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  1. I found out about Stake when I was looking for trusted bitcoin casinos. Stake came up in google My stake name is williamshennie9
  2. I agree with you, suggestions is the essence of how Stake can stay relevant and thrive in today's age. Any successful company listens to its users, and I think Stake should place more emphasis on the suggestions section of the forum, since it is a vital part of the business growing.
  3. You need to play based on your appetite for risk. I am a risk averse person, so I wager low, bet on low risk etc. Therefore, my winnings are low. If you play high risk, you will win more, but at the same time best more quickly and more frequently. Do whatever gambling style suits you
  4. Strange that this doesn't happen in the new Stake, but to be honest, it won't affect your gameplay for the next round, because the new nonce on your seed completely reshuffles the deck, and infinite decks are used, so there is no way to count cards, even if it was shown (the hole card).
  5. We tend to take things like graphics for granted, so I don't think you can appreciate good work too much. I try always appreciate the little things that other people might not notice
  6. I tend to like things nicely spaced out though, and when I am hunting for specific bets, the bet ID and the multiplier don't show up on mobile (well, at least on my small phone).
  7. Yeah, the flame next to your name in the chat definitely attracts the beggars in their numbers Some people even tip you when you get a flame, hoping you'll tip them back even more
  8. I would definitely use Stake on my mobile device if the website had a mobile friendly version. It is quite difficult to use from my experience on mobile (which was only once and probably never again lol)
  9. I think it was removed because people hosted trivia asking people to type ! bonzo, then then they got muted of course. That was just plain taking advantage of someone else, so that is why I think they removed it.
  10. Yeah, these small graphics really don't get enough appreciation in my opinion! If Stake was not designed with the same graphics as it has at the moment, it would not be as pleasant to play in. Thank you to whoever does the graphics on Stake!
  11. I'm so happy for you bmg! You really deserve such an awesome big with your kindness to everyone I love it when people as kind and generous as you are able to win a decent amount
  12. BLACKJACK: 4,679,719,726 placed by williamshennie9 on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00000150 BACCARAT: 4,679,739,088 placed by williamshennie9 on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  13. It also depends on where their servers are hosted. If I click autobet, I am simply sending an instruction to the servers to start betting. The servers do the actual betting. On my side, I simply send the start and stop signals to the server.