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  1. I mostly lose it. I think it is because I see it as a bonus when we should see it as ash and play smarter.
  2. AstraBitcoins#8476
  3. Like they say Go Big Or Go Home so all you gotta do is win win no matter what got 💰 on my mind I can never give it up.
  4. Wouldn't you think changing the Wheel to 50 segments from 10 or 20 segments would pay out higher? Usually when people bet for the higher board or bracket, it is to win a higher payout. It looks like it is not the case with the Wheel. I must say, changing the Risk to High on 50 segments is AWESOME, especially when you hit it!!!!
  5. I am new to stake too. Trying hard to get the big bucks. lol Trying hard to keep the bucks.
  6. Thank you everyone. Good luck to you all. 🤑
  7. I am sorry for your wife cheating on you. That is the worst feeling . A marriage is for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health to death do us part. She should have been there to help you stay strong. I feel that you do not give up on family. Whether it is alcohol, drugs or gambling, a real , normal person does not cheat and walk away. I hope you can gather your thoughts and realize it should only be a game. BTW karma is a bitch. Your wife will get something in return. Stay strong. Talk to someone who will come over when you feel you are at your lowest point. God Bless, Astra
  8. I am new here and trying to figure it all out. Where do I post to get my 30? lol Everything I post seems to go on my page only. Well, Good Luck to All! Thank you for having me.
  9. What's In Your Library?        

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking to add my first couple games to my library. 

    Thank You In Advance, if you would share:

    Your Fave TOP (5) Games


  10. Australia Valeterri Manchester United Liverpool