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  1. arnoldb

    🏆 [0.01 BTC] BTC Angel | Community Challenge!

    Username: arnoldb Dice:436,669,588 placed by arnoldb Wagered: 0.00000010 Payout: 10.00x Profit: 0.00000090
  2. arnoldb

    Do you preroll?

    YEs to know the rolls if its good or reds
  3. arnoldb

    What do you do when you have zero balance?

    Stay away gambling if no money
  4. arnoldb

    Strats on How to All in.

    just dont allin always
  5. Yes Gambling is pure luck I agree
  6. arnoldb

    Mines almost 4000x multiplier

    Very big win congrats
  7. arnoldb

    Martingale in Keno

    I don't like doing martingale
  8. arnoldb

    Chartbet All In

    I hope you win back losses
  9. arnoldb

    0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    Soviet nice win
  10. arnoldb

    Dice x1909 won 0.02

    well done congratulation
  11. arnoldb

    How can I monetize my blog?

    i think in you tube you can monetize it
  12. arnoldb

    Setting Goals - Countering the ITCH

    Nice of you, thanks