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  1. If you play like this, the house edge will be 0.5%. Playing any other way will raise the house edge. This is not a cheat sheet, it is simple basic strategy. You will still lose in the long run.
  2. I do not think hidden players should be allowed to race. More often than not, they are just gambling at high stakes and do not have an interest in the race prize, let alone competing.
  3. My Stake name is williamshennie9
  4. Yes only VIPs should be allowed to enter. It will be to Stake's benefit because alts cannot join, and players will be incentivised to wager up to the bronze level at the minimum
  5. I vote give a few to a lot, then everyone can get at least a few satoshis in their account, and the chance of them building up a good balance from it is very low. I would bring the old system back.
  6. The only time I play high on keno is when I have to for a challenge for example. Other times I play on the other settings, namely low, medium and classic, which are safer for me.