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  1. This is a normal device for checking the voltage. Such electrics are used. I know a good company that does Fault indicator here it is https://www.streamer-electric.com/products/fault-indicators . You can see the options here, as well as read about them in detail. I hope I helped you.
  2. I think that a self-respecting lawyer should not defend a lie, he should help a person understand the law and protect people from the law. I do not mean crime, I mean people who abuse their powers in court or in the police. I had to deal with lawyers, good and bad, so I know what I'm talking about. Now, if something happens, I turn, only to the office JaeLeeLaw https://www.jaeleelaw.com/ . Because these guys have not let me down. And in everything else, time will tell
  3. I think that I'm being watched by a guy. Every time I go anywhere, I look back and see him. He immediately turns away. It's getting creepy to me. I don't even know what to do. Can i turn to some sort of agency to find him and find out what's in it? Or is it better go to the police? I'm afraid that they will not believe me. I'm scared
  4. I'm so sorry that you lost your father. I also went to san san francisco hospital. For the same reason. My grandfather lived his days. I understood that he could no longer be saved. The only good thing that I was strapped on that trip is almond nut milk my grandfather and I drank it before he died. This is the same drink https://cancancleanse.com/nut-milks The best drink of all that I drank, he said. But he was already 93 years old. I do not know if this is morbid, or he really liked it so much.
  5. I think, then a table lamp can be a great gift. If He gave the light of your career, the lamp is perfect. Tell him how symbolic it is and try it on a tear. I would choose one of these https://traeproducts.com/catalog/led-desk-lamp they look pretty practical and yet time is fashionable. I do not know who your boss is, but judging by the above, he will like it. In addition, the lamp is really good
  6. Agry with that, i like gamble online too. But if i were you, i woulde do the same
  7. Excellent strategy, just playing in <a href="https://heaven4gamblers.com/forumdisplay.php/81-Paddy-Power-Casino">paddypowercasino</a> it can come in handy, thanks