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  1. Oh riiiiiiight, you just reminded me about that. I had forget it
  2. All I know is i came from reading something about it in PD's chat, than prolly abused the faucet winning nothing for few days and thought it was still a good casino to try to win some coins at the end. And the site was blue.
  3. I don't remember my first day on Stake, I forgot all about it since day 2 on Stake.
  4. @arnadojokers 1. Read the rules, it can help to know why you are mute/ban/etc. 2. You keep posting multiple threads about the same issue AND in the wrong section of the forum. 3. You put some of your titles in all caps (like this one before i edited it) 4. When you receive an answer just take it in count, if not you're just trolling. According to those point i gave you one warning point and muted you from posting for 1 week. If you come back with the same state of mind you'll be ban.
  5. That was a very old dead thread bumped by william to boost his forum farming. Anyway Dan gave the answer so i'm locking
  6. PLINKO: 1,157,455,524 placed by Kargai on 23/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1000x Profit 0.00099900 PLINKO: 1,159,233,925 placed by Kargai on 23/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 110x Profit 0.00010900 PLINKO: 1,165,371,248 placed by Kargai on 24/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 16x Profit 0.00001500
  7. Agreed. It's actually part of the guidelines of the forum : https://forum.stake.com/topic/969-forum-rules-guidelines/ Before you create a topic, scroll through the sections and see if such a topic has already been created. If you have something to add, then write in it, duplicate topics will be deleted, as they make the forum unorganised and cluttered. You can also use the search option : https://forum.stake.com/topic/2529-how-to-search-the-forums/ The title of the topic should reflect the discussion as clearly as possible and shouldn't be written in all caps. When a mod or support see those redudant topics we merged them, hide or delete it. And if the users repeat the mistake we start giving warning points and eventually mute him for a time or ban him. Most of you don't see it but we ban multiple accounts regularly on forum for different misbehaviors. But we can't see everything, with a community of thousands of users it's hard. So YOU (the community) can help us by using the "report post" button on the top right of each post/thread to attract our eyes on the problem and we will deal with it in priority
  8. Didn't do it at the time, now i did my 3rd goal with 1 LTC done that's right. But the rest stay the same 0.x BTC, 0 ETH, 0 BCH and 0 Doge ^^
  9. MINES: 1,042,134,595 placed by Kargai on 13/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00027633 MINES: 1,042,245,088 placed by Kargai on 14/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 189.75x Profit 0.00018875
  10. So people here for more than 1 week ? 😋 This is my entry ... (yea I know where the exit is)
  11. hello KARGAI could enra in discussion with adm to put a mod in chat portugues why it is very spam

  12. Bitcoin Magazine put out 3 series of 10 questions each about your knowledge of Bitcoin : for novice, intermediate and expert. So you believe you know very well the Bitcoin styory ? Test yourself and find out if it's true or not Maybe you're the "crypto expert" in tour circle of friends but in fact you are not that smart about the subject ? Big mouth of you. But I will say I'm a bit disappointed with the harder levels, intermediate and expert are not really difficult especially with the multiple choices to help you. I missed the last of the 30 questions tho. Access to the quiz : https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/twenty-questions-test-bitcoin-knowledge-beginner-level-1402435421/ 29/30 for me, what about you ?