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  1. I agree. The wheel is my favorite. The stop button for High Level would be awesome.
  2. How Many Times Did You Win or Place In The Top 50's In A Race? The High Rollers Are Rolling In The Races! I'm lucky if I Have Enough To Race. I AM GRATEFUL FOR: < The generosity when Racers Hit Big And Share The Wealth. < Getting Rained on which helps to keep me afloat. < For Rain Bot Showers Me With Coins. ANY SUGGESTIONS? < Faucets Are Gone. Why Not Enable Boost During The Races? > < Races should be split by Staker Levels? **** WITH AN EXCEPTION **** The Non-High Rollers Can Choose To Race In Any Race. > < >
  3. I mostly lose it. I think it is because I see it as a bonus when we should see it as ash and play smarter.
  4. Like they say Go Big Or Go Home so all you gotta do is win win no matter what got 💰 on my mind I can never give it up.
  5. Wouldn't you think changing the Wheel to 50 segments from 10 or 20 segments would pay out higher? Usually when people bet for the higher board or bracket, it is to win a higher payout. It looks like it is not the case with the Wheel. I must say, changing the Risk to High on 50 segments is AWESOME, especially when you hit it!!!!
  6. I am new to stake too. Trying hard to get the big bucks. lol Trying hard to keep the bucks.