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  1. As I am wagering to get to my next level Plat3 - I have no clue how much more I need to wager to reach Plat3. I went to dice and started to wager and I opened the wagering stats box. Wouldn't it be great if we had our level up bar and percentage included in the wagering stats box? 1. We won't bother the mods with how much more we need to wager to get the next level. 2. We would be able to watch our level, leveling up! Please consider this. I feel this would motivate me more if it were an option. XOXO AstraBitcoins
  2. There should be an option to automatically put any coins you receive in your vault. If you receive a deposit, tips, bonus or reloads in your account, you should have an option to choose if you would like them to automatically be transferred into your vault. Do you agree?
  3. I feel playing with TRX helps you win more coins and more games.
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