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  1. Africa’s crypto enthusiast can now buy the Bitcoin effortlessly as Kenya’s first Bitcoin ATM is up. The new digital currency Automated Teller Machine is up in Nairobi (East Africa) which streamline the process of buying bitcoins and Litecoin easily through cash. Cryptocurrency Accessible on Cash, But How? Check out here: https://coinpedia.org/news/kenyas-first-bitcoin-atm-instant-cash-purchases/
  2. Yeah..! Bithumb announced on June 19, that hackers have stolen $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies due to which all deposits and payments have been suspended temporarily. https://coinpedia.org/news/bithumb-hacked-cryptocurrencies-stolen/
  3. Jubiter is an up-and-coming Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange that prides itself on offering the most advanced features available in the market today. With Jubiter, users can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies via credit card or bank transfer. Funds are stored in a completely free and extremely secure wallet. This wallet has one of the most user-friendly interfaces you could find on the market, making it the perfect jump board for anyone who’s new to the crypto market, as well as for veteran traders. https://coinpedia.org/press-release/jubiter-com-exciting-new-player-crypto-exchange-space/
  4. Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited has implemented their own solution – an online platform designed to help make this process easier Hong Kong. May 17, 2018. Owing to the fact that it has become more and more difficult to purchase tokens from top-notch Blockchain projects Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited has implemented their own solution – an online platform designed to help make this process easier. https://coinpedia.org/news/tokenizer-investing-blockchain-startups/
  5. Following his tweet, there are many crypto enthusiasts retorting about the scam they confronted with those ICOs. His tweet feed also states that he has blocked as approximate as 800 people in the past 72 hours. However, he didn’t reveal those 800 folks were the ICO enthusiast, investors or general folks. Moreover, he said that friends of these people were personally messaging him to “re-instate” them. https://coinpedia.org/news/john-mcafee-no-longer-supporting/
  6. The bitcoin price took a leap on Monday while New York’s DFS approved Cash app to trade bitcoin in state. The app has already 7 million monthly active users, says the Square Company. https://coinpedia.org/news/bitcoin-price-spiked-new-yorks-cash-app/
  7. How high can Bitcoin rise was the biggest question during December 2017 but after the extreme decline, investors and traders are hoping analyst’s predictions to turn out to reality. Predictions by analysts such as Tim Draper who confirmed Bitcoin will reach $250000 by 2022 was appeared in Interview with thestreet.com to discuss the Bitcoin and its future. Shocked Shocked Check here: https://coinpedia.org/news/why-bitcoin-hit-250000-2022/
  8. Ripple to invest in the University of Texas at Austin, which will the first university to receive fund, over next five years in schools’ blockchain technology research. Read Detail info: https://coinpedia.org/news/university-texas-austin-receive-fund-ripple/
  9. The OasisDEX is on the Ethereum blockchain and allows anyone to exchange or transact large and small transactions. This is either through the online platform, Ethereum wallet, or the oasis application. Get here detail info: https://coinpedia.org/decentralized-exchange/oasisdex-distributed-exchange/
  10. The blockchain tech is now helping to crack a problem that banks of Kenya had failed to resolve till date. However, measuring the creditworthiness of traders in the Kenya’s $20 billion informal economy. https://coinpedia.org/news/kenyas-informal-economy-blockchain-tech/
  11. Once the regulatory framework takes effect in the month of June 2018, the SEC of Thailand is expected to approve five ICO projects out of 50 projects. Thus, only five projects have passed the registration requirements provided the SEC regulators. https://coinpedia.org/news/thai-sec-approve-five-ico-projects/