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  1. This is fascinating, I do not want to take off from Plinko, I leave it in automatic for a while ... I want to hit the 1000x!
  2. n my country if they have knowledge of Bitcoin, but have not implemented taxes, because they now have problems of all kinds that clearly deviate completely from this market.
  3. I think the mass of People think that Bitcoin will go to the Moon, and seeing it from my point of view is that they can fall into a trap to hunt their Stop Loss ... Since many will enter Long Position ..
  4. I think that good news will start coming out of the market, of a possible recovery ... What do you think, my friends?
  5. Yes, many people claim that the Wyckoff Theory is only applicable to the stock market, but if you get to see, Bitcoin Vs USD has a structure, has a life of its own, that is why it can be analyzed with Wyckoff's theory, in fact, the Altcoins follow BTC, because the Altcoin depend directly or indirectly on BTC ... the main Altcoin, have a form in their graph very similar to that of BTC, except that there are some others whose graphs are very strange, those are the ones that survive from the pump and the dump ...
  6. I'm very happy and clear, while you can help people is very good, that's what makes us stand out as good people, and do not believe, at the beginning of all this I started watching many youtubers, watching technical analysis, that if triangles, that if different emas, but I could not understand why a triangle that breaks down or up, I will direct the market, when I read about Wyckoff and Livermore, wow it was something great, I started to understand the market, I started my trading with 0.010 and believe me I lost everything, good for me that's a lot of money, right now I'm not trading, because I need to gather to operate, at least 0.010 is good to start, I've dedicated myself to understand the market and that's why I share my analysis , and if it serves for others to stop their losses is something great! 😃 Of course, if you start reviewing millionaire portfolios go for 62 to 66% of the total BTC accumulated, this means that when at least Strong Hands manage to accumulate 70 to 80% the price of BTC is ready to go up ... of course this is something that may take a long time ...
  7. Hello somehow everything repeats, but with different patterns, that is, a period of Accumulation, Bullish Tendency, Distribution, Bearish Tendency, and again Accumulation ... I see it this way, of course, I deduce it because I read Wickoff, Livermore, who were high level speculators and recognition, in the current market, it can be presented under the same conditions .. what do you think?
  8. Hello friends, remember, the BTC Price is going up with volume, which means that there is still floating offer, this means that demand is being presented, in my analysis way respecting the criteria of each one, my analysis is done in Based on Wyckoff, due to this, I think we are in the accumulation phase, specifically leaving the Spring area, and a cash flow is being generated by the 3900-3800USD, and it may continue to rise a little more, I suspect that continue to rise to 4200USD, at that time many people will enter LONG, and beware, it may be a trap of the Strong Hands and make a massive hunt of Stop Loss, most will position their Stops at 3800-3900USD, which means that may go down to those levels (Buy Cheap) and keep going up to test new levels, is what you would call the Effort-Result Law.
  9. For scalping, the best thing to do is to stay on BINANCE to know which ones are the first and take advantage of it.
  10. You're right, there are many who abandon the project, but the development of the currency is great! It's at a fabulous stage, I'm sure the developers are still working hard to give us more updates, more technology, do not be afraid, take a look and you'll find out for yourself.