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  1. Just finished A Critique of the New Commonplaces by Jacques Ellul, a french philosopher and sociologist who also he authored 58 books and more than a thousand articles over his lifetime, many of which discussed propaganda, the impact of technology on society, and the interaction between religion and politics.
  2. Sometimes Support probably need to read some decent stuff to clear their minds from all the weirdos who contact them all day long 😁
  3. When i'm packed with work I tend to read easy stuff just to escape a little, so just finished the 2 volumes of "Die Rache der Zwerge" by Markus Heitz (but in french, not in german). The books are called The Revenge of the Dwarves in english. Had already read his 4 previous books of the serie before those 2 so i'm continuing the story of Tungdil Golden Hands. Not the best heroic-fantasy book I ever read but it's fun enough and easy to read when you are tired and not available to read some psychological or philosophical stuff ^^ Same, i have 250+ books waiting on my shelves, can't find the time to read them all
  4. Love you all the support girl team, especially the new one ... Darka and her wild wig wth gif is not working, so the link is https://media.giphy.com/media/gMl3DS0YDkIsU/giphy.gif
  5. Didn't update my readings for a while but this is a list of some stuff I read this summer : - Tyrese Gibson : How to get out of your own way - Baltazar Gracian : L'art de vivre avec élégance (The art of living with elegance) - Fiona McIntosh : The Quickening Trilogy - Myrren's Gift (book 1) + Blood and Memory (book 2) + Bridge of Souls (book 3) : 2.000 pages but a great fantasy story.
  6. Actually still watching old Clint Eastwood's movies (i'm watching all his filmography, 50+ movies still around 15 to go). Last one i saw Also finished the last seasons of Marvel Agents of Shield, Big Bang Theory and Star Wars Rebels and here and there the new episodes of Krypton.
  7. Some of the books I read in the last weeks : And i'm currently reading the biography of Usain Bolt
  8. Steve Jobs is no better than you, me or someone else about those issues or questions, he did some stupid things about his well-being & co (like only eating apple as only food for a long period of time, taking some drugs, ...) but yes the fact that multiple successfull people talk about it is enough to take a look at it For the automated responses I believe it's just automatic because we don't really digg to see where it come from. Like for example people usually eat fish on friday in France, it's mostly because old religious reasons. So lot's of people don't think about when to eat fish, they just do it on friday automatically. But from a scientific point of view you can eat fish any day. Like people think automatically that the pink color is for girl, without questionning it (but pink was "created" for males back in the mediaval days, it was a soft red for childs because red was the color of man, the blood they spilled when they fought. Blue was for girls, it was the purity etc). So each of us have a automatic pattern that our parents, family, society have ingrain in our minds since the young age. And it's definitely less "stressful" for the brain because he's use to those, so he know what the outcome is : no need to think too much about this or that because he know how you'll look with them, how people react to the association, etc. It's a way to save some "brain power". What they say is that if you have less decision fatigue you are more able to respond well to a choice who is forced upon you. You have more clarity about what's really important and you can choose with a better knowledge about the choice, the implication, the long term, etc so your choice is by default easier to make. What's make choices difficult at the first place is the fact you don't know what will happen after doing it. And at the very least, if you are not in a "fight or flight" mode you have better chance to choose according to your core values and don't regret it afterwards. You make the choice, you know why and after that ... even if the choice is bad one, at the end of the day you didn't know better at that time. It's also a choice. But that's choosing to stay stuck between everything. If you know yourself enough you have probably some core values you want to represent, live by, ... and starting with that you can always make that choice according to them. People just don't spend enough time trying to know themselves to make those choices. It's like your last pic : the answer you receive when you toss the coin is your inner self expressing what your value is, it's instinctive. But you will just don't know why you respond in that way, people will just say thing like "i knew it in my guts". But someone else who know himself will not even have to toss the coin, he will choose according of his moral values. That's the compounding effect, it's like in finance. A very small decision on the short term can have a tremendous effect on the long term. That's what trick most of the people, they want big results quickly in their lives. I have a friend who wanted to loose at least 30kg and she had tried diet after diet for years. She was pleased when she dropped 5kg but at the end of the day she was back to her initial weight because that wasn't a way to eat for her on the long term. I just told her to drop 1 single cookie a day on her usual diet. It was easy. Than the next month I advise her to replace her 1 liter of organic orange juice a day by some clean water with few slices of orange or lemon in it. She still had the taste but not the sugar that are available in the pure juice. After few months she dropped the same 5kg and wasn't even noticing that she changed her diet. After dropping 10 kg she felt lighter and confident enough to start jogging a little, and month after month she dropped 35kg in total (and will probably dropp few more in the next months), she now run half marathon, she's socially way more active than before (she was ashamed of her body), she met new people and have find a new job from one of those people, etc. So from just a cookie and a orange juice she flipped totally her life, they were just the entry point of small changes here and there. That's really something amazing to see
  9. I knew you will react to this 😛 But my guess is that it really can impact for some people. I read some books about scientific studies who showed that our brain only have a small amount of "clear" decisions he can make each day, and when we start to make bad choices it's because we are not able to think clearly enough, taking all the implications in count, less able to see the long term vision of the decision, etc. That's why we tend to make more bad choices in the evening compare to the morning (being less able to say no to alcohol, to slept with someone we don't really like, doing some impulsive purchase, ...) and why we have the tendency to "loose track" of our schedules/plans more we dive in the day. When you dress in auto-pilot without even noticing what you put on you, you save some decisionnal power for later. Because when you dress you think at multiple think probably without even noticing them : if you choose that color of shirt you need that underwear or that pants, and to go with that pant you will choose those type of shoes, than those accessories, that lipstick color to match it and so on so on. Just choosing your outfit can lead to 10-15 other decisions. I don't know if it's true or not but that's interesting enough to digg deeperinto it when i'll have more time
  10. Steve Jobs did it, Mark Zuckerberg do it and in some extend Barack Obama or Albert Einstein did it too. Their claim is that it’s a way to avoid decision fatigue. We have a certain amount of decisionnal power each day and avoiding to think what to wear is a way to save some of this power for more important things in the day, so they decided to cut some by not thinking about how to dress. If you were 100% sure it’s indeed the case, would you wear the same thing every day ? (note: not one single set, you’ll have 7 times the same outfit each for one day of the week ^^)
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