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  1. 2FA is a nice additional layer of security, but that doesn't mean it's not usable for scammers They can get your 2fa when you fill it in then a bot can log then into the real site. But mostly it's made for those who don't use 2FA yes
  2. Let's have a little fun with cryptos for once, provided by the website Coin Telegraph (https://cointelegraph.com/) The game is simple you just have to take the first letter of your name and the month you are born to make the name of "your" crypto ^^ Mine is ... PutinCoin Super ( @ampula's fault probably) What's yours ?
  3. I share this phising because it's VERY well done and can be a difficult one to catch. We usually know that we have to look at the url to be sure to not be on a scammy website, to look is there is a SSL and a secure badge (the lock). For example for binance.com it could be something like blnance.com (the L insted of the i), etc But look at this one : That's the same sedign as binance, the https is ok, the secure badge is there ... but it's still a fake website, did you catch it ? Right under the "n" letter you can see some points. Which is a latin character. The website seem now to be flagged by Google but he probably run for some time before that. Be aware of it, always bookmark the real website and loggnig there from the bookmark (and check the link before just in case your browser is hacked and bookmark had been changed without you knowing it).
  4. For me there is 2 differents things : the admin's tips and the mod/support ones. For the admins, they do what they do (i don't know what criterias they take, etc and it's not my business, they do what they want ^^) For mods and supports we are more "in touch" with the community so we are more able to not send any tips to abusives players (in one way or another), to alts, etc. But still it's not perfect. Everyday we mute people who are trying to receive tips with multiple accounts & co but sometimes we are just not aware of them, if we are not 100% sure an account is an alt we still can fall in the trap Saying that, even for mods/support everyone is sharing how they want : via trivias, roll hunts, contests ... or just because they like someone. It depend of the person. For me personnaly i tried to share mostly via trivias and roll hunt but I keep a little for the team and for active and positive players. But still when I laucnh a hunt or a trivia and it's someone who tend to try to abuse the system ... i still have to give him the tip since he didn't break any rules at that time. But it's still painful ^^ I dream of a "red list" were abusive players (alts, scam, defaulted on a loan, offensive, ...) will be added with no possibility to tip them.
  5. What are you Listening to?

    While working I often listen to this mix lately Or a classic redneck song
  6. Just finished the first 2 books (out of 4) of David Gemmell's cycle : Rigante. Title Sword in the Storm & Midnight Falcon. With J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks, Gemmell is definitely in my top 3 of the best heroic-fantasy authors.
  7. Meet Litecoin Cash

    Again another one about the same subject already exist : Thanks to use the search option before posting @Mazda3 or i'll have to give you some warning points
  8. What has Mav done to you?

    @maverick528 ?
  9. @Mazda3 thanks to look if a news was already posted on the same subject, thanks :=) Was already discussed here : Locking this one.
  10. We often read about bad things happening from or to exchanges. But sometimes the opposite is true too Can you imagine going to your exchange and seeing that you can buy some coins for ... free, nothing, nada ?? That's happened to the users of Zaif, a japanese exchange. Good for them they are not a very bif exchange and it seem that only 7 users had the time to buy some. Source : https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/02/128696-japanese-cryptocurrency-exchange-zaif-glitch-causes-price-coins-0/
  11. @henery mark thanks to put the full links next time, don't use shortener. Thanks
  12. How is your airdrop experience?

    For now I only hold the tokens i won in airdrops. But few of them are already listed. Plus I don't want to use EtherDelta so I have to wait until the tokens are available elsewhere in some cases. Will probably start to chas out some of them in the upcoming weeks (need tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee)
  13. AIRDROP of $181.86 USD

    Thanks to explain more what the projects you are refering are about, it's not a free section to spam your ref links and make some referrals. Think at the people who read you, they wanna know a little about what you try them to register to. Thanks @ryap12
  14. For those I know it's usually because it promote spamming and bring no value, making other things less visible in the group. Everybody will try to ask "what if the price go there", or something like that. No one knows a future price of a coin so it's basically totally useless, the one who ask the question don't know more than others and those who will answer don't know neither. It just make everybody loosing their time to read it. Actually some projects are even launching 2 Telegram groups because of that : one "normal" and one only for the official annoucements. My guess is that the practice of 2 groups will be more often than none in the future, or that more and more "useless" convo will be allowed in the official group.
  15. Electroneum News ( ETN )

    ETN the coin who will deliver in 2022 what the promised for 2017-2018, loosing part of their market because they are a crypto snail Just kidding, i still keep the ones I bought in ICO but less and less motivated by the project who seem already little by little outdated or have more and more competition in the field.