Profit: 0.00010857 Dice:361,361,143 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000033 Payout: 330.00x Profit: 0.00010857 Dice:361,366,616 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000033 Payout: 330.00x Profit: 0.00010857
  7. Mines:361,326,619 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 40.87x Profit: 0.00003987 Mines:361,333,877 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 113.85x Profit: 0.00011285 Mines:361,341,536 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 66.41x Profit: 0.00006541 Mines:361,345,827 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00001652 Mines:361,347,630 placed by Kargai Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 40.87x Profit: 0.00003987
  8. People often compare BTC with where it was 5 years ago, or compare it against actual altcoin. But what about comparing them on a 5 years timeframe ? First let's see the value of the coins. Back in 2013 Litecoin had a value in BTC 40% higher than today, Peercoin lost 80% of his value in comparison of Bitcoin. Meaning : if you invested in those coins back in the days to sell them later in BTC and make a profit ... you're screwed. And except those 2 altcoins, the other ones are almost totally forgotten today. In short : on this long run you better have hold your BTC and not invest in alts. BUT the second image tell us something else : altcoins are eating BTC's lion share on the market. Now : it's important to know what you want with your coins. If (at any moment) you need to transfer your altcoin in btc before withdraw in real money ... you need to hope that your altcoin pump, but also that btc price don't drop at the same time. What about the coming years ? Where things will be in 5 years from now ? Personnaly I believe BTC will not even have 10% of the total market at that time because we will see at least a dozen project who will have a huge valuation.
  9. We all know that water will be a big problem in the future for humans, in fact already today 4.5 billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation services, attributed to water scarcity. On the other hand blockchain technology are already used to manage ressources more effectively (look at Power Ledger for example) but could it be apply to the water ? The first step would be to track how water is actually used, where we can improve things and to share the informations with everyone in real time. That's where blockchain can enter in the mix. While the technology cannot be used to track the flow of water, it can still be used to reduce costs, increase efficiencies of how the precious commodity is distributed. Focus until now has been on how the technology can be used to create smart cities. However, a new trend is slowly emerging that could help change the water scarcity debacle. Source : https://btcmanager.com/can-blockchain-technology-help-us-solve-the-water-management-crisis/ I like to see blockchain related projects who are trying to kick a real life problem for the greater good (I like Power Ledger) so i'll look to see if there is decent project about that specific issue in the future.
  10. Bittrex was considered one of the biggest exchange last year and was the first exchange I registered and where I still hold a decent amount of coins. Recently they relaunch with a new user interface, more "modern". I was wondering how it compete against the new kids of the blocks out there like Binance, Huobi or Kucoin ... and they are currently slapped in the face ! On coinmarketcap they are ranked ... 17th exchanges on 24h volume (14th yesterday). In fact some shitty exchanges like HitBTC or "unknown" one like EXX or CoinBene (who the fuck known about those exchanges ?) are better than Bittrex. Bittrex volume is 92 millions $ in the last 24h, Okex's (n°1) volume is 1.750 million $ almost 20 times higher. They are even ranked 63th there (but i believe it's not true) https://cryptocoincharts.info/markets/info But that don't mean Bittrex will die anytime soon. The main reason is probably because they don't have too much of "hyped" coins that people dump and pump on a daily basis, so the traded volume is lower (people tend to have coin they hold there). It's just recently that they started to add new coins like Polymath, Tron or Steem.
  11. That's what we must do since the start. But we are too lazy to withdraw and sent everytime for a single trade and to tightfisted to pay fees everytime ^^
  12. Few months ago we saw the japan exchange Coincheck being hacked and at the end of the day losing more than 500 millions $ (lots of users withdrew their funds as soon as they learn about the problem) and seeing the trading activity dropping by 95%. But they don't plan to back off, they plan the opposite : a comeback ("Coinchek 2, the return"). First they were bought by Monex Inc and so have a new team leading the project, than they improved their security (after being hacked, genius move, yea yea) and they will have a japanese license in the next few weeks. They also plan to expand in the US later. The new owner is Oki Matsumoto who worked at Goldman Sachs until the end of the 90's and left to launch Monex, who is now a 1 billion $ valuation company. He discovered BTC in 2013 and was a user of Coincheck before the hack. In fact the old CEO of Coincheck helped him putting in place a BTC paiement method in one another society of Matsumoto (a restaurant). Source : http://fortune.com/2018/05/18/crypto-cryptocurrency-hack-coincheck/
  13. When the CEO of a top bank in the Philippines runs #Bitcoin miners at a business conference, you know we're headed in the right direction. This is the tweet shared by Miguel Cuneta today while attending to a business conference of Unionbank, the biggest bank in the country. Even if the bank has not confirmed it is involved in mining in any ways until there they probably don't show that for the fun. Especially since Unionbank already announced a blockchain payment system (in partnership with Visa). PH seem less strict about cryptos than a lot of other countries. Source : https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/05/18/unionbank-showcasing-cryptocurency-mining-hardware-raises-some-interesting-questions/
  14. The fact is Zcash is an "old" crypto (from back in 2016), is one of the main coin mined and it's a crypto with a decent price (345$ today). But it's not a sexy one : few news about it, usually one of the most "boring" price for traders (no pumps or dumps like you can see here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zcash/), etc. Back in the days the price spiked because it was a more privacy coin than BTC but since that lots of competitors entered the field (Verge, PivX, ...) so is Zcash dead or almost ? Is the technology behind it is enough to make the coin more valuable in the future ? That's what cryptoDaily tried to answer in this post : https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/05/can-zcash-zec-really-compete-rivals-verge-xvg-monero-xmr/ The recent pump (few days ago) is mainly due to Zcash being added to the Gemini exchange, the exchange owned by the famous Winklevoss twin's : http://www.businessinsider.fr/us/zcash-price-zec-gemini-mining-what-you-need-to-know-2018-5
  15. @jango666 when you provide affiliate link, thanks to also put a clean one. Let our users choose which one they want to follow.