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  1. williamshennie9


    @Bojana This one can be officially locked now
  2. williamshennie9

    My first gambling stream ever

    Good luck, I hope it is a success I'm going to sleep now, so I can't watch unfortunately
  3. williamshennie9

    Nearly at 100 forum posts. Now what?

    I would suggest taking small loans, remember, it can be very stressful if you bust a loan that you have received, and you have interest being added to the amount daily. So it can work well, just keep them to a minimum, and if you need bigger amounts, it is safer to just make a deposit If you would like a loan, feel free to check out my shop: https://forum.stake.com/topic/11602-lending-williams-bank-btcethltc-loans/ Good luck, and congrats again on 100 posts
  4. williamshennie9

    Discord Giveaways

    Hey guys Are the discord giveaways officially finished? Or is it just put on temporary hold? Would love to hear official news regarding this
  5. williamshennie9

    chance to hit each pin in plinko

    I decided not to even try hunt this week's giveaway. It is so difficult, and I have seen many Stake users bust large amounts attempting this one Sometimes it is better to give up and wait for the next week
  6. williamshennie9

    My strat for wheel

    Thank you for sharing Martingale definitely won't work for high 16 - I rolled 100 times, and still did not hit 14x Maybe I just had a bad seed.
  7. When did this used to happen? I discovered Stake in June this year, and I don't recall seeing any promos that time
  8. williamshennie9

    What makes you pick a game?

    I choose a game based on my subjective feelings. Technically speaking, the seed determines the game outcome, but sometimes I just feel luckier on certain games There's no exact science, just a feeling of luck I guess
  9. williamshennie9

    Biggest mines win

    I don't wager a lot when I hunt large payouts, so I think the most I won was around 2500 sats from a 100 sats base bet. I usually wager very little when hunting big multipliers
  10. williamshennie9

    Super Speed on mines method...

    I will give this a try for sure! Thank you for sharing
  11. williamshennie9

    The Day I Found 500$

    lol, funny story
  12. williamshennie9

    Most losses in a row?

    The most losses in a row I got was 23 reds on dice 2x. Needless to say I busted
  13. williamshennie9

    Free bitcoin strategy (not on stake)

    I've been using this website for about a year now, and most of the things you said are simply not true. The scripts don't work. This is just a faucet, which has some extra additions. The multiply game is based on a server seed payout - there is no way to guarantee profits. Hope that clarifies things
  14. williamshennie9

    Slower gains, but nice withdrawal when you meet minimum!

    @ScooterPi Have you reached the minimum withdrawal amount yet?
  15. williamshennie9

    Wauwau stream today - Gambling, Giveaways & Beard

    Looking forward to the stream