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  1. [4] Video Poker [6] Hi/Lo [7] Baccarat [N/A] Casino War [1] Three Card Poker [N/A] Punto Banco [N/A] No-flop Pineapple [3] Casino Hol'em [N/A] Joker Poker [2] Wild Texas [N/A] Sicbo [N/A] Pai Gol [N/A] Red Dog Poker [N/A] Two Cards High [N/A] Zero [5] Blackjack [N/A] Blackjack (Double Exposure) [N/A] Pontoon [N/A] Card Craps username : Morros
  2. I think the reasoning behind is not to draw away customers from PD but attract new customers from multi gaming sites
  3. Definitely a scam to get referrals,,lol
  4. Also the lower the house edge the more chance of winning. However the bet speed is much faster at Stake
  5. yes...guess nobody's to blame other than myself
  6. Yes, I also busted once because I didn't notice the default settings
  7. I like the idea of deposit Bonus... some other site use this to attract more deposits.
  8. ok , here <3 for xtinepink
  9. Have you ever busted using this strat?
  10. Anything is possible, but I feel this is a bit too optimistic.
  11. Its high time, there was terrible spam in chat yesterday
  12. Thanks for the link, Kargai
  13. Could we have a child board for user giveaways. I'm sure users would love to share their good luck with other members
  14. I did tryout mines, but found it a bit too difficult for my liking