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  1. I message them always.but always say wait wait wait.if they can see the successful transaction.why they dont credit to my account manually.3days of waiting althought its just 0.099eth is blahh blahhh blahhh
  2. I sent eth from coins.ph as well.and in etherscan its successful.but i still not receive in my stake balance .64hours waiting.hope they will fix it soon.
  3. Hilo:337,675,575 placed by Nneya Wagered: 0.00000300 Payout: 2.27x Profit : 0.00000380
  4. [N/A] Video Poker [1] Hi/Lo [2] Baccarat [N/A] Casino War [N/A] Three Card Poker [N/A] Punto Banco [N/A] No-flop Pineapple [N/A] Casino Hol'em [N/A] Joker Poker [N/A] Wild Texas [N/A] Sicbo [N/A] Pai Gol [N/A] Red Dog Poker [N/A] Two Cards High [N/A] Zero [3] Blackjack [4] Blackjack (Double Exposure) [N/A] Pontoon [N/A] Card Craps Stake Usename:Nneya
  5. Most Friendliest Stake Member: @Carollzinha Your Crush: i dont have Your Favorite Mod on Stake: @maverick528 Hottest Men: not interested Hottest Woman: @xtinepink @ravenyvolle Best Friend: all pinoys and pinays here @Carollzinha Funniest Stake Member: @abamatinde @Han2x Creative: @Dan Who would you like to meet on Stake: @Zoltan :):)
  6. Nneya

    5 of a kind

    Yeah but the btc price already pump down.we also depo for hunt even the btc is high because we expect that the return is high also but now btc already down.its not fair already i thibk
  7. Nneya

    5 of a kind

    Thank you sweety.but still waiting for the prize..because of the tip problem.hope they will fix soon
  8. Nneya

    5 of a kind

    My lucky bet:)500k bet and because of this i won the giveaway:)
  9. Stake username: Nneya Bet id: DiamondPoker:731,276
  10. Hahahahahha.thank you z. Hope so. #girlpower abahahahhahaha.