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  1. It is possible to rise that high, but I personally don't think it will. Maybe in a few years bitcoin will be valued at $25,000+, but for now, it seems like it is set to not go too much higher than $15,000 form what I have heard.
  2. The news section might be the right place for bit, but the mere copy/pasting from any other website it not allowed. If a moderator or support team member see this post, you could get a warning point.
  3. Bitcoin will always be my top choice so long as it is the highest valued cryptocurrency out there. People tend to overlook the fact that bitcoin is the most popular crypto at this point in time, so in my opinion, it has the largest potential to remain the dominant coin.
  4. @Kate has been banned for banning people for no reason lol
  5. I wish I had one of those crystal balls to read into the future. It seems like it is definitely in a bull run for now. I don't know what the turning point will be, but for now I think the upward trend is set to continue.
  6. Yes, I really think that it does have a lot of potential to reach $150 by the end of August 2019. If bitcoin keeps rising like it is doing now, then most other coins will also rise, along with LTC. So it is definitely possible.
  7. How accurate are these signals? Any testimonials or references from customers who had success stories? What makes this service different from others? I would love to hear from you about these questions
  8. I probably just got up and left the casino in frustration if I remember it correctly. I don't tend to get physical or do any acts of violence. I tend to just blame myself for either betting too much or making stupid choices in the games I played.
  9. Video Poker: 6637535138 Video Poker: 6637536503
  10. As soon as Stake was back online, there were bugs when clicking on someone's username, and sometimes during autobet, the system would bomb out, and you would have to reload the page. Those were just 2 of the bugs I saw.
  11. They've probably started the coding behind the sportsbook, and already incorporating some of the coding into the Stake platform already. Maybe it will come to Stake sooner than we all expect
  12. I mostly change my seed when I hit a high multiplier during a preroll. I have this belief that I will not hit that payout again on the same seed, so I change it hoping that I'll hit it with the new seed
  13. This should be in the general discussion, not Stake discussion as it is not related to Stake. Back to the topic: I tend to move around quite a bit. Currently I am a manager for the business that I work for
  14. I love the fact that the staff are more involved in the chat than ever before! I really enjoy the banter, the trivias and the roll huntts that the support members do. It really does help bring life into the chat.
  15. I think it rose to give more back to the community. Also, the number of people entering has dramatically increased, so the rewards were declining per user. So to keep everyone engaged, they deciede to increase it.
  16. They have improved though, I remember when they didn't make any announcements, then only announced it on twitter, and now they are suing the forum. So progress is being made, luckily
  17. The reputation points are simply there to indicate the type of content that the user posts. A user who gets a lot of reactions (reputation) for their posts are generally viewed as better contributors than those who have low reputations.
  18. Yeah I often play at work in my free time. I mostly just have Stake open in the backround. The business I am at is super relaxed about people using other websites as long as the work they need to do gets done.
  19. Please post these types of things in the correct section of the forum. Being new is no excuse. This clearly goes into the "other websites" section of the forum, so please pay more attention next time
  20. Is this post here to increase your post count or something? Because mere copy/pasting is not allowed. Also, if you base the article on something, you have to credit the original source, which is https://cointelegraph.com/tags/bitcoin
  21. Hmm, I've seen so many articles here about various countries which have legalized crypto and embraced it. Reading those few articles makes me nervous. It seems like there is a need to find a balance between decentralised currencies vs what governments around the world can or can't control.
  22. I guess the best way would be the try for a higher multiplier then and just hope for the best. It is super difficult to turn a very small balance into something massive, unless you have some good luck