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  1. williamshennie9

    Stream #5!! Giveaways!!!

    Good luck!
  2. williamshennie9

    Rain bot

    No, you get rains from wagering your money in the casino. I hope this addresses your question. Chatting is not a requirement.
  3. williamshennie9

    1000XISmine - Recent discussion and conclusion

    Thank you for clarifying this situation. I guess that the "warning" @blueprints gave was not necessary after all. I am very happy to hear that this is resolved
  4. I did not know these types of methods for earning crypto exist. I would love us to all share the sites that we use, so we can all benefit from these types of generous schemes
  5. williamshennie9

    Purchase/Exchange Crypto Quickly Lowest Rates!

    Thank you for clarifying the situation :)
  6. williamshennie9

    Have bug with Cannot click tip on their username?

    Just click it multiple times, or go to another comment they made, and click view stats or tip on the other comment. I have had this issue too, but at least this is one workaround
  7. williamshennie9

    Beware of Player 1000xISmine

    Firstly, Stake has not even been around for 3 years. Secondly, you are not trusted. Your account got banned for a loan that you did not pay from me (yes, you paid so you could get your account back, but I will never loan to you again because of lack of trust). And finally, the point you keep making is that this player wants to stay anonymous. So then, they let you create a forum post to create awareness? If they wanted the issue resolved, then they should have said something. If they don't want to publicly say something, but exchange in private, that is on them if things go wrong. If someone scams me, I'm not going to run to my friend on Stake and ask them to make a forum post to warn others. Seems very fishy to me.
  8. williamshennie9

    Stake Awards 2018

    Thought I would bring this topic back to life, because we are fast approaching the end of the year. Have any of you heard any talk about the award for 2018? Looking so forward to see who wins the awards
  9. williamshennie9

    Beware of Player 1000xISmine

    My question is: Why are you creating awareness? Why not let the person got claimed to be scammed write this post and create "awareness"?
  10. williamshennie9

    Beware of Player 1000xISmine

    @blueprints From what I understand, this issue did not affect you. It is between Don and another user. So why are you the one posting this and informing everyone? Just want some clarity on your relation to this issue.
  11. williamshennie9

    144hz bug

    Post your question here: https://forum.stake.com/board/11-questions-bugs-issues-complaints/ The developers will have a look at it and check if the issue is unique to you, or if it is an issue for everyone with that specific monitor size.
  12. williamshennie9

    What changes would you make if..

    I would add a slot machine perhaps, and remove beggars from the chat
  13. Good luck Shinjo. Stake name: williamshennie9
  14. williamshennie9

    Game(s) that drops and brings back your balance !!

    Mostly hilo for me, but sometimes mines has let me bounce back after some losses.
  15. williamshennie9

    Should certain usernames be autobanned?

    It is extremely difficult to ban certain usernames before they are created. Some people will always be immature when creating a username, but that's just life. Nothing we can do, other than question their maturity to be on a gambling website.