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    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Indeed we do (it's me)
  2. It seems like there are just so many new tokens created everyday. They all seem the same at this point. I would like to see something new, completely unique come to the market
  3. williamshennie9

    Future Blockchain

    The technology is solid in my opinion, but whether currencies are what is is best suited for is another question. The price of currencies with blockchain technology seems to be getting lower and lower.
  4. williamshennie9

    The butterfly effect

    It all depends on the combination of your Server seed, Client seed and your nonce. These 3 determine the game outcome, not the passage of time. So you could always change these variables when you play if you feel the current combination you are using is not lucky etc.
  5. williamshennie9


    I sometimes like to preroll the wheel about 25 times while hunting 14x. If I don't hit it in around 25 rolls, then I start betting decent amounts. This is still risky though, so use with caution.
  6. williamshennie9

    What is the point?

    At my local casino, we have regulars who almost always lose large amounts of money. If they come every day, they will maybe win big one day of the month. Casinos are a business to make a profit, so it is difficult to make money out of them due to the odds being stacked against you
  7. williamshennie9

    2 ETH hard forks are both Scams!

    Luckily I wasn't affected, because I researched before the time and found out they were scams. But it just goes to show how many scams there are and how easy it is to fall for them.
  8. williamshennie9

    2 ETH hard forks are both Scams!

    Heya everyone So This month, I got super excited, because this is the first time I have put my funds into a wallet where I control the private key. This means I will gain access to the forks happening related to those coins. In january 2019, I was super excited because of 3 ETH hard forks which were coming up. Today, I went to find out how to claim them, and I noticed that both of these hard forks were scams trying to steal private keys. The only legit fork this month for ETH is the Constantinople Fork. The Ethereum Nowa Fork and the Classic Vision Hard Fork are both scams! Please be careful everyone - especially if it is your first time like mine The moral of the story is to always treat your private keys, well, private. Never share them with anyone until they have proven to be legit I am personally so relieved that I did not enter my private key anywhere, such a relief. Here is a link to do some additional reading: https://ethereumworldnews.com/ethereum-nowa-etn-ethereum-classic-vision-etcv-hard-forks-scams/
  9. williamshennie9

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    I'm going to miss chartbet, I won't lie. But I really like it! Are the house edges being reduced or is that just for illustrative purposes?
  10. I don't know hey, the current state of the market suggests that the price may decrease even further. Maybe this really is the year that bitcoin falls.
  11. williamshennie9

    Plinko needs higher payouts

    The prize for this challenge was about 30k if I remember correctly, because so few people completed it. It takes an average of 36,000 rolls to hit, so I'm really not surprised.
  12. williamshennie9

    Oops! South Korean Crypto Exchange Accidentally Sends Traders $5 Milli

    Wow, that's sure some lucky traders! I would think most of them withdrew the free btc and smiled all the way home But in all honesty, they should have had the proper procedures in place to prevent this from happening.
  13. williamshennie9

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    I also have horrific reds on my stats. I've learnt to just accept it because chasing losses usually leads to even more losses. At least you've made a good profit overall
  14. williamshennie9

    [OPEN] Stake Five Free Lottery #3 - 11000+ DOGE PRIZE POOL

    My Five Numbers: 14, 16, 17, 29, 33
  15. williamshennie9

    Biggest win on wheel

    What is your biggest win on wheel? I'm not talking about 14x, I'm talking about the amount you wagered and the profit you made. I've never won big, every time I bet big on the wheel I end up losing I would love to hear you success (and failure) stories in the comments below
  16. williamshennie9

    Anyone play 1-4 tiles?

    Same here. That's why I mostly choose to stay away from this game. I always seem to select the wrong tiles. I only really play when I'm hunting a challenge
  17. williamshennie9

    Plinko. 8, 9 and 10 pins. My Sweetspot.

    I'm glad this worked out for you However, I know a number of people who have great luck on 16 pins, high. People often hit 130x, or 1000x, so there are definitely people who have luck on those pins
  18. Hey everyone I was wondering what the purpose of the "Stake Development" section of the forum was created for, and now I know the purpose. It was confirmed today on Stake's twitter page. Stake will be undergoing another major revamp from the looks of things. This revamp is called Stake 2.0 I would like to discuss what you'd like to see in this major upgrade. @Edward has already posted some of the new designs of what some of the games will look like in the new edition of Stake, and I'd encourage everyone to give their input here: https://forum.stake.com/board/184-stake-development/ It looks like the whole game setups will change as well as a more streamlined chat system. What would you like to see in the new Stake 2.0? More games, or options on auto betting, more coins, more chatroom?? Let's discuss below! PS I think at least one new game will be added, which Stake hinted to almost 2 months ago, here's a reminder:
  19. williamshennie9


    Martingale is very risky. What I like to do is roll it about about 7 or 8 times with minimum bet (0.00000001 DOGE). Then if I get 7 or 8 losses in a row, start betting a decent amount on that color. It is a type of martingale that works for me. It has also caused me to bust, so use it wisely
  20. williamshennie9

    Chico's Stream <3 Come on guys!

    Good luck with your stream
  21. williamshennie9

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    Small losses are easy to recover, but yeah, it does depend a lot on your balance size compared to your loss size that you are trying to recover.
  22. williamshennie9

    First time rolling back to back exact same number

    lol, I mean that I never rolled two numbers in a row, so I never rolled 2.33 and 2.33 in a row. I rolled 0.00 and 0.01 in a row
  23. It is for any game You just type !odds [nr of games] [% chance of winning]. For example, !odds 15 49.5 = Odds of losing 15 bets in a row at 49.5000%: Once every 28224.70 bets.
  24. williamshennie9

    Equal Option for betting in HiLo

    Well, you still don't lose out on this option. Whether you go high or low, and the next card is the same, you don't lose, but the payout is much less than 12.87x.
  25. williamshennie9

    Equal Option for betting in HiLo

    Heya everyone So I recently noticed that betting bots for HiLo offer an "equal" bet option for HiLo. So for example, if the start card is 7, you can bet equal, which would result in a payout of 12.87x if the next card is a 7, and you will lose if it is not. Please see the pic for an example. As you can see, the payout is 12.87x since I betted that the next card would be a 7. SO I would like to know why Stake doesn't offer this option on the main website. If I play on the main site, and and got a 7, I only have an option for high or low. There is no option to go "equal". What do you guys all think of this? Should Stake add an "equal" bet button to HiLo, to give you a payout of 12.87x if the next card is the same as the one before? Will you make use of it? I would love to hear your thoughts!