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  1. williamshennie9

    Best Faucets/Casinos

    Over the past few months, I have really become interested in the idea of bitcoin gambling as well as getting some for free through faucets. I would like use this post to share ideas on the best bitcoin games/faucets etc. that you guys have come across. In my signature below, you can find 2 amazing faucets that I use everyday Give them a try! I also love stake as a casino, the best one yet for bitcoin gambling. I know about primedice, but I find having only the dice game gets boring after a while. What else is there? Ideas would be appreciated
  2. williamshennie9

    Slower gains, but nice withdrawal when you meet minimum!

    @ScooterPi I've been using this website for about a month now, only 18% of the way there. Please keep me updated as well. I also don't know if you actually receive what you can "withdraw". Any updates yet?
  3. williamshennie9

    Faucet Casino

    Thank you for sharing! Are there any other faucets that you know that pay decently? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey everyone I would like to know what the rules on having alt accounts are? I see many people have alt accounts which they use as "banks" - is this allowed? Obviously, entering competitions with multiple accounts is not allowed, but what else? @Dan @Bojana Could you perhaps guide me, or create a post giving all users clarity with regards to this subject? If this topic has already been created, I apologize in advance (please just send me a link ) Thank you
  5. Good luck! Hope you win big! Stake name: williamshennie9
  6. williamshennie9

    Gennady12 Stream #39 Gambling and Giveaways

    Good luck Gennady! I hope you win big!
  7. williamshennie9

    Help/Advice required

    All cleared thanks, we can lock this one
  8. Hey everyone I have been hearing rumors that there are several restrictions to withdraw your funds on stake (over and above the minimum of 200k, and the 30k fee). For example, I've heard that you need to deposit twice in order to execute one withdrawal. I've also heard the maximum is 400,000 USD per day and maximum of 10 withdrawals per day. Could someone more knowledgeable please confirm/debunk/add to this list? Much appreciated
  9. williamshennie9

    Rules on having Signatures

    Thank you
  10. williamshennie9

    How old is bitcoin?

    I think developed countries will ban cryptos, like bitcoin. However, in countries that are oppressed, and have poor economic conditions, bitcoin may be the currency of choice for people living in these conditions. Also, I heard on the news that Singapore has widely accepted bitcoin, so there is definitely hope
  11. williamshennie9

    Signature rules?

    Hey everyone I recently got to 100 posts, so I would like to include a signature. Are there any rules or guidelines for a signature? I see many signatures with affiliate links in them, so I decided to do the same (if this is not allowed, please let me know and I will change it asap). If there is already a post about this - please lock this (I could not find any info on signatures). Thank you!
  12. williamshennie9

    Kuleguten Stream #64! Giveaways!

    Good luck! williamshennie9
  13. williamshennie9

    Kuleguten Stream #63! Giveaways!

    Good luck! My stake username: williamshennie9
  14. williamshennie9

    All Common Sense Aside, Beginners Luck - is it real?

    I don't believe in beginners luck. I do believe that beginners tend to place more risky bets as they are still new to the platform and that may cause them to hit a high multiplier. I also think it has to do with the person. By nature, I am conservative with gambling and my money in general. Hence, I have never experienced beginners luck. However, I have friends who won large amounts of money because they wagered on games with high multipliers. It all depends on the personality of the person and their appetite to go big to go home