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  1. Timvz

    Users Not Paying Loans

    Hi William, Sorry for the delay! Will pay back today.
  2. Timvz

    I made 200k today

    Is martingale a other word for doubling?
  3. Timvz

    I made 200k today

    Well thats a great welcome to stake , duckdice got minimum bets right? Stake doesnt so i think you gonna like it around here! Also great you joined the forum. Wish you good luck mate!
  4. Timvz

    Nearly at 100 forum posts. Now what?

    Congratz with that lots of lenders dont gonna lend you when you just past the 100 post.. But its nice that you love our community keep on going!
  5. Timvz

    Alt wallet

    I only use Bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin now.. I dont know if i can trust different coins. Have seen a lot of coins drop 1000% in a few days and i dont want to lose that much
  6. Timvz

    I was hacked

    They got nice tools these days wich can crack website databases and than let a tool check out if the password is the same on a different website.. This is how paypal accounts get hacked but i do think they can do this on stake to. Even the captcha isnt save anymore because they got bots for that to :/ stupid world lmao
  7. Timvz

    I was hacked

    Shit... Did you use the same password somewhere else?
  8. Timvz

    Big Win

    Nice win bro keep on going!
  9. There are no benefits.. So your right. I think some people dont know about the lending section. Maybe it should be made more clear to them..
  10. Timvz


    Hi! Maybe this can help you out to understand what satoshi means: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Satoshi_(unit)
  11. Timvz

    Stake 2?

    Well.. the hole community can find much more bugs than only the support team. I think they test it out but its like impossible to test it like we do
  12. Why it shouldnt be allowed? If you do loans over the forum there is no problem at all.. Stake support can help you out than and the scammers will get banned. I think the only problem is that people do loans out of the lending section..
  13. I didnt even knew that they get paid for that .. How much they get paid for streaming? Its pretty nice that stake does this
  14. I agree! I dont gonna say names but most of us have seen what happens in the past days.. So never lend anyone out of the forum of stake guys!
  15. Timvz

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    What do you guys mean with -100 ? Dont understand it..