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  1. Timvz

    Alt wallet

    I only use Bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin now.. I dont know if i can trust different coins. Have seen a lot of coins drop 1000% in a few days and i dont want to lose that much
  2. Timvz

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    What do you guys mean with -100 ? Dont understand it..
  3. Timvz

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    I am still try the faris way hope to hit it one day..
  4. Timvz

    BTC price going down

    yeah i feel like that is the best thing to do
  5. Hi Guys, As most of us see the btc price is still dropping down. How do you guys play with your btc now when the price is going down? You you cash it out and then buy BTC again when you want to play? Thats what i do because i dont want to lose any of my profit when the btc price is going down. For example i make an 100K profit today, and the btc price is going down tomorrow than my profit is almost gone.. How do you guys do this? I also thought about depositing all my profit into binance and than trade it into USD, than when i go play again i trade it back to BTC and deposit it. This way i dont have to buy BTC everytime and got my self no high transaction fees ..
  6. What you you mean with the 3 min? Is that your minimum?
  7. I work on a computer so when i am at work i am at stake all the time lmao
  8. I try to reach x5mil now.. Its to hard i use the 'faris' way 😛
  9. The kid must be very smart i quess.. I still dont see how the father can let this happen twice
  10. Well.. if you have a straight mind you dont always have to lose if you are able to stop early.. But yeah.. You cant expect this from a 13yo child, i cant see how his father let him make this mistake twice..
  11. Well, thats kinda sad... But i hope he did lose it all on stake so we have higher win chances Lmao, just KIDding ... 😜
  12. Soo.. The first time he took 20.000 and his parents still havent block the credit card he was playing with? You can also can that stupid parents lmao, but i would of take the 60.000 my self and dont gamble with it if i could
  13. I thought all cloud mining sites are just scams? I mean they let you mine, but if you will calc now how much you earn you will calc on the difficulty from now. In 1 year the difficulty is much higher and you wont earn what you expected right..?
  14. When i have 0 balance i go most of the times claim the faucet, than put the 100 BTC sats on red 21 in roulette until i hit. Than i have 3600 sats to play with
  15. YOE77 and Faris, Yoe because he bets with really nice amounts. Once saw him hit a 8 BTC win! Faris because of his high multipliers Good job you both