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  1. Bitcoin can not be destroyed, price decreases and increases is something that we have already experienced many times. The potential of the bitcoin is too high, give it some time. I will stay here
  2. Hilo:457,004,483 placed by timvz Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 20.78x Profit: 0.00001978 Timvz
  3. Timvz

    Who came first?

    But you need a chicken to make the egg.. And from my opinion we all came from fish
  4. Timvz

    Anyone taking any vacations in 2018?

    Looks very nice! Have fun!
  5. Timvz

    Roulette; let the ball roll

    Roulette:442,899,772 placed by timvz Wagered: 0.00200000 Payout: 9.00x Profit: 0.01600000 red 21
  6. Roulette:442,629,577 placed by timvz Wagered: 0.00040000 Payout: 9.00x Profit: 0.00320000
  7. Timvz

    Anyone taking any vacations in 2018?

    Come to holland 😛
  8. Timvz

    Anyone taking any vacations in 2018?

    Yeah it was nice! The only thing that was bad is that i couldnt found any green... lmao
  9. Timvz

    4412830.00x Payout

    Wow.. i am gonna hunt this one
  10. Timvz

    Great Strategy to make ez profit on MINES

    I got x939.26 today 🙂 Mines:442,476,155 placed by timvz Wagered: 0.00000020 Payout: 939.26x Profit: 0.00018765
  11. Timvz

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    But it means that indian players now cant play anymore?
  12. Timvz

    Hacker hacks and get 20 Million USD dollars

    God damnt.. Get rich fast.. 😮
  13. Plinko:438,839,534 placed by timvz Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 83.00x Profit: 0.00008200
  14. Timvz

    Who is your favorite stand-up comedian?

    So true... always laugh about this guy! He should join stake lmao
  15. Timvz

    Who came first?

    I would say chicken