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  1. I think it is very profitable for Stake to do these races. They probably make a lot of profit from users when they wager big amounts. So I assume that it is worthwhile for Stake to host them, and at the same time, users just love it Win-win situation!
  2. I wish you all the best of luck! $100,000 is an awesome prize, and certainly one huge sum of money to win form this poker tournament. So from myself, and hopefully the whole of Stake, best of luck!
  3. Umm, yeah just wait for a moderator to see this post with all caps before they tell you not to do so again in the future.I actually have a very good reputation here, so if a noob such as yourself with 15 posts think you are above the rules, then continue posting with all caps, and see whether you get any warnings
  4. It will be extremely difficult for Huawei to make a comeback with the bans from America. They will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to promote their product and hope that more people buy their devices.
  5. Besides gambling though, meditation has many other health benefits which can improve focus in your work and personal life. So I highly suggest everyone do it, even if you don't gamble that much.
  6. As long as these players keep on spending, then Stake will keep on giving. I think if a player gets a star, and then stops playing, then Stake might stop giving them coupons. We'll have to see, it is too new to tell.
  7. I have noticed a user with @gmail.com at the end of their username. I am not sure if these symbols are now allowed, or if it is a mistake on the side of the forum or the user. Will be interesting to hear what the admins think of this.
  8. Yeah, of course you won't get coupons unless you are a VIP member. You don't wager enough to qualify, so don't stress. You aren't supposed to be getting any coupons lol. Sometimes, once in a while when Stake has a promotion, you might get something
  9. Umm, you will surely bust on 2x, if you let it run. You can expect up the 25 reds in a row, and one user got 32 reds in a row, and lost 4.1 bitcoin I believe. Before you worry about the electricity cost, worry about losing your balance this way.
  10. I've never had much success betting over the long run. Somehow, I get enough reds to wipe out my balance whenever I leave autobetting running for a long period of time. So I try stay away from it.
  11. There is really no need for all caps. Aren't you lucky that the races happen each and every day? So if you miss it the one day, you can simply join the next day. Losing one race isn't the end of the world.
  12. Of course you'll lose your money if you don't withdraw your winnings. Winners are those who know when to withdraw their profits, and are not greedy. Greed will always lead to a bust in the long term!