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  1. @AstraBitcoins Blue easymoney123
  2. @AstraBitcoins The color is: Ivory
  3. Stake Username: @AstraBitcoins ESPN Username: AstraMadness Bracket Name: AstraMadness
  4. Do you feel Stakes should show what the minimum and maximum bet amounts are for each game? How would you like to know the bet amounts, before choosing what game you would like to play? I would love to know what the minimum or maximum bet amount is before choosing the slot game I want to play. The games take so long to load and then I get frustrated because I had to wait all that time and then I can't even afford to place a bet. So what do you think $takers and $taketts?
  5. Mini Game Rooms To Challenge Fellow Stakers Hey Eddie and Fellow Stakers. I think there should be rooms where we can play against each other. Similar to what Draco does but not only one- on -one. Kinda like a poker table for all games. What do you feel?
  6. I would cash out and play again. Only because I have seen people hit $100,000.
  7. The wheel yet tries to amaze me.
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