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  1. hello KARGAI could enra in discussion with adm to put a mod in chat portugues why it is very spam

  2. Just finished A Critique of the New Commonplaces by Jacques Ellul, a french philosopher and sociologist who also he authored 58 books and more than a thousand articles over his lifetime, many of which discussed propaganda, the impact of technology on society, and the interaction between religion and politics.
  3. Sometimes Support probably need to read some decent stuff to clear their minds from all the weirdos who contact them all day long 😁
  4. When i'm packed with work I tend to read easy stuff just to escape a little, so just finished the 2 volumes of "Die Rache der Zwerge" by Markus Heitz (but in french, not in german). The books are called The Revenge of the Dwarves in english. Had already read his 4 previous books of the serie before those 2 so i'm continuing the story of Tungdil Golden Hands. Not the best heroic-fantasy book I ever read but it's fun enough and easy to read when you are tired and not available to read some psychological or philosophical stuff ^^ Same, i have 250+ books waiting on my shelve
  5. Love you all the support girl team, especially the new one ... Darka and her wild wig wth gif is not working, so the link is https://media.giphy.com/media/gMl3DS0YDkIsU/giphy.gif
  6. I updated the first post with the current claim amounts of the faucets
  7. Didn't update my readings for a while but this is a list of some stuff I read this summer : - Tyrese Gibson : How to get out of your own way - Baltazar Gracian : L'art de vivre avec élégance (The art of living with elegance) - Fiona McIntosh : The Quickening Trilogy - Myrren's Gift (book 1) + Blood and Memory (book 2) + Bridge of Souls (book 3) : 2.000 pages but a great fantasy story.
  8. Actually still watching old Clint Eastwood's movies (i'm watching all his filmography, 50+ movies still around 15 to go). Last one i saw Also finished the last seasons of Marvel Agents of Shield, Big Bang Theory and Star Wars Rebels and here and there the new episodes of Krypton.
  9. Some of the books I read in the last weeks : And i'm currently reading the biography of Usain Bolt
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