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  1. I agree with you about the fact that banks are absolutely not threatened by cryptos. They know about them for years and they'll can launch their own crypto when needed. For the vast majority of banks customers, having a crypto own by the same bank will be easier that going elsewhere. Actual FIAT money already work the same way for the "lambda" customer, it's just a transfer of numbers between 2 accounts. Even if crypto is a bubble, for bankers that change nothing. Like we saw with the Internet bubble, it could explode but it will still grow bigger later. Same for the crypto world. What I can imagine is : they bought some bitcoin & co already, now that they made a bunch of money they sell them and cry after a bubble. When the bubble will explode they'll buy more with their benefit. Results : they will make money 2 times and even 3 times when they'll be able to bet on the crash of cryptos next year. I believe a part of that misconception about blockchain Vs financial sector is the fact that the first crypto (BTC) was focused on the monetary aspect. It's only later than other usages for the blockchain appeared.
  2. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    If you are not sure, don't. Trust your gut, it's always better than anyone else. Try it for freee and see if you wanna invest or not. Thanks ! Yes, more you'll mine GHS 4.0 more you'll mine coins quickly later. But if you feel the need to win some coins, just mine them. It will be very slow tho (if you don't depot). Like on my screen, just use the list on top left and choose GHS 4.0, the box in the bottom roght corner will have a blue border and you'll see your minin power increasing. You don't need to have a computer open, it's not your CPU who is working. Just loggend in once a day to claim the faucet. The ROI will be low if you don't depo, it's like 1 cents a day after few month but it's exponential since you'll have more mining power with time. I know you enough to say that micro winning will not suit you Like I said by using only their faucet 6 months i withdraw now 200-300 dogecoins a months right now (less than 1$). I know absolutely nothing about the ROI on those websites since I use them only freely, but you'll probably found all the informations about de rentability, calculation there : https://www.eobot.com/cloud I prefer to let you watch than to tell you a stupidity. The break-even point seem to be after 39 months when you buy the GHS 4.0 contract for 5 years. Thanks Han Like I said we can't be sure but that's really different than those scams we saw every week. Almost 4 years in da place and they really pay. So obviously they don't pay that much but they don't make crazy promises like so much. Not sure they'll be there again in 4 years but i'm not complaining. 0 depo and mined 450 Bytecoin + almost 1.000 dogecoins and currently 2 gridcoin. Just for an easy captcha everyday and with the potential to increase the daily rate everyday (the first fex weeks are boring tho ^^)
  3. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    Just don't do the same mistake as me, start directly by mining GHS 4.0 (from the dropdown list on the top left of the screen), not some bullshit just to see numbers of a coin moving Once you've done that, just claim the faucet once a day and look your mining power increasing little by little. I'm at 3.3 Gh/s but could have been 5 Gh/s or 6 Gh/s at least. Depo there only once you know the website very well and explore it, just to be sure ^^ (I never depo so maybe there is some subtilities I missed in the process even if they seem clean to me)
  4. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    Yes, there is no fees to deposit and when your balance is credited you exchange them againt some Cloud SHA-256 4.0 5 Year Rental (5% fees). And you'll have the according mining power for 5 years. With those mining power you can mine ... mining power, to increase again your GH/S power. For example you mine with 10Gh/s some mining power for 6 months, after 6 months your mining power will be 12 Gh/S and you'll mine coins with that for the next 4.5 years ^^ Don't confuse numbers. Doge seem to be more profitable since you can easily mine 5-10 doge (some full coins). Mining BTC seem more slower but in value it's approximately the same.
  5. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    Recently on this forum (and others) we all saw how many scams are there when it's related to cloud mining. And i'm the first one to say that 95% of them are real scams. I don't use cloud-mining for that reason, with one exception => https://www.eobot.com/user/711715 First, Eobot is online since 2014, not the type of website who disappear after 3 weeks. They also provide an affiliate system, an exchange, an API and a public audit about how much they have on their hot/cold wallets for each currencies. I started by mining few thousands of Bytecoin at first, not knowing how crappy this coin was But after few weeks (and for the last 3-4 months) I used it for mining hundreds of dogecoins. Now i'm mining Gridcoin but they also have BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple & co. Why are they more reliable ? Because they don't bullshit you by giving dozen or hundreds GH/s of mining power. You start with 0.0xxx Gh/s, it's very very low. But you can increase your mining power in 3 ways by making a depo (in crypto or fiat currency) by claiming a faucet (in the product tab on top of the page) once a day (between 0.006 and 0.004 Gh/s bonus depending on what you are mining) and a 3rd one that I found after a while is to mine ... mining power instead of a currency. I must admit if you don't depo it's a long shot, but even if you don't do it and without any referrals you still can mine hundreds of dogecoins every month in a matter of 5-6 months by just claiming the faucet every 24h. Probably more since I basically throw 6 weeks of mining power in the trash by mistake (buying big mining power ... lasting only 24h). Non-ref link : https://www.eobot.com/ Withdraw Minimums: 0.002 BTC, 0.1 ETH/LTC/DASH/ZEC/XMR/ETC, 0.01 BCH, 10 STEEM/CURE, 20 XRP, 1 FCT/LSK, 10 BTS, 100 MAID/GRC/XEM/BCN/DOGE/GNT
  6. Daily Motivation

