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  1. Timvz

    How i play plinko

    Congratz on your x620 mate
  2. You will around the 30 forum posts. Yeah, most of the times i cash out at 2K sats. But if i got balance on my stake account i keep it here so if i bust i can use it
  3. Timvz

    Can we stop from doing gamble?

    I quess you only can stop gambling by just stop the gambling , you shouldnt play with money you cant afford to lose bro. And why such high amounts? I deposit 10 euro every week and thats enough for me
  4. I am here now for almost a year. Have played more than 120K bets and 3BTC
  5. Timvz

    Roulette strategy

    Well.. I dont think stay on your bet is gonna make you profit. Thats like with all the games here on stake. But thats just my opinion
  6. Pfff.. I would fell for this scam i quess. did he get banned ?
  7. Timvz

    Less Fees Bitcoin Wallets

    Me to. but i dont think blockchain has less fees.. That seems nice! Gonna check this out.
  8. Timvz

    Roulette strategy

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering wich strategy you guys use to play Roulette. I always you in 100 sats on 21, 23, 30, 32, 36, 34. Than doubling after i lose the bet. When i hit i get a x6 multiplier. If i lose to much i start this over. How do you guys play?
  9. But, how can he has the same name? It is both oldplayer77.. Or does the real oldplayer77 removed his account ? I dont see how this is possible.. But if it is, its dangerous..
  10. When i have 0 balance i go most of the times claim the faucet, than put the 100 BTC sats on red 21 in roulette until i hit. Than i have 3600 sats to play with
  11. Timvz

    What games do you watch on streams?

    Most of the times i am watching gennady playing mines or hi/lo. But it is always bad when you see someone losing alot
  12. Timvz

    Plinko Waterfall!

    I always play plinko like that. Its kind of fun when you see 300 balls dropping in once How many autobets do you set if you play like this?
  13. Timvz

    [Seeking] 100k 10% per day

    Seeking another 100K, return dat 18 august. 10% per day
  14. Timvz

    [Seeking] 100k 10% per day

    Paid back again !
  15. Timvz

    [Seeking] 100k 10% per day

    Paid back! Thanks mate Searching for another 100K. 10% daily. Return 17 august