    Guuuurl ... that's the video I listen to every time i go to run. Pump me up so much ! Thanks for the share, will listen to it as soon as I can Mine for today : 6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right!
  7. Please don't copy-paste something who already exist elsewhere it's against the rules of our forum. Like you are new here please read those rules. Thanks
  8. Cloud mining worth it?

    145$ is what he make in pure profit, after the electricity bill, etc. More now than ETH is rising. Basically he mine +/- 1.2 ETH every month. But 145$ benefit is different than 145$ in his pocket. He need to repay all the components of the computer he bought, etc.
  9. I want to be a Stake Streamer!!

    @michelleleeann you can find some tutorials directly about how to connect OBS with Twitch
  10. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    Even if I have a real casino close to my house I had never go to play myself, not even for curiosity. Just don't like the fact that i can't go to play in socks, cap and shorts All rigged anyway
  11. I like the PH coin, I want one Never played in illegal gambling neither
  12. I started 6 months ago. I invested nothing in cryptos so far mostly because i can't afford it but also because i'm looking at it as a bonus for the retirement of my parents. My goal is to reach 1 BTC for them (and to sell it when the price will be around 15k$ which represent 5 full years of income for them in Africa) and after that 1 BTC I will consider everything as a bonus that I can gamble (on casino or in trading). So far (via faucets and casinos) I made 0.25 BTC + a large panel of diverse others cryptos but usually in small amounts (250 burstcoin, 3k dogecoin, few digibytes, 0.xx litecoin, dash & co). I hold absolutely everything for now even if i sent some at Bittrex to start trading soon and invested some in Electroneum. I'm planning to launch a french crypto related website before the end of the year to help me generate some income, directly via ds or indirectly via referrals on faucets and casinos.
  13. Cloud mining worth it?

    Yes exactly. At start you could have made dozen of BTC even with a simple desktop computer. It was already harder in 2012-2013 when I discovered cryptos, I tried to mine some BTC but with my cheap computer and the electricity bill it wasn't interesting. Actually it's harder even for Altcoins. One of my friend recently decide to mine some ETH since he had a really great computer but even with that and after the electricity bill he make only around 0.2 to 0.4 ETH every month in profit. Ofc it will depend of the price of the energy where you live, etc and it's still better than nothing but for me it's a lot of work for a little reward (including the components of his computer will probably die sooner, etc). You have the online option like Minergate & Co. But only few alts are available and it will be very slow to win some decent amounts if your computer is not really great. I like to mine Burstcoin right now because it's not using your CPU or GPU, only free space on your hard-drive. You allocates X Giga or Tera and that's all. Can run in the background without problems. Don't know if Burstcoin will give something in the future but had managed to stake few thousands of them in the past 2-3 months. Electroneum will be a nice one to mine with mobile when they will laucnh their app.
  14. New DASH coin faucet

    Difficult to know since it's a decreased system. The minimum to claim is every 5 min but after 10 min you can't claim twice the amount, it's decrease by x% Claim after 5 min : 0.00000066 Claim after 10 min : 0.00000108 (+42) Claim after 15 min : 0.00000141 (+33) Claim after 20 min : 0.00000162 (+21) You can add 1% of loyalty bonus every single day in a row you claim. So after 100 days you can double the amount you claim on every faucets. Same with referalls, you can win 25% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims (max 100% of your own claim) +1% on your own claim by active refferals (a ref who claim in the last 72 hours). They also give a mystery bonus between 1 and 99% at every claim. In total at best you can have 300% of every claim + the mystery bonus. Edit: crossed posts with Mav, sry
  15. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    The withdrawal limit just changed